Kiss Of War Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats For Beginners

Kiss Of War is a brand new MMO War game for Android and iOS by TAP4FUN. Check out Kiss of War guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners to master the gameKiss of War

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Tap4Fun, the publisher behind Brutal Age and Sea Game, has just expanded the app portfolio with a new MMO War game called Kiss of War. It’s just like other MMO War games where you build and grow base by constructing facilities such as production depots, barracks, etc. Kiss of War game features PvE, PvP, and Alliance Battles.

If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Kiss of War guide covers all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a few Kiss of War tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to this beginner’s guide.

Kiss of War Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

Hey there! Captain, you need to get stronger and build a strong base, army to improve defense and attack power. Your power is affected by the total number of units and their power, buildings in the base, research, and the officers’ strength. So if you want to get stronger in Kiss of War – you need to produce more high-tier troops, strengthen up the officers, research, and build/upgrade the buildings. Another core aspect of the game is resources; food, steel, oil, and energy are the four important resources that you need to perfrom almost all the activities; producing units, buildings, upgrades, etc. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Kiss of War tips & tricks: –

Learn To Recruit Officers⇓

Officers are the characters in the Kiss of War game who help you in leading the battles, gathering the resources from the map, and boosting the base activities. Legendary officers are the top-tier best officers because of the high stats they possess. Then you have the epic officers, elite officers. You can recruit the officers from the recruitment center which is next to the HQ. There are two options; basic recruitment and elite recruitment. From elite recruitment, you may get a legendary officer.

Head to the recruitment center in Kiss of War game -> tap the reward preview button -> then tap the (i) symbol in the bottom-right to check the drop rates. Legendary and Epic officers’ drop rate is quite low. Also, keep in mind that you might not get any officer from the recruitment – because the drop rate of these rewards such as EXP, Speed-Ups, Stars, and resources is quite high.

Learn To Use The Officers In Kiss of War⇓

Head to the officer menu by tapping the officer button at the bottom-center of the game screen. Select the officer -> on the top-right, you can check the officer’s strength. Some officers excel in battles, while some officers excel in gathering the resources from the world map. So make sure to utilize the officers according to their strength.

The players in Kiss of War game can improve the officers’ strength by leveling them up, raising their star rank, talent, and unlocking new skills. For more information, check out this guide –

Appoint The Officers⇓

Tap the officer’s club building -> here you can interact with the hot officers and play mini-games; poker, to increase their trust level. Also, you can appoint them to increase construction speed, production/gathering/repair/march speed. So make sure to appoint the officers.

Max Out The Production⇓

Resources are extremely useful in the Kiss of War game. So make sure to max out the production buildings so that you can get the max production input every hour. Outside the base, you can build a farm, steel mill, oil rig, and power plant like buildings to produce food, steel, oil, and energy. Max out their upgrades – as same as the HQ level.

Grind The Resources⇓

Head to the world map in Kiss of War -> there you can gather all the resources; Oil, Energy, Steel, and Food. Tap the search button on the bottom-left -> select the resource item that you want to grind on the map -> search -> tap it -> gather -> select a hero who is a gatherer to get the most out of him/her. You can increase the troop load in Kiss of War by sending more units on the march.

Keep Producing The Units⇓

On the left side of lab building in the base – in front of defense center -> you can build armories and drill grounds; artillery armor, tank armory, tank destroyer armory, drill grounds. In these buildings, you can produce the units. Upgrade these buildings to increase the production capacity of units.

Research In The Lab⇓

Research in Kiss of War is one of the key aspects. You can unlock high-tier units by researching, improve the construction speed by researching, and there are lots of benefits. So tap the lab and start doing the research to progress further into the game.

Join An Active Guild In Kiss of War⇓

It’s extremely important – there are many perks you are going to get by joining a guild; the help from guild members in speeding up the construction, reinforcement, gifts, access to guild store, and much more.

Get The Freebies⇓

On the top-center, tap the VIP button and claim the daily VIP points and daily specials’ chest.

Go to the store -> daily specials -> there you will find a chest to collect.

Complete The Missions⇓

Below the Captain avatar, tap the quest log button -> follow the chapter missions if you are confused about how to get started, complete the daily missions and recommended missions for rewards.

In the Kiss of War, you can obtain free gold by completing all the daily missions. So make sure to clear all the missions and claim the premium in-game currency.

