Black Desert Mobile Class Guide: Best Class To Play

Black Desert Mobile is a brand new MMORPG for Android and iOS. Read on and check out the Black Desert Mobile Class guide – the best Class in BDM

Black Desert Mobile(BDM) features five character classes – all these character classes have unique active skills. Also, the attack-style, effects,  weapon of each character class is different. The game gives you three slots for free – so you can try three character classes by using all these free slots. In this post, we have shared a brief overview of each class and its skills. So without further ado, let’s get started and navigate to the main content – Black Desert Mobile Class Guide – Best Class In The Game?

Black Desert Mobile Class Guide⇓

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Black Desert Mobile Classes⇓

  1. Warrior
  2. Ranger
  3. Witch
  4. Giant
  5. Valkyrie

In a family, you can have up to three character classes. In-game currencies, points, and many more things are shared across all the created characters – for example – camp upgrades, resources, points, etc. For more information, read this Black Desert Mobile guide.

BDM Best Class Guide

Black Desert Mobile Warrior Class: –

The Warrior in Black Desert Mobile uses longsword as a weapon to slash the enemies in PvE and PvP. He is good at inflicting damage on the enemies – also, with skills that grant super armor/shield effect, his survivability gets improved. A balanced class – good for those who love to play as melee unit – the sword and shield combo helps you defend and inflict damage. Let’s take a look at the Warrior Class skills; active and passive.

Warrior Skills: –

  • Heavy Strike – Uses the sword to slash enemies – inflicting heavy damage. Also, inflicts Stun effect
  • Forward Slash – Hit the enemies with the sword while moving forward
  • Sword Mastery – Increases basic attack of the Warrior | Shield Attack Effect | Knockback Effect |
  • Chopping Kick – Kicks the target(this class is like playing Shadow Fight 3 game). Bound Effect |
  • Spinning Slash – Sums up the strength to inflict massive damage | Super Armor Effect | Knockback Effect |
  • Blade Strike – Launches energy waves
  • Ground Smash – Jumps and hit the enemy | Invincibility Effect while jumping | Bound |
  • Deep Thrust – Strikes the enemy – causing damage | Forward Guard Effect while using the skill | Stun Effect |
  • Shield Charge – Forward Guard Effect while using the skill | Tackles the target (Guards On) |
  • Take Down – Picks the target with hands and nail him to the ground | Super Armor Effect | Bound |
  • Battle Cry: +Attack, +Defense | Inflicts DMG | Knockdown the target |
  • Charging Thrust – Strikes the enemy multiple items – kicking him away | Stun | Bound | Forward Guard |
  • Piercing Spear – Imbues the Dark Energy into a spear that pierces the enemy | Knockdown |
  • Apprehend – Stabs the enemy and smash him on the ground | Super Armor | Super Armor |
  • Frenzied Dash – Knockbacks the enemies in your way | Forward Guard Effect while gathering energy and charging |
  • Scars of Dusk – Combo Attacks | Super Armor | Knockdown |

Passive Skills: –

  • Increases Attack Power(AP)
  • Increases Defense(DP)
  • Buffs HP stats
  • Buffs ATK Speed
  • Increases Move Speed
  • Increases CRIT Hit Rate

Overview: –

  • Type – Melee
  • Role – DPS, Tank
  • Strength – Shield/Super Armor Effects, Knockback Effects, Damage
  • BalancedBDM Best Class Guide

Black Desert Mobile Ranger Class: –

Ranger is one of the best DPS classes in the Black Desert Mobile game. Unlike Warrior, she excels in inflicting damage to the enemies in PvE and PvP by unleashing long-ranged attacks. She uses the longbow weapon to strike the enemy – arrows unleashed by her inflict great damage to the targets. Because of the long-ranged attacks, you can attack from a distance and save yourself from the melee type enemies. She also possesses AoE Attack Skills that help you inflict damage on multiple enemies. Those who love to play as an archer, attacking enemies from a distance – Ranger Class would be a good pick. Let’s take a look at her active and passive skills.

Ranger Skills: –

  • True Shot – AoE Attack – fires multiple arrows in a wide range
  • Spin Kick – Kicks the enemy | Knockback
  • Bow Mastery – Increases bow damage | Chances to activate Kick
  • Evasion Maneuver – Dodge the attacks while launching the arrows
  • Tearing Arrow – Imbues the spiritual energy into arrows – fires against the targets
  • Blasting Gust – Fires a powerful arrow filled with spiritual energy | Knockdown
  • Will of the Wind – AoE attack – throws an arrow with the wind to inflict damage over a wide area
  • Evasive Explosion Shot – Unleashes an explosive effect and moves back by executing a backward flip at the same time  | Becomes Invincible while jumping | Stun
  • Dagger of Protection – Uses the dagger to slash the enemy
  • Razor Wind – Fires arrow multiple times – causing damage
  • Spin Blade – Slashes all the targets in the way | Stun
  • Spinning Shot – Penetrates the enemy armor | Inflicts DMG
  • Piercing Arrow – Fires a large arrow followed by the smaller arrows – causing damage to the enemy
  • Call of the Earth – Heals allies and herself
  • Flurry of Arrows – Fires large arrows and small arrows to inflict DMG
  • Descending Current – AoE – Fires the arrows in the air – lands on the ground – targeting multiple enemies

Passive Skills: –

  • Increases; ATK, Defense, HP, Attack Speed, Move Speed, Crit Hit Rate

Conclusion: –

  • Type – Long-Ranged
  • Role – DPS
  • Strength – Long-Range Attacks, AoE AttacksBlack Desert Mobile Class Guide

Black Desert Mobile Witch Class: –

Witch is another one of the best DPS classes(Mage) in the Black Desert Mobile game. She uses the staff to cast magical spells that inflict damage on the enemies. For example – She can freeze the enemies using Ice Magic | Uses the fire magic to cast a fireball to inflict damage. You will enjoy this class if you love to cast the magical spells that do different things. Let’s take a look at her active and passive skills.

