Food Fantasy Cooking Talents And Recipe Developing Guide, Tips

Without cooking talents, it’s almost difficult to defeat the powerful bosses in the Food Fantasy game. And no one wants to fail in developing the recipe. Check out the guide & some tips here

In the last two posts, we learn some cracking tips & helpful guide. In this post, we have shared a detailed explanation on cooking talents; how to equip cooking talents, upgrade cooking talents, activate talents, and more+some advanced cooking or recipe cheats to avoid getting failures.

1.) Cooking Talents Guide

Before you start the battle, you can equip these cooking talents or skills. There are three types of talents; damage, support, and control. Passive talents work in the background while active talents must be activated manually in the battle.

Food Fantasy Cooking Talents Recipe IngredientsYou can access the talent feature once you reach the player level 7. All you need to do is go to the talent screen(on the main screen of the game, at the bottom-right menu, tap the talents option) -> there you can access the talents. Tap the talent and at the left side, you will get the details. Activate it and then you can enhance it.

How to equip cooking talents?

Food Fantasy Cooking Talents Recipe IngredientsBefore you start the battle, under the skill section, tap the + icon and choose the talents. Make sure to equip wisely; damage, support, and control.

In the battle, on the bottom-left side, tap the cooking talent icon to use it. It costs you energy/mana. When your character deals damage to the enemies, energy re-generates gradually.

Upgrading Or Obtaining Or Activating Cooking Talents: – 

To unlock or activate or upgrade cooking talents, you need cooking points. You can obtain cooking points by completing the missions, from adventure mode or when you fail to discover the recipe.

Here’s the quick walkthrough: –

  • Cooking Points are required to activate talents
  • The player can equip the talents before the battle
  • One can also increase the impact of these cooking talents by enhancing & upgrading

Path: – Main Screen -> Talents(Required Level – 7) -> Tap The Talent.

2.) Advanced Cooking Tips and Cheats

To scale up the restaurant, you should discover new recipes. Because, as you upgrade the restaurant, more customers will visit you and demand new food items.

How to discover or develop?

Food Fantasy Cooking Talents Recipe IngredientsGo to the restaurant screen and tap the research button. A New window will open with these tabs; improve, develop, refine, and magic food. Head to the develop tab and select the ingredients. You can obtain ingredients by playing the game.

You can even develop new recipes with only one ingredient.

Why You Always Fail To Develop A Recipe?

You should select the ingredients wisely. If selected blindly, you will get the failure. But the failure will reward you food scrap(cooking points). How to avoid getting failures?

It’s very easy. All you need is the list of recipes and ingredients required for it. If you select the perfect ingredients, then you will not fail.

How to check?

On the same tab(develop), tap the recipes button(as shown in above picture) to check the list of all recipes featured in Food Fantasy game. Tap the recipe and get the details. Read it carefully and extract the ingredients. As you can see in the below picture: – Food Fantasy Recipe Failure

There is a recipe named Cucumber Egg Stir-Fly and it requires two ingredients; cucumber and egg stir-fry.

How to obtain ingredients?

On the same tab(develop), on the upper-right side, there would be another option named; ingredients. There you can check the list of all the ingredients featured in Food Fantasy game. Tap the ingredient -> obtain -> you will get the specific stage information where you can farm that ingredient.

So this is the basic Food Fantasy Cooking Talents guide and advanced cooking tips, cheats for the beginners. It would be better to check out this game’s guide here.

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