Army Clash Cheats, Guide, Tips & Strategies To Beat All The Levels

Army Clash is a brand new battle simulator game for Android and iOS by Voodoo. Check out our Army Clash cheats, guide, tips & strategies to beat all levels

Voodoo’s latest Army Clash game has over 999 levels with increasing difficulty. The gameplay is pretty simple – you build your mighty army and clash with the enemy army for the coins. You can merge the soldiers to increase their level, change the formation, buy new slots for soldiers, and there are plenty of things to do. The basic in-game currency in Army Clash is the coin, which you earn by slaying down the enemy’s army. Use the coins to recruit more soldiers and expand the army. If you are having trouble beating the levels, you are on the right page. In today’s Army Clash guide and Army Clash cheats, tips & strategies post, you will learn all the basic things that you need to know to beat all the levels. Let’s navigate to the main content!

Army Clash Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

1.) Merge To Become Stronger In Army Clash

Army ClashThe ideal way to get stronger in Army Clash game is by having the stronger units. As soon as you get used to the battles, the game shows you a tip, which says merge the units to raise their level. That’s exactly what you need to do to get stronger.

You can merge two same level units to get an upper-level unit. For example – Suppose, you have (2) level one archers in the army. By merging these two archers, you can get a level (2) archer. And, of course, high-level units are stronger and can defeat powerful enemies in the combat.

To merge units, you just have to hold your finger on it and drag it over the same level unit and then release to level up. The game also shows the level up message when you do it. Keep in mind that only the same type and same level units can be merged. For example – You can not merge bomber and spearman even if they are at the same level.

2.) Initiate The War At The Right Time

Army ClashRight next to the army formation you can see a color meter. Pay attention to it – when you tap the fight button to initiate the war, the arrow will stop and decide the army movement. If you stop it when it’s at the center of the meter – the red part, you will have higher chances of getting a victory.

So it would be better to tap the fight button when the arrow reaches the red part of the meter. That’s the perfect way to initiate the better as it commands the army in the right direction and increases the chances of victory.

3.) Do It Or Not, It Will Happen

If you get the victory in the battle, a score multiplier will decide the amount coins that you earned from the battle and after that, there would be two options; OK or get 3X reward by watching a video ad – there is some bug or maybe it’s the game behavior, the game will show you the ad anyway. So it’s better to go for the 3X reward and increase the number of coins.

4.) Keep Recruiting The Soldiers And Try Reroll

Army ClashAt the bottom-center of the screen, you have three options; shop, recruit army units, get more slots of the units. As we stated above, In the Army Clash, the difficulty level increases as you progress through the levels – so it would be better to keep expanding the army every level. Spend the coins and recruit more units to face the next challenge.

Also, try the reroll function by watching the video ad and you may get a different soldier. Do it if you are looking for a specific unit – for merging!

5.) Get The Mystery Pack Or Other Pack From The Shop

Head to the shop in the Army Clash game and you may get some great offers; the mysterious pack by watching the video ad – you may get some better units from this pack. The Army Clash Level 1 Pack – It gives you (3) level 1 unit at 14,000 coins price.

6.) Change The Formation

Place the ranger type units such as an archer in the backline and place the melee or tank-type units such as big units, spearman, swordsman, etc. in the front line. The reason is range type units like archer attack from a range while melee units need to get close to the enemy for the attacks. Keeping the melee units in front and ranged units in the back may help you in close battles. Or experiment with the formation; move the units on tiles.

Do you have more Army Clash tips, cheats or codes, etc? Feel free to share in the comment below. That would be all in this Army Clash guide & tips post.

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