Jurassic Survival Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Stay Alive

Jurassic SurvivalCheck out our Jurassic Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategy to stay alive. Jurassic Survival is a popular survival adventure game for Android and iOS in which your objective is to survive for a long time and build shelter, weapons, craft clothes, maintain food & water status, hunt dinosaurs, and much more.

Jurassic Survival game by Mishka Production is now available on both platforms; iOS and Android. It was released in late last year on Play Store and in a short span of time, it has crossed over five million downloads on Google Play Store. Jurassic Survival is a MMO strategy game in which you build & craft items, hunt dinosaurs & animals, and loot enemies base. There are a lot of things you can do in this game; that makes it really addictive. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: –  Jurassic Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategy walkthrough

Jurassic Survival – The Basic – Get Started

Before we move Jurassic Survival guide, tips, cheats part, let’s learn the basic of the game. In this game, your one and only objective is to stay alive. Additionally, you have to build your own house, craft & build gears, food resources, water resources, vehicles, weapons; guns, bombs, and much more. However, building transport, unlocking new areas, and crafting & building weapons will take too long time. Let’s start the Jurassic Survival guide and after it, check out our Jurassic Survival tips, cheats & strategy.

Jurassic Survival Guide

Jurassic SurvivalWhen you start the game, you will find yourself on an Island. You are the only human there. Rest are dinosaurs and Zebras. At the bottom-left side, there is a joystick. Use it to control your character. Dinosaurs can attack you and you will lose your HP. Health/HP is limited, once you lose all, you will have to start the game from the beginning.

At the right side, there are combat controls; to attack, to use equipment, pick items, position changer, building option and more. At the top-right corner, there is a mini-map where you can track your location and enemies.

At the bottom-center, you can access your inventory by tapping on the bag icon and tap on the crafting icon to craft items.

To go to the global map, cross the Island boundary and you will see this screen: –Jurassic Survival

Tap on a location you want to go and choose one of the options; walk or run. If you choose run option, it costs you energy, but you will visit that place within seconds. On the other hand, if you choose walk option, then you will have to wait for a long time. Keep note that Energy is limited; So, before you move to an Island(full of reptiles, dinosaurs), make sure you have enough energy to go back to home.

Jurassic Survival Crafting Guide ->

You can craft hundreds of items in this epic survival game. Tap on the crafting icon, at the bottom-center. Here you can check all the list of items you can craft. Hold down on the item to know how to get this item. At the beginning of the game, most of the items are locked and you can not craft it even if you have all the material for it. You need to level-up to unlock these items.

Level-Up Guide

At the bottom of the screen, you can check your current level. To level up, you need EXP. EXP can be obtained by doing tasks such as pick items, cut trees, kill dinosaurs, and from many more activities. Once you earn enough EXP, you will level up and then craft those items.


Just close to the joystick, there is an auto-mode option, if you turn it on, your character will automatically collect all the items from the Island.

Buildings & Furniture Guide

Tap on the “saw” icon and from there you can build more items and furniture.

So, this is the basic Jurassic Survival guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Jurassic Survival cheats, tips & strategy.

Jurassic Survival Cheats, Tips & Strategy

1.) Build A Small House First

Your primary task in Jurassic Survival game is “build the small house” first. All you need to do is collect Bamboos from the Island and then tap on saw icon, choose the formation and build a small house. Keep all your workbenches, small boxes, and more items there.

2.) Food Recipes, Water Resources, Health

Jurassic SurvivalOne of the main tasks in Jurassic Survival game is to maintain the food and water status. Your character will die if you are not giving him food and water. To get food or water resources at the beginning of the game, explore the Island and go close to the bushes; you will get mangos from there.

Jurassic SurvivalTo eat mangos, tap on your bag icon, then tap on mangos and use it. But, it’s a temporary solution; build these items as soon as possible to arrange food and water: –

  • Campfire
  • Garden Bed
  • Rain Catcher

Jurassic SurvivalBuild a campfire and you can make drinks, freshly cooked meals, and much more. Use Garden bed to plant fruits. Rain Catcher tool helps you to gather water. You can also use fruits or vegetables to maintain thirst status. Eating these items also improves health status. To start making recipes/food item; campfire -> drag and drop the food material to the left side and wait for the result.

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3.) Best way to recover health

To recover your health instantly in Jurassic Survival game, use this tip -> Level-Up. When you level-up, your health gets recovered. Read the level-up guide above.

4.) Riding Dinosaurs – Jurassic Survival Incubator

Build the incubator and you can grow a riding dinosaur. Requirements -> Iron bar, Palm Plank, Refined Bamboo, Nails, Duct Tape. Dino Egg -> Collect the egg from events, dino locations. Go to the global map and you will be notified about the current events.

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5.) How to unlock new locations

To unlock or discover new locations in Jurassic Survival game, you have to visit Watchtower.

6.) How to learn hunting skills in Jurassic Survival?

Hunting skills are required to visit Dinosaurs locations. One of the best ways to learn hunting skill in Jurassic Survival game is; go to the global map -> find and go to Palm Bushes location -> Kill all the dinosaurs and there you will find a bag/document -> go close to it and tap on hand/build icon(near attack option). That’s it.

Last tip -> Try to craft a weapon as fast as you can; at the beginning of the game, use a spear, axe as your weapon. To equip a tool or weapon -> go to inventory -> tap on a weapon -> equip.

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Jurassic Survival Walkthrough

Here’s the process you have to follow in this game to progress fast and craft new items: –

  • Gather resources and build & craft items
  • Level-up and unlock new items
  • Go to global map, visit new Islands and loot resources such as food, wood, metal, and much more
  • Build and expand your shelter
  • Craft weapons to hunt animals
  • Build a transport medium to explore new areas
  • Visit watchtower and discover new Islands
  • Hunt dinosaurs or Kill dinosaurs to learn hunting skills
  • Craft shoes, pants, T-Shirts to improve the defense
  • Take part in events
  • Grab air-drops; go to the global map and you will be notified about these air drops; grab this loot and claim free clothes, precious resources, and much more
  • Stay Alive

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So, these are some basic Jurassic Survival cheats, tips & a strategy walkthrough guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best open world games for Android

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