Start The Campaign Mode⇓

If you have just started playing it, then we would recommend starting the campaign mode – at the bottom-center of the home screen, tap the campaign button -> these PvE levels will give you resources, EXP books, and help you understand the core concept of the battles.

You can spend the campaign medals in the campaign shop for stars, officers’ shards, and much more.

Check Out The Events In Kiss of War⇓

Tap the Activity option on the right side of the game screen -> there you can check event missions. Complete them for more rewards; elite officer recruitment ticket, boosters, speed-ups, officers’ badges, gold, and much more.

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So this would be all in this post on Kiss of War guide, tips, tricks & cheats for beginners. This article was last updated on February 6, 2020.

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  1. Dear ppl of kiss war zone #289 needs your help we have a tyrannical rule among us hitting inocent guild and dis mantling them and falsely putting the blame on us uniting everything on the server against us. please this tyrant is rulling with a iron fist and killing off all the new players driving them away. Contact me if you want i will pay any price in rss Loaction zone #289 my cords X:174 Y:541 please help us from thsi evil tyrant name is nevergiveup

  2. hi I have created 2 account on kiss of war I am not able to go to 1 st account as it’s is name Jhol Ding in #189 Fredericksburg please help me tomorrow is expedition

  3. Bonjour je suis dans une guilde 1006c wi’s Grey wolf et ai mit pas mal d’argent pour avancer et après mise à jour je me retrouve sans guilde sur un autre serveur et pas moyen de retourner dans ma ligue mon nom Alexandre blancke surnom jade dans le club entre temps je perds des primes et des offres comment retrouver ma place

  4. Hi , I want to star up sakura , she is in lv10 , but it says insufficient officer’s light ! What does it mean ? How to increase officer’s light ??

  5. Hello,

    There are no items listed in my Guild “Store” tab, tho’ i see things under “Item List” tab. Why am i unable to select anything under the “Item List”? I’ve 119,640 “Individual Exploits” coins, and am R1 in the guild.

    Thank you!

    • That means you don’t have enough stars to upgrade the officer. You may get it from; campaign event rewards, campaign shop, elite recruitment, railway station.

      • I have same problem, no solution so far. I upgraded an officer to level 30 ysing stars, but system won’t let me upgrade her to 3-stars. I have extra stars, but system won’t let me use anymore on her. Game says that first I need to promote the officer to 3-stars, in order to keep adding more stars, but can’t upgrade to 3-stars because she has “Insufficent Officer’s Light” ?

    • Your only choice is to use your profile picture from Facebook. No other option that I know. Go to your account (in Kiss of War), and link to your Facebook account.
      Then go to your avatar selection (in Kiss of War) and you will see your Facebook profile picture available there, to pick. This will NOT change your user name in Kiss of War. Hope this helps.

      • Where is the option to link to Facebook? if I click my officer icon in top left I get pack with FILE. LEADERBOARD. TROOPS. SETTINGS.

        within settings there is a chain with account.where you can switch account or “BIND” account. I must bound to bound to google. but I see no option to unbind. nor do I see my google profile pic

  6. So my guild leader has been off line for a couple of days and us R4s have been running everything don’t want to quit and move to another guild bedsides the leader everybody is a good group of people/players how do we remove the leader so one of us can drive the guild even further forward…?

    • You will not be able to assu e leadership of the Guild unless you are appointed R5.

      To see the Privileges of each R# rank follow these steps:
      Click on Guild.
      Click on Members.
      In the top right corner is a grey square with an !, click it to see the Privileges for each rank.

      You will notice R5 is the only rank that will allow the options of Official Appointment or Transfer Guild Leadership

      Good luck!

    • sgt toast is partially correct. the game auto appoints leadership in a specific timeframes,.. to next r4 in line that’s been active and has a high power level. google it lol

  7. Möchte mit meiner base zu einem anderen server geht das und wie kann ich einen acc auf dem Server löschen mfg rene1971

  8. I’m unable to attack any Pandora division or Iron Behemoth. Every time I set a rally and assign troops, when the timer hits zero, it immediately tells me the march was canceled. How do I fix this?

    • Your guild members have to help if they don’t it will cancel and you have to be in the same region to get there help. If you not in the guild base you can teleport to their location

    • Someone else must join rally.. even if it is your alt or farm account. make sure you have the right amount of troops though or you will be defeated.