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Our Forest Island Coupon Code & Game Guide Wiki shares the tips, cheats & strategies for beginners to unlock all animals and landmarks. 

Forest Island Coupon Code & Game Guide Wiki

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Forest Island Coupon Code & Game Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

Forest Island Relaxing Game, published by NEOWIZ, is a new mobile game where you gather the energy from nature and restore the forest. The game feature relaxing idle gameplay, nice graphics, cute animals, and comforting music. Your goal in the game is to unlock all landmarks, collect all animals, and complete all the quests/achievements. In this post, we have shared the Forest Island guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. Also, we are going to cover the Forest Island coupon code here as well. So let’s not waste any time and get started: –

Forest Island Relaxing Game Tips To Earn More By Upgrading Landmarks Wisely⇓

⇓As of writing this guide, the Forest Island Relaxing Game features these landmarks; Tree of Rest(the first one), Hollow Log Glade(unlocks after Tree of Rest), Duck Pond(unlocks after Hollo Log Glade is unlocked), Bear Den(requires Duck Pond), and the list goes on; 

  • Deer Meadow; requires Bear Den
  • Big Rocket Forest; requires Deer Meadow
  • Beach; requires Big Rock Forest
  • Seal’s Rest; requires Beach
  • Llama Plateau; requires Seal’s Rest
  • Cloud Hills; requires Llama Plateau

⇒ Each next new landmark that you unlock produces more energy than the previous one. So we would advise you to prioritize upgrading the landmark which you have unlocked recently and also try to unlock the next one as soon as possible as it will produce more energy than the previous one. For instance; 

You have unlocked the first five Landmarks; Tree of Rest, Hollow Log Glade, Bear Den, and Deer Meadow. As per our advice, you should be upgrading in descending order; first, Deer Meadow, then Bear Den, Duck Pond, Hollow Log Glade, and at last the Tree of Rest landmark. You will notice that landmarks at the same levels produce different amounts of energy. 

In conclusion, if you want to gather more energy, you should be prioritizing the landmarks that produce more energy and try to unlock the next one; each next landmark in the landmark list produces more energy than the previous one. Cloud Hills > Llama Plateau > Seal’s Rest > Beach > Big Rock Forest > Deer Meadow > Bear Den > Duck Pond > Hollow Log Glade > Tree of Rest. 

Guide To Animals In The Forest Island Relaxing Game⇓

Animals help you generate energy on the landmarks and they also give you an in-game currency called heart, which is used to level them up. In the Forest Island Relaxing Game, there are normal animals and rare animals. To unlock new animals, you must build their landmarks; 

  • Rabbit/Spotted Rabbitneeds Tree of Rest
  • Fox/Silver Fox needs Hollow Log Glade
  • Duck/Mallard needs Duck Pond
  • Big Bear/White-CHESTED Bear needs Bear Den
  • Doe /Buck needs Neer Meadow
  • Wolf/White Wolf needs Big Rock Forest
  • Sea/Green Sea Turtle Turtle needs Beach
  • Seal/Sea Lion needs Seal’s Rest 
  • Llama/Alpaca needs Llama Plateau
  • White Sheep/Brown Sheep needs Cloud Hills

How To Unlock Or Invite Rare Animals?

To unlock rare animals, you need their cards, which are obtained through chests. Go to the shop by tapping the shopping option button in the top-right corner; it has three tabs; in the item tab, there would be a shop section called “Treasure Chest”. There you will find the common chest and rare chest. Common chest features cards or shards of normal animals. For rare animals, you will need to buy the rare chest, which costs X200 Gems. 

Guide To Leveling Animals⇓

For normal grade animals, you can use the hearts for leveling; at certain levels, you will be able to invite the duplicate of that animal to the corresponding landmark. Tap on the paw icon in the lower-left corner -> it has two tabs – animals and rare animals. In the animals tab, you can spend the hearts(obtain from animals already placed on the landmarks; tap the heart icon to collect the hearts) to level them up. 

Go to the rare animals tab and tap on an animal that you want to level up; the same animal’s cards will be required for leveling. Open the rare chests to get rare animals’ cards. 

Guide To In-Game Currencies⇓

The four main in-game currencies are; energy, growth points, gems, and the hearts. You will need the energy to upgrade the landmarks. Hearts are needed to upgrade the animals. Growth Points are obtained by completing the quests and needed for growth upgrades(expand the bottom upgrade menu by tapping the ⇑ icon) -> growth tab -> spend the growth points there. 

Gem is the premium currency, which you can obtain by unlocking new landmarks, as a login reward, by completing the achievements, and by watching the video ad(go to the shop menu in the game -> gems -> watch the video ad for X30 gems). You can use the gems to buy the rare chest or the time tickets, which grant energy or hearts, depending on its type. 

Time Tickets In Forest Island Relaxing Game⇓

Time Tickets are of two types; energy tickets and heart tickets. These tickets can give you a certain amount of time income instantly. For instance; a 12-hour energy ticket can give you 12 hours of energy instantly. 

There are two ways to get time tickets; go to the shop by tapping the shop/store icon in the top-right corner -> under the items tab, scroll down(below the treasure chest icon) until you see the time ticket section. There you can buy energy tickets or heart tickets(time tickets). 

Another way to get a time ticket is through log-in rewards. In the top-left corner of the game screen, tap the calendar icon to see the login rewards. 

Once obtained, the ticket will be used immediately. 

Complete The Quests And Achievements⇓

Quests give you growth points and achievements give you gems. On the top-right side of the game screen, tap the trophy icon to see the achievement. Tap the task icon to check the current quest. 

Forest Island Coupon Code⇓

Currently, no coupon codes are available for the Forest Island Relaxing Game. If you know of any working coupon code, please share it in the comments below. 

How To Redeem Forest Island Coupon Code?

Tap the gear icon in the top-right corner -> on the settings page, at the bottom-right, tap on the “Use Coupon Code” button. Enter the coupon and redeem rewards. 

So this would be all in this post on Forest Island Coupon Code, guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. 

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