Bless Mobile Best Class Guide: Classes & Race

Bless Mobile is a brand new stunning MMORPG for mobile, published by JOYCITY Corp. Read on for Bless Mobile best class guide – all classes overview

JOYCITY Corp., one of the popular mobile game publishers, has just released a new MMORPG Bless Mobile on Google Play Store. In Bless Mobile, players choose their race at the start of the game and embark on an adventure packed with lots of missions, deadly wars, and vast exploration. Each race offers a different class set. For example – the Pantera race features two Bless Mobile classes; Ranger and Berserker. So, class selection would be based on the race that you select. The total number of classes in Bless Mobile game is 5; Guardian, Mage, Paladin, Ranger, and Berserker. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Bless Mobile best class guide featuring all classes overview. 

Bless Mobile Best Class Guide – All Classes: –

  • Guardian – Melee DPS, Tank
  • Ranger – Ranged DPS, Crit, CC
  • Berserker – Melee DPS, Attack
  • Mage – CC, Ranged-DPS
  • Paladin – Healer, Melee Attacker

Mage – M. DPS Class

Bless Mobile Best Class Guide ClassesMage is one of the ranged-DPS classes in Bless Mobile. She uses the staff as a weapon and cast magical spells to inflict damage to the enemies. Speaking of her strength, she does decent damage(single, AoE) to the foes in the battle – also, she possesses CC skills like stunning the enemies, freezing the attackers, etc. Let’s take a look at Mage Class skills: –

  • Divine Arrow – forms a projective and strikes the target in front of you
  • Flaming Meteor – lands x5 meteors to inflict damage
  • Ignition – summons a fire tornado that traps enemies and makes them suffer 
  • Chain Lightning – x2 hits with chain lightning and knockback effect
  • Focused Combat – increases the ATK
  • Robe of Revenge – applies robe effect on herself and freezes attackers
  • Field of Ice – turns the surrounding area into a field of ice that strikes enemies x3 times
  • Meditation – recovers MP
  • Block Magic – magical attack
  • Blizzard – summons a blizzard for AoE DMG

Guardian – Tank Class

Bless Mobile Best Class Guide ClassesGuardian is the best tank class in Bless Mobile. He is responsible for dealing with the enemies from the front and making them hard for the enemies to cause trouble for the allies in back-row inflicting damage or assisting others. Speaking of his strength, Guardian is a pure tank with skills like taunt, increasing party members’ defense, shield effects skills. Well, you can also expect a decent amount of melee damage from his skills. Let’s take a look at Bless Mobile Guardian class skills: –

  • Spinning Strike – spins and attack the enemies in range with the sword
  • Vampire Blade – stabs the enemy with sword and inflict damage
  • Executioner’s Blade – lands a heavy strike on the ground that causes a shockwave – striking the enemies in the area for x3 turns
  • Slam – x2 hits with the shield and blade
  • Charge – charge damage to the enemy in front of you
  • Absolute Defense – shield up, lands a heavy strike on the ground that makes enemy fall on the ground
  • Encouraged – DEF buff; self-allies
  • Remove Confinement – dispel the debuff
  • Absolute Silence – multi strikes on the enemies with the silence effect
  • Taunt – taunt effect(protecting allies by making enemy targets you only)

Berserker – Melee DPS

Bless Mobile Best Class Guide ClassesBerserker is the best melee DPS class in Bless Mobile – with decent defense ratings. He uses a two-handed AXE to knock off enemies in no time. He is tough to beat on the battlefield. Speaking of strength, Berserker class excels in dealing massive damage to the enemies. His attacks are not long-ranged – so you will experience the close-battle gameplay. Let’s take a look at Berserker Class skills: –

  • Spinning Bow – throws a spinning AXE towards the enemy – causing damage
  • Explosive Fighting Spirit – lands a heavy attack on the target
  • Combat Instinct – two axes in two hands and strikes the enemies
  • Punish – spins and attack the enemies in range
  • Murderous Intent – heavy strike on the enemies – resisting all the status effects during the skill casting
  • Pulverize – multi-strikes on the enemies
  • Angel of Death – slams two sharp attacks with a downward blow
  • Spinning Shockwave – get close to the target, spin, and strikes
  • Seismic Strike – leaps into the air and lands a heavy strike on the ground – causing damage to the enemies in range
  • Berserker – Increases attack power(self)

Paladin – Healer Class

Bless Mobile Best Class Guide ClassesPaladin is the best healer and supporter class in Bless Mobile game. She has amazing blessing skills that can assist the party members with healing, dispelling negative effects, assisting skills. Although, you might have trouble fighting the bosses and powerful enemies in solo battles as you don’t have much DPS when you play as Paladin. So if you play solo, we would not recommend choosing this Bless Mobile class. But if you have friends who play with you, you can choose this class and get help from them in the battles. Let’s take a look at Paladin class skills: –

  • Blessed Bow – melee attack
  • Hammer of Justice – swings the hammer and strikes
  • Punish – strikes the area in front of you
  • Noble Spell – heals the allies and self
  • Authority – disples harmful effects
  • Execution – multi-strike melee attack
  • Blessing of Life – buff party members
  • Blessing of Spell – healing
  • Thunder and Lightning – x4 hits with a lightning attack
  • Holy Spel – restores HP(Self, allies)

Ranger – DPS Class

Bless Mobile Best Class Guide ClassesRanger is one of the best ranged-DPS classes in Bless Mobile. Being a ranger, you will able to target the enemies from a long-distance – unlike the melee DPS classes. Speaking of strength, Ranger excels in delivering massive damage to the enemies; AoE, CRIT + in CC and assist fields; skills like poison, trap, sharp eye, concentrated vision, etc. Let’s take a look at Ranger skills: –

  • Sniper Arrow – fires an arrow to deal damage to the enemy – this skill pushes the character backward
  • Bood Arrow – bleed effect and damage. The bleed effect cause damage to the enemies over time
  • Explosion Arrow – leaps into the air and fires bow 
  • Corrosion – AoE poison(targets affected with the poison effect suffers damage over time)
  • Rapid Fire – shoots arrows
  • Odd Trap – damage and places traps
  • Arrow Rain – AoE DMG
  • Concentrated Vision – Buff
  • Sharp Eye – Buff

Bless Mobile Classes, Class Guide – Which Class Should You Pick?

  • Ranger – Best DPS class with AoE, CC skills
  • Paladin – Best Supporter class with healing and assist skills
  • Guardian – Best Tank class with shield and defense buff skills
  • Berserker – Best Melee DPS class

For solo players, Ranger class would be the best pick. 

Share your class reviews in the comment section below. Also, see – Bless Mobile guide and tips

So this would be all in this post on Bless Mobile best class guide – all classes overview. 

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