The Last Maverick Guide, Tips, And Cheats To Survive For A Long Time

The Last Maverick Guide Tips CheatsThe Last Maverick Survival Raft Adventure is a new survival game by Pride Game Studio. Here’s The Last Maverick guide, tips, and cheats to survive for a long time

Pride Games Studio, the creators of one of the best survival games has released another new survival game and its name is “The Last Maverick Survival Raft Adventure”. Let’s take a look at this survival game!

The Last Maverick Survival Raft Adventure – #1 Guide and Tips

The Last Maverick Guide Tips CheatsThe game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to pick items, how to destroy raft part, about crafting, and more. After the tutorial ends, the player manually handles all the things. This is really a great game and you will love playing it if you are a survival gamer. The goal is to survive as long as you can, you have to build your raft, feed, and drink, hunt and explore the open ocean. If you are a beginner, here’s The Last Maverick guide, and some tips and cheats to survive for a long time.

  • The Basic Of The Game – The Last Maverick

Before we move on, let’s learn what you have to do in the game! Basically, you have to meet your basic needs; food, drink, energy, and additionally; save health. You are on a small raft, the goal is to make it bigger and like a home; with all types of furniture and machines. To accomplish this goal in The Last Maverick, you have to work hard. Also, see – Best Survival games for Android

  • Your Primary Tasks In The Last Maverick

As a beginner, your very first step is to craft “slimsy hook”. Slimsy Hook used to catch floaters; wood, wooden boxes, leaf etc. The reason behind this task is you don’t need to go into the ocean to catch those items. If you manually go there, the shark might attack you and it will reduce your health. So craft Slimsy Hook – at the top right -> tools -> slimsy hook -> craft. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

The Last Maverick Crafting And Building Guide

Crafting tools is an easy task in The Last Maverick, you just have to complete the minimum number of requirements[raw material]. These items can be collected from the ocean; wooden boxes. To catch these items, use the slimsy hook.

The building is another one of the important tasks in The Last Maverick game; you have to build your raft and add useful items; roaster, water distiller, sawmill, machine, and more. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

To build an item -> tap on building option -> choose an item -> point where you want to build and then tap on the hammer button to confirm.

Recipes In The Last Maverick

  1. Water Distiller – This device refines salt water into fresh water.
  2. Workbench – Used to create scrap parts from scrap metal
  3. Roaster – To cook basic food
  4. Sawmill – Used to refine logs into wood
  5. Sewing machine – To create clothes in The Last Maverick
  6. Tannery – Used to create leather from leather scraps
  7. Coffee Machine – Used to create energy drinks
  8. Furnace – Used to smelt iron from ore
  9. Bailer – Used to gather liquids
  10. Torch – Used to increase the salt vision at night and in dark places
  11. Bandage – Used to heal your wounds and restore health
  12. Fishing rod – Catch fish
  13. Standing Torch – Used to increase the vision on the raft
  14. And many more

At the beginning of the game, most of the items are locked and to unlock them, you have to level-up your player profile. Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

How to level-up in The Last Maverick?

To level-up, you have to earn XP. XP can be obtained by collecting items from the ocean, building, and crafting, completing quests.

  • Basic Needs Cheats – The Last Maverick

  1. Energy – You need sleep because one can not work 24/7 without taking rest. So sleep is unavoidable. Build a leafy bed. How to build? Go to buildings section -> furniture -> select leafy bed -> craft. Once crafted, point to it and then tap on hand option.
  2. Food – One of the best ways to meet food requirement is to catch fish. Craft a fishing rod from tools section and equip it, and then catch fish. Once added, look at your inventory -> fish -> tap on the feed option(two rounded options at the bottom of the screen – inventory).
  3. Drink – To avoid dehydration, water is necessary. Gather liquid using bailer. And also grab those wooden boxes, they might contain water and food.
  4. Health – Don’t leave your raft because there are many sharks in the ocean. You will lose your HP if the shark attacks you.

How to survive for a long time in The Last Maverick Raft Survival Adventure game?

It would not be easy to survive for a long time if you are not planning your objectives! The primary task is collect all the items floating in the ocean using the slimsy hook.

These items used in building and crafting. Head to the quest section and check out the tasks you have to complete.

Level-Up your profile and you will be able to access to more items.

If an Island is near, leave your raft, go there and search for useful items.

Complete food requirements by catching fish, drink water, go to sleep, avoid sharks – these are the basic requirements.

The next step is “building and crafting” items. You can not live on a small raft, so make it bigger by adding more parts. Then add useful items; roaster, leafy bed, torch, workbench, furnace, sawmill, and more. Craft weapons to slay down the creatures.

So this is the beginner’s guide for The Last Maverick game and some tips and cheats to survive for a long time. In short, follow this process: –

  • Feed
  • Drink
  • Sleep
  • Save HP
  • Collect Items
  • Build More
  • Explore Islands
  • Repeat

Download The Last Maverick Game For Android – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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