King’s Throne Game of Lust Guide: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

King’s Throne Game of Lust is an empire simulation game for Android and iOS by GOAT Games. Read on and check out King’s Throne Game of Lust guide, tipsKing's Throne: Game of Lust

King’s Throne Game of Lust – If you have ever played games like Game of Sultans, Call Me Emperor, Be the King, then you will find this game pretty similar to them – but with much better UI and functions. Since we have played all these types of games earlier, it was easy to get familiar with all of its mechanics. So if you have just started playing this game, then you have landed on the right page. This King’s Throne Game of Lust guide covers all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of King’s Throne Game of Lust tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

King’s Throne Game of Lust Guide, Tips & Cheats: –

In the game, your goal is to get stronger by increasing the Kingdom’s power, which is influenced by a lot of factors like Maidens, heroes, children, upgrades, soldiers, etc. At the top-left corner of the screen, tap the King’s avatar, on the next screen, you can check the current power of the kingdom. To upgrade the Kingdom, you will need Kingdom EXP, which can be obtained from the Campaign battles and Royale Decrees. Upgrading the Kingdom unlocks new heroes and functions. For the campaign battles, you will need soldiers. For the boss battles, you will need heroes. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the King’s Throne Game of Lust tips, cheats & tricks: –

Issue Royale Decrees To Receive Rewards

In the King’s Throne Game of Lust, you can yield EXP, Grain, Gold, Soldiers, Attribute Tomes by issuing the Royale Decrees. On the castle screen, tap the Throne Room. There are two officials in the Throne Room; Chancellor(Marcello) and Royale Advisor(Sir Oliver).

Royale Advisor brings the cases. Tap him to enter the next screen – read the question, check the reward, and give the order. On the buttons, you can check the rewards; EXP, Grain, Soldiers, Tomes, etc. By upgrading the Kingdom in King’s Throne Game of Lust, you can increase the max Royale Decrees. After consuming all the attempts, you will have to wait until the game gives you additional chances.

Although, you can use the Royale Decree Sea, an item which can be obtained from the Dungeon, Daily Quests, Shop, to get more attempts.

So make sure to visit this place daily to earn EXP, Grain, Soldier, Tomes, etc.

Levy Gold, Grain, And Soldiers

Head to the Throne room again – this time, tap the chancellor. He will take you to the Levy menu where you can collect gold, grain, and soldier. In the King’s Throne Game of Lust game, gold coins are used in the upgrades. The grain in the King’s Throne Game of Lust, is used to recruit soldiers. Soldiers help you in the PvE and PvP battles. So make sure to collect the gold, grains, and soldiers now and then. Once you are out of the attempts, you can use Royale Levy Seal to collect/recruit again. It can be obtained from the VIP Rewards, Daily Quests.King's Throne: Game of Lust

Upgrade Heroes, Maiden Bond Skills

If you want to collect more gold, grain from the people of the Kingdom – also, to recruit more soldiers, make sure to upgrade the heroes and Maiden Bond Skills. All the heroes in King’s Throne Game of Lust have four attributes; military, fortune, provisions, and inspiration. By increasing the military attribute of the hero, you can increase the military power in the Campaign mode.

Fortune attribute helps you collect more gold from the Throne Room. Provisions attribute improvement help you receive more grain from the Throne room. And, at last, the Inspiration attribute, which influences the number of soldiers that you can recruit from the Throne room. So if you improve all these attributes, you can get more treasure from the throne room(levy) and increase the military power.

Head to the Heroes menu -> select a hero -> upgrade by spending gold coins, tomes, upgrading skills; quality and bond skills.

Bond Skills are influenced by a particular Maiden – for a particular Hero. For example – Sir Oliver, the hero, is influenced by Mairan, the Maiden. When you visit Maiden, you can earn EXP, intimacy. You can use this EXP to upgrade the bond skills. Head to the hero menu -> hero profile -> bond skills -> tap the (>) button next to Maiden avatar -> upgrade.King's Throne: Game of Lust

Raising The Chidren In King’s Throne

In King’s Throne Game of Lust, you can have children by visiting Maidens. Head to Maiden Chambers -> Maidens -> select a Maiden to visit -> pay visit -> use diamonds -> you may get blessed with children. Random visits can also help you with getting Children. 

Why do you need to raise the children? Because these Children also possess the same stats – as possessed by the heroes; Military, Fortune, Provisions, and Inspiration. Raise these children to increase their attributes and improve the Kingdom’s power; reward amount from the Throne Room(Levy). Head to Royal Quarters -> Children’s Chambers -> Raise.

The game gives you a certain number of chances to raise the kids. After consuming all, you will need to wait until the game recovers energy automatically after a set period. Although you can use energy draught, an item that helps you recover the child’s energy. Once the child reaches the max level, you can evaluate him/her. And after that, he/she will be able to marry.

Pay Homage To Get Diamonds

In the footer menu, tap rankings -> local rankings -> it has three tabs; Kingdom Power, Campaign Progress, and Maiden Intimacy. Visit each tab and on the bottom-right corner, tap the pay homage button to receive free diamonds in the King’s Throne Game of Lust game.

Complete The Daily Quests In Game of Lust

In the footer menu, tap the quests button – this will take you to the quest screen; it has three tabs; daily, weekly, and progressions. Must complete all the daily quests to get diamonds, EXP Pack, and Manuscripts. Also, you can earn Kingdom EXP, which helps you level up fast in the King’s Throne Game of Lust.

From the weekly quest, you earn precious items; Tomes, Gifts, Energy Draught, Ring, Feast Meat, Necklace, Scroll, Poison, etc.

Follow The Main Quests

Main Quests guides you throughout the game, unlocks new heroes, and helps you understand all the things. So for starters, we would recommend following the main quests. Above the chat box in the bottom-left, you can check the main quest. Tap it to get details.

Train The Heroes In Training Grounds

In the King’s Throne Game of Lust, players can train heroes on the training grounds. Training gives quality skill exp, tourney exp. Use these Experience points to raise heroes’ quality/tourney skills.

Play The Campaign Mode To Progress

In the campaign battles, you fight the enemies and conquer their castles. You can earn EXP, Gold, unlock new functions by conquering the campaign map. Tap the Kingdom button in the bottom-right corner -> select the unlocked area -> conquer the castles and complete chapters.

Check Out The Bag

Head to the bag menu – there you can check all the items obtained, combine the ring/sword/scepter, check out the talents. Tap on the item to check its effect. The combine tab has two tabs; Investiture – here you can craft/combine rings/scepter, and sword. In the other tab, you can craft Maiden(Maleen, The Morrigan), heroes(Everard, Cu Chulainn), and other items: –

  • Dueling Invitatio
  • Challenge Token
  • Adv. Alliance Charter
  • Alliance Charter
  • Manuscript Cache
  • Excalibur
  • Grail
  • Famed Hero Token
  • Diamond Dowry
  • Gold Dowry

So this would be all in this post on King’s Throne Game of Lust guide, tips & tricks for beginners.

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