Disney Arena Guide – Building The Best Team

Started playing Disney Sorcerer’s Arena and wondering how to build the best team? Read on for Disney Arena best team building guide for beginners

Disney Arena Best Team Building GuideIn today’s post, you will learn how to build a perfect team for the battles in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Disney Arena Best Team Composition Guide: –

First of all, you need to get familiar with the character system. You might not have all the characters; especially, if you have just started playing. It would take a long time to collect them all. You can clear the starting battles easily – but things get difficult in the higher-difficulty combat. Depending on the number of characters you have at the moment, you will have to choose the best ones. But, who is best? Which characters should be on the team? Let’s figure it out!

Offense vs Defense vs Recovery

There are mainly three types of characters in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena; Offense type, Defense type, and Recovery Type. In the collection menu, if you tap the filter option in the top-left corner, you will be able to filter the characters’ list by these roles; offense, defense, recovery. The characters with high-rating in that specific role will come to the top after selecting the filter. For example; if you set the filter type to recovery, the best healers will come to the top. 

Using The Best Team Composition

When building Disney Arena best team, you need to pay attention to the roles of the characters.  As said above, there are three; offense, defense, and recovery/healer. We would recommend using these team compositions: –

  1. All offense-role characters with DMG and Crowd Control Skills
  2. 4 Offense-role characters with 1 Defense character in the team

So these are the two best team composition format we have – In the first one, you will add all the offense type characters with high DMG or CC Abilities. CC – Crowd Control – these abilities include stun effect, charm effect. For example – Jack Sparrow has a charm effect that makes the target miserable.

In the second-best team composition, you will add x4 offense role characters with DMG(AoE, Single) and CC abilities(silence stun, charm). And, as the fifth spot, there would be a defender. Who is the best tank in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena?

Gaston, Jasmine, Sulley are some best tank characters in the game. 

What About The Healer?

In our team composition, we didn’t give the spot to any healer; that’s because that team composition is purely based on the offense; the more firepower you have, the faster you can clear the wave. With healer in the team, you will have to replace one DPS characters, which lowers the team’s DPS power. Since healers are not good damage dealers, they can not do the same job done by the offense-role characters. Although, In some of the battle stages, you might need a healer to assist the allies. But, most of the stages can be cleared without having a healer in the team. If you still want to add, you can go with this composition: –

  • x3 offense + x1 healer + x1 defense
  • x4 offense + x1 healer

Speaking of the best healer in the game, Ariel is the best in this job. With the help fo her special medicinal melody skill, you can heal the allies. 

Our Best Team For PvE, PvP

  • Jack Sparrow
  • Shan Yu
  • Mor’Du
  • Judy Hopps
  • Hades

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So this would be all in this post on Disney Arena Best Team Building Guide for beginners. 

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