Atelier Online Tier List: Best Characters & Weapons

Our Atelier Online Tier List will show you the best characters or weapons or equipment featured in the Atelier Online Alchemist of Bressisle.Atelier Online Tier List

Atelier Online Tier List: Best Characters & Weapons March 2022⇓

The following Atelier Online Tier List is based on the JP version of the game, which is not getting updates anymore. The English Global version of Atelier Online has just been released and a core tier list of this English Global version is yet to be made. The following Atelier Online JP tier list ranks characters in these tiers; S Tier, A-Tier, and B Tier. The following JP tier list ranks the weapons or other equipment as well(if you are just starting the game, make sure to check out the codes for freebies and reroll guide to pull top tier weapons or characters in the beginning): – 

Atelier Online Tier List – Characters Tier List⇓

  • Marie – S Tier
  • Bergamot – A Tier
  • Marjoram – A Tier
  • Rorona – A Tier
  • Protagonist/Default Starter Character – B Tier
  • Tandrion – B Tier
  • Catnip – B Tier

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Atelier Online Tier List – Weapon Tier List⇓

  • Swordmaster’s Longsword – S Tier
  • Marie’s Mace – S Tier
  • Lionic Mace – S Tier
  • Sword of the Dark Night – A Tier
  • Lionic Sword – A Tier
  • Angel Bow – A Tier
  • Rorona’s Mace – A Tier
  • Staff of the Dark Night – B Tier
  • Lionic Rod – B Tier
  • Lionic Arrow – B Tier
  • Angel Mace – B Tier
  • Totori Mace – B Tier
  • Knight Sword – D Tier
  • Angel Sword – D Tier

Atelier Online Tier List – Shield Tier List⇓

  • Lionic Shield – A Tier
  • Dark Night Shield – A Tier
  • Angel Shield – A Tier

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Atelier Online Game Description⇓

Characters such as Rorona and Marie from the previous Atelier series are joining the game to interact in a never-seen-before story! Atelier fans will love this storyline.EXPLORE THE BRESSISLE ISLAND
The elements and monsters on the island will appear based on the weather and daytime. Players can also explore the island with up to 3 friends in the online cooperative multiplayer mode.SYNTHESIZE DIFFERENT INGREDIENTS
The specialization in alchemy is about finding, collecting, and combing items in recipes to create better items to advance further in the game.CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTERS
The players can try different gears such as clothes, weapons, and accessories on their characters to improve stats, change the appearance and get new skills.BECOME THE BEST ALCHEMIST
The journey as protagonists starts at the Royal Academy and continues around the world to become the best alchemist, encountering others and paving your own path.Join our communities and meet with more alchemists here!
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