Immortal Taoist Guide: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Immortal Taoists is a brand new Idle game for Android and iOS, published by Entrepreneur Game. Read on and check out Immortal Taoist guide and tips for beginners

You can take birth as Civilian, Orphan, Farmer, Hunter, and Scholar at the start of the game and start the journey of  Taoist. Based on the birth class, you will gain the initial stats like Strength, Life Essence, Fortune, Preception, etc. The gameplay is pretty simple – acquire power through the cultivation and ascend to Heaven to be immortal. In the game sense, you gather Qi and upgrade the character stats. There is also an adventure mode where you hunt the beasts and enemies. If you have just started playing Immortal Taoist game, then you are on the right page. This Immortal Taoist guide covers all the fundamentals of the game that you should know as a beginner. Also, we have shared a bunch of Immortal Taoist tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

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Immortal Taoist Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

On the home screen of the game, your character cultivates the cultivation base points that you can use to upgrade the realm or for refining the body/soul stats; increases strength, dexterity, vital energy, etc. Upgrading the realm unlocks new functions of the game. Also, along with the Cultivation Base points, you gather Qi, which is another basic in-game currency in Immortal Taoists, that you can use to upgrade the character skills or Qi-Gathering Level. Another task to make the character stronger so that you can compete with people at the upper-level position.Immortal Taoists

You can check the stats of the character in the skill menu. This includes; attack power, defense power, total health, evasion, efficiency, and Qi absorption. By upgrading the skills, you can raise the six attributes(to increase stats): –

  • Strength – Defense Power
  • Vital Energy – Health Stats
  • Dexterity – Evasion Stats
  • Life Essence – Attack Power
  • Mantra – Qi Absorption
  • Preception – Efficiency

At the start of the game, select the birth class and scroll down in the class info to check the original attributes of the class. We would recommend you to choose Civilian as it is one of the balanced birth-class in immortal Taoists with 5 points in each attribute; ATK/DEF/EVASION/HEALTH, and so on.

Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Immortal Taoists tips, cheats & tricks: –

Upgrade The Realm And Body Soul⇓

Cultivation Base points, which are cultivated by your character, can be used in upgrading the realm and body soul. On the main interface of the game, on the left side, you can check the realm upgrade level and the cultivation base points required to upgrade it. Also, on the right side of the game screen, you can check the Body. Soul Refine level and the CULTIVATION BASE points required to upgrade it.

Tap it to spend the cultivation base points and upgrade realm(unlocks new functions) or body/soul(increases stats).

Check Out The Spiritual Root⇓

In the Immortal Taoist game, the Spiritual Root gathers the Qi that you can use to upgrade a variety of skills. Go to the Spiritual Root menu -> at the bottom-center, you can check the Qi-gathering level – the number of Qi points the Spiritual Root is generating per second. You will need a certain number of materials; wood, iron, etc. to upgrade this level.

Also, on the same screen, you can upgrade the skills to improve the character’s stats – Earth, Gold, Wood, Water, and Fire. Each skill improves the stats of the character: –

  • Strength – Defense Power
  • Vital Energy – Health Stats
  • Dexterity – Evasion Stats
  • Life Essence – Attack Power
  • Mantra – Qi Absorption
  • Preception – EfficiencyImmortal Taoists

Produce The Resources In Spiritual Mountain⇓

Go to the Dwelling menu -> Spiritual Mountain -> there you can check the resources production info. Apprentices at Spiritual Mountain produce resources like Spirit Stone, Food, Wood, and Iron. Tap the + button under the available apprentices to hire more workers. To produce stone/wood/iron/spirit-stone, you need food. So deploy more workers (tap the + button under the food production banner) to produce more food.

Also, upgrade the storage so that you can reserve more resources to perform the high-level upgrade. Tap the upgrade button in the resource banner.

Buy And Upgrade The Skills⇓

Go to the Market -> Sutras Hall -> there you can buy the skills. Head to the inventory -> tap on the skill that you just bought from the Sutras Hall -> use. This is how you learn skills in Immortal Taoists. Once learned, you can use it to upgrade the skills. Head to the skill menu -> Secret Tome(Life Essence), Sutra(Vital Energy), Physical Spell(Strength), Shift Skill(Dexterity), Mantra(Absorption), Heavenly Book(Perception) -> you will need Qi to upgrade these skills. At the top-left corner in the skill menu, tap Sect Skills -> there you can upgrade the Sect Skills to improve the character’s stats.

Learn The Sect Skills And Check Out The Tier List⇓

Go to the Sect menu -> join a Sect -> Forge or Refine. In different Sect(s), you meet different companions(send them a gift to increase favor/ compete with them/take them home). Tap the Master -> learn skills -> cultivate. Now go to the skill menu -> Sect Skill -> there you can upgrade the skills that you just learned.Promotion – tap the Elder -> promotion -> spend the contribution points to get promoted.

Start The SECT Quest To Earn Reputation And Contribution⇓

Go to the Sect menu -> mission -> start the quest to earn Reputation and Contribution points. You can use reputation points in the market, and contribution points to get the promotion.

Check Out The Market In Immortal Taoist⇓

From the market, you can buy precious items in Immortal Taoists. Treasure Hall – here you can spend spirit stones on a variety of items like foundation pill, gold core pill, soul wandering pill, formula, treasure maps, etc.

Sutras Hall – here you can buy skills. Spirit Jade Hall – you need Jade(in-game currency) to shop here. Reputation Hall – here you can spend reputation on gear; weapon/armor/jewelry plans.

At the top-center of the market menu, tap the video icon to watch the video Ad for a rare item reward.

Hunt The Monsters And Beasts In Adventure⇓

Head to the Adventure mode and start slaying down the beasts. Also, you can find resources, gears, and chests from this mode. You will need food to play the adventure mode(produce in Dwelling). Explore the whole plot and find the exit to unlock the next area.

Collect The Housekeeper Reward⇓

Head to the Dwelling menu and there you will meet the Housekeeper. Tap the lady housekeeper in the bottom-left corner -> collect the reward daily. You can select a particular item as a reward that you want to obtain as a house cleaning reward; it includes spirit stones, wood, food, and iron. Depending on the need, select the reward – if you don’t select the reward, you will likely get the spirit stones.

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So this would be all in this Immortal Taoist guide, tips & tricks for beginners. This article was last updated in 2021. Update – added quick navigation links, added codes link. 

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  2. Dont upgrade your body unless your going for body ascension (which i really dont recommend unless you like suffering). Use your cultivation base for realm upgrading instead and focus on gets sect books and sutra 499,4990, and 30k sutra books in that order.