Idle Used Car Dealer Game Guide: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Idle Used Car Dealer game is published by DragonflyEntertainment on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Read on for Idle Used Car Dealer game guide, tips & cheats

Idle Used Car Dealer GameIn the Idle Used Car game, you sell the used cars to the customer and keep a margin as a profit. You will bargain with the first-time sellers and buy the quality cars; truck, Sedan, SUV, COUPE, SPORT, SUPER, etc. and sell to the customers at a higher rate. It’s titled as Idle on iOS App Store, while on Google Play Store, it’s full name is Used Car Dealer. Is it idle? Well, you earn up to 2 hours of Idle income while being offline. So after this limit, your business will stop working. You will need to open the game again to reset the limit or the game offers a premium service called the general manager who extends the 2 hours Idle period to 10 hours. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This Idle Used Car Dealer game guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Idle Used Car Dealer game tips, cheats & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

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Buy Cars At A Cheap Rate

Idle Used Car Dealer GameYour goal in Idle Used Car Dealer game is to buy the cars at a cheap rate and sell at a higher rate to make more profit. You can bargain with the sellers at the buying point to reduce the price; tap the car or let the buyer make the deals.

Tapping the car will open the bargain menu where you can check the market price and the offer price. Bargain and reduce the price so that you can earn more profit. Keep in mind that over bargaining might make the seller leave the place.

Buyer – tap the building next to the buying point(with Buy label) -> there you can upgrade the buyer, control the cost, and hire a girl buyer to reduce the price and the time needed to buy a used car.

The buyers automatically make the deals for you. You can further improve their efficiency by upgrading them. Upgrade the buyer to reduce the time needed to buy a used car. Upgrade the cost control to increase the discount on buying used cars. Or hire the girl for fast acquisition at the lowest cost. All these options or upgrades help you buy the used cars at a cheap rate and more quickly.

Upgrade And Unlock New Models

Every new model you unlock your profit will rise as new models are sold at a higher price. To unlock new car models, you must make some upgrades. Tap on any car lot space; truck, Sedan, SUV, etc. It will open the car profile menu where you can check the parking space, employees, floor price, processing, and the next model info. Next to The Next Model info, you can check the level requirement to unlock a new model of that car.

You can level up by making two upgrades; Sale Price – it increases the profit from sales, Sales Speed – it increases the salesmen’s working efficiency.

Hire Salesmen To Get Rid Of Angry Customers

In Idle Used Car Dealer game, customers come to the parking lot automatically and start analyzing the car’s condition on their own. If no salesman offers his service to the customer, the customer will get angry and leave the place. Pay attention to the Parking Lot areas – there you will find salesmen interacting with the customers. And, a green color loading bar pops out and when it completes a single round, you get a sale.

Now, if no salesman is there to serve customer, then that customer will show an angry emote. To get rid of this problem, all you need to do is hire the salesmen and improve their efficiency. Tap on the parking lot of a particular car type -> hire salesmen and increase sale speed.

Expand To Make More Profit

At the beginning of Idle Used Car Dealer game, you deal in trucks. You can further expand the portfolio and deal in Sedan, SUV, Coupe, Sports Car, and Super Cars. As you expand and unlock a variety of cars and their models, more customers will come to your area and you will make more idle cash. Tap the car dealer building on your screen to open the expand menu -> there you can build the parking lots for specific cars such as Coupe, Sports Cars, and Super Cars.

Buy The Sidelines

With Sidelines Services like a car wash, garage, gas station, cafe, and burger shop, you can earn passive income. Head to the car dealer menu and head to the sidelines tab. There you can buy the sidelines or upgrade the sidelines with idle cash and gems. Once built, make sure to check out these facilities now and then to collect the earnings.

VIP Offers In Idle Used Car Dealer Game

Now and then, VIP cars make the entry to your empire on the VIP buying slot. Unlike normal cars, you can make more money by selling these VIP Cars. So bargain as much as you can.

Check Out The Reports

In the top-right corner, tap the reports/stats button near the book button to check the reports. There you can check the frequency of customers, serving time, frequency of sellers, acquisition, and space usage. Keep all these reports in normal/blue. If it’s orange, then it means that you need to make some improvements. If it’s red, then you must do it asap.

  • Frequency of Customers – you can increase it by advertising; fame
  • Total Served – hire salesmen
  • Frequency of Sellers – you can increase it by advertising; attraction
  • Frequency of Acquisition – upgrade buyer or increase the discount on buying used cars by making cost control upgrade
  • Parking Space Usage – expand LOT or renovate to add parking space

Earn Gems By Watching The Video Ads

In Idle Used Car Dealer game, you need gems to buy and upgrade the sidelines. Tap the + button next to the gem status bar in the top-right corner -> watch the video ads to get gems for free. Other than that, unlock new car models to get more gems for free.

Activate Happy Used Car Offer

In the bottom-center, tap x2 video Ad booster icon and on the next screen, you can activate the happy used car offer by watching the video ad. During this period, your earnings will be double.

Attract & Increase Fame

Tap the Used Cars board in front of the buying point. There you can advertise and get more customers, sellers.

  • Customers – those who buy the cars from you
  • Sellers – people who sell cars to you

It’s always advised to keep the sellers and customers ration the same so that you can earn the maximum profit. For example – if you are getting more sellers, but few customers – then sales will be less.

Get Cards & Upgrade Collection

Cards are like epic upgrades. All the cards grant a passive bonus to the player. For example – Go Public car increases the vehicle value of all lots. Head to the cards menu and navigate to the boxes tab. There you can buy the boxes in exchnage for gems or watching video ads. Duplicate cards will be used in the card’s upgrades. Head to the collection tab to check each card’s info.

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So this would be all in this post on Idle Used Car Dealer game guide, tips for beginners.

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