Dragon Raja Puppeteer Build: Core, Gems, And More

Puppeteer is the new character class in Dragon Raja that was released in October 2020 update. Read on for Dragon Raja Puppeteer build, core gems, and much more

Dragon Raja Puppeteer Class Build

Dragon Raja Puppeteer Class 2021⇓

(1) Players can not choose Puppeteer class in the beginning as it’s locked just like Fighter and Reaper classes. 

(2) To unlock the Puppeteer class in Dragon Raja, you need to reach level 90 with the class that’s available at the beginning.

(3) Puppeteer is a pure mage class with attack skills that cause damage from a very long-distance and the amount of MDMG is quite decent too. This class is easy to master, has great durability(thanks to Omni guard skill), and average to a decent amount of DMG, and little mastery in control and assist aspects. Should you switch to the Puppeteer class? Well, it’s all up to you – if you are bored with the current class and want to experience some new skills and character performance, you may try switching to Puppeteer class. 

Dragon Raja Puppeteer Build 2021⇓

In this Puppeteer class build, we have suggested which stats to focus on and which gems would be useful: –

  • x9 Water Gems: empowers INS of Puppeteer
  • x2 Wind Gems: empowers DEX of Puppeteer
  • x5 Fire Gems: empowers INT of Puppeteer

Alternative: –

  • x9 Fire Gems: empowers INT
  • x5 Water Gems: empowers INS
  • x2 Wind Gems: empowers DEX

Alternative II: –

  • x9 Fire Gems: empowers INT
  • x5 Wind Gems: empowers DEX
  • x2 Water Gems: empowers INS

Focus on empowering INS, INT, and DEX attributes of Puppeteer. 

How To Switch To Puppeteer Class?

After reaching level 90, visit Cassell College and find an NPC named Cygnet. Talk to him -> change class -> choose Puppeteer -> spend the currency -> that’s it. 

Puppeteer Class Skills⇓

  • Piercing Soul: sends puppet to repeatedly invade the enemy and launches a paper projectile to cause DMG
  • Suppressing Spirit: transforms the puppet to marionette – causes magic DMG + inflicts a mark of fate effect on the target(Mark of Fate decreases the target’s physical defense and magical defense. When the target afflicted with this mark dies, Puppeteer gains transformation points)
  • Paper Hurrincae: – MDMG and knock the enemies back
  • Force Cleaver: manipulates the puppet into spikes to pierce the target, causing MDMG. 
  • Razor Wheel: continuous MDMG, enemies hit enter Laceration State and suffer bonus DMG. 
  • Omni Guard: Puppeteer class summons the puppet to shield the self and gains block effect. One of the best skills that empower durability

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So that’s all in this post on Dragon Raja Puppeteer Class guide, best gems to build the core, etc. Share your build recommendations in the comments. 

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4 thoughts on “Dragon Raja Puppeteer Build: Core, Gems, And More”

    • Hahaha well its confusing indeed, but the element has nothing to do with cores, the sole stats matter. Element just is important for Elemental Attack, Defense and Grimoires.
      U go 9 fire cuz its the gem for max dps output 🙂

      • It doesn’t neccessarly have to do with the element. If you go with the best build it really did be 9 wind 5 fire and 2 water or earth cores. This build is known as a Crit build and usefull to both the puppeteer and illusionist class.
        The wind cores give dex while fire provides INT, earth = Con and water = INS.
        You can of course use 9 water 5 fire and 2 wind or earth but I know from trying that it won’t help you getting someone defeated that is higher in rating.
        A blanced build is 9 fire 5 wind and 2 water or earth cores.