Witch Skills: –

  • Arcane Bolts – Unleashes the magic bolts to inflict damage on the targets.
  • Fireball – Throws a fireball to burn the target – inflicting damage | Knockback
  • Staff Mastery – Increases the staff damage
  • Dagger Stab – Inflicts the damage with a dagger, imbued with magic
  • Frigid Fog – Freezes the targets
  • Storm of Magic – Uses the magical energy to slash the targets
  • Whirlwind – Summons a magical twister, which hits everything in its path
  • Lightning Storm – Casts the lightning bolts | Super Armor while preparing skill | Stun Effect
  • Entangle – Uses the Earth’s energy to inflict damage | Slows down the enemy
  • Frozen Orb – Throws an Ice Sphere – Reduces the enemy’s attack speed, move speed
  • Thunderbolt – Casts lightning energy from sky to strike down the enemies
  • Healing Aura – Heals allies’ HP and herself
  • Magical Embrace – AoE attack to the targets in front
  • Lightning Chain – Throws a lightning bolt to strike multiple enemies
  • Time Warp – Increases Move Speed
  • Meteor Shower – Summons a giant meteor and attack the targets

Passive Skills: –

  • Increases AP, DP, HP, Attack Speed, Move Speed, Crit Hit Rate

Overview: –

  • Type – Ranged
  • Role – DPS
  • Strength – Crowd Control, Decent DPSBlack Desert Mobile Class Guide

BDM Giant Class: –

Giant uses the AXE to slice down the enemies. He is good in PvE as well as PvP. We would recommend you to pick Giant over Warrior if you are OK with a melee DPS unit. Giant’s attack can crowd control and destroy all surrounding enemies. Let’s have a look at Giant’s active and passive skills.

Giant Skills: –

  • Storming Beast – Slams the feet into the ground, which creates a shockwave – causing damage to the target
  • Headbutt – Knockbacks the target with a powerful Headbutt
  • AXE Mastery – Increases weapon damage
  • Weakling Hunt – Kicks the target | Super Armor | Inflicts Stun
  • Fierce Strike – Slashes the target
  • Frenzied Destroyer – Smashes the surrounding enemies with an axe | Bound
  • Falling Rock – Leaps forward to body slam the target | Bound
  • Raging Thunder – Swings the AXES – hits the enemies multiple times
  • Predatory Hunt – AoE – Inflicts damage to the nearby enemies | Invincible while jumping | Bound
  • Beastly Wind Slash – Multiple strikes on the enemy with AXE
  • Earthshatter – Knockdown the target – strikes with an AXE
  • Lava Piercer – Gets into the Super Armor state – hits the target with body
  • SmackDown – Grabs the target in hand and smash him on the ground like a beast | Bound | Super Armor
  • Giant’s Roar – Roars on the battlefield to inflict damage – recovers MP
  • Fury of the Beast – Dazes the target and then perform a might slash with AXES
  • Fearsome Tyrant – Paralyzes the enemies and drags them towards you

Passive Skills: –

  • Increases AP, DP, HP, ATK SPD, Move SPD, CRIT Chance

Overview: –

  • Type – Melee
  • Role – DPS
  • Strength – Crowd Control Skills, AoE ATKBlack Desert Mobile Class Guide

Black Desert Mobile Valkyrie Class: –

As per the game’s description, Valkyrie is a balanced class – with OK offensive and defensive skills. Also, she is good at close-range battles while helping allies with powerful buffs and spells. In our opinion, she is much like Warrior – but with a healing skill. She uses the sword to inflict damage, attack on the enemies. Let’s take a look at her active and passive skills.

Valkyrie Skill: –

  • Flurry of Kicks – Kick the targets multiple times
  • Severing Light – Slash the target with a sword
  • Sword of the Light – Increases sword attack damage | Strikes the enemy
  • Shield Throw – Gathers the holy energy in her shield and throws it forward – causing damage to multiple enemies
  • Sword of Judgement – Imbues the sword with holy power and slashes the target | Daze
  • Shield Chase – Activates Forward Guard and hits the target
  • Sharp Light – Summons the light of Elion and throw it to slash the enemies in front
  • Glaring Slash – Spinning slash, which hits the targets in a wide range
  • Punishment – Grabs and smash the target down to the ground
  • Celestial Spear – Drops a spear of light to attack the enemy
  • Radiant Charge – Activates Forward Guard and hits the target – knocking back the things in your path
  • Breath of Elion – Heals allies and herself
  • Elion’s Blessing – Increases DEF
  • Divine Wrath – Dazes the enemy by unleashing a powerful strike
  • Radiant Smite – Jumps forward and hits the target
  • Judgment of Light – Strikes the enemy (first, she gathers Elions Light and smash it over the enemy) | Super Armor | Bound

Passive Skills: –

  • Increases AP/DP/HP/ATK-SPD/Move-SPD/CRIT-Chance

Which Class Should You Pick In Black Desert Mobile?

Well, all the Black Desert Mobile classes are balanced. If you love close-combat, pick a melee unit; we would recommend Giant or Valkyrie. Giant has CC and AoE skills. Valkyrie is much like Warrior but with a healing skill. For long-ranged attacks or pure DPS, choose Ranger or Witch. Also, see –

Share your opinions in the comment section below. So this would be all in this post on Black Desert Mobile Class Guide – Best Class in BDM!

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