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League Of Wonderland is a brand new real-time strategy game for Android and iOS by SEGA CORPORATION. Check out our League Of Wonderland Guide

In League Of Wonderland game, the players fight each other for the league points and the loot crates. The 2-minutes strategic battle tests your skills, reflexes, and deck power. To win the battle, you have to destroy the enemy towers(2) in the given time. The player who wins the match get league points, loot crates/chests(contains gold, cards). And, if you lose, you still get the reward. If you have just started playing League Of Wonderland game, then today’s League Of Wonderland guide will help you understand all the basic functions of the game. If something is missing, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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Deck Guide

League Of Wonderland GuideThe deck consists of (8) cards and 1 SP tower. The player is free to choose eight cards – but there is a limit for draw units and the team units. For example – If the draw unit limit is (3), then you can not add a 4th Draw Unit to the deck. You can edit, view the deck in the Deck menu. Head to the Deck menu and there you can check the team unit, draw unit limit. These Draw Units have special Draw ability – healing, massive deal damage, etc. Tap on a character/card and check his/her details. On the right side of his/her profile page, you can check the draw info.

How do you edit the deck in League of Wonderland game?

To edit the deck, visit the Deck menu. Select a card from the cards list and then tap on one of the cards which are in the team to replace it with the selected card. You can create five different sets of the deck – with a different combination of cards.

The SP Tower

There are four types of SP power in League of Wonderland game; HP, MP, ATK, and Minion. All these towers get a passive buff at the start of the battle. For example – We all start with the HP tower. And, at the start of the battle, the game displays the HP boost over a tower. And, if you notice the HP of all the three towers, you will find one tower with more HP than the others. Similar to the HP tower, there are three more towers that you can pick; MP, ATK, Minion.

  • MP Tower – Generates/Restores MP/MP Boost – Unlocks in B1 League
  • ATK Tower – Boosts the ATK Power – Unlocks in C League
  • Minion Tower – Spawns more Minions on the battlefield – Unlocks in C2 League

So that would be all in this League Of Wonderland guide to the SP Towers.

Player Level Up Guide

In the home screen, at the top-center, you can check your current level. Raising the player level increases the Minion’s stats; HP, Damage, Charge Damage – and, also the tower stats; HP damage. Also, you get a free reward upon leveling up. Now, how do you level up in LoW? You need to acquire player EXP to progress to the next level. And, how do you get the player EXP? By leveling up the cards, you can acquire EXP. Let’s learn how to level up cards.

Card Level Up Guide

To level up a card, you must have enough number of its duplicates and a certain amount of gold coins. You can get the gold coins and cards from the loot crates(win the battles and get free cards, coins). Also, from the shop – you can get cards from the card packs or other sources; crafting cards, mastery, etc. Go to the Deck and at the bottom of the card, you can check the number of cards that you need to level up it. If you have enough cards, then you will see an upgrade icon. Tap that card -> details -> level up. On the left side of the level up button, you can check the amount of EXP that you can acquire by increasing its level.

In-Game Currency – League Of Wonderland Guide

  • Gold – to level up cards, purchase cards from the shop, upgrade SP Towers
  • Crystals – to purchase card packs from the shop, open the loot boxes/card packs instantly
  • Tower Stone – to level up SP towers
  • Cheer Ticket – to cheer a player in Wonder Live Battle
  • Cheer Chips – use the cheer tickets in Wonder Live Battle to acquire Cheer Chips
  • Crafting Cards – to craft cards. Exchange useless cards to get crafting cards

Crafting Cards Guide – League Of Wonderland

You need crafting cards to craft cards in the shop. Navigate to the shop and select or open Card Crafting tab. There you can use these crafting cards to craft a specific character card. How do you get these crafting cards? By exchanging the useless cards, you can get the crafting cards. Depending on the quality of the cards (the ones that you are going to sacrifice), you will get crafting cards; N(Normal), Rare, SR, WR. Go to the team menu -> choose craft option -> here you can exchange the cards.

Wonder Battle Live – Cheer Ticket & Cheer Chips

League Of Wonderland GuideIn League of Wonderland, you can watch the live battles and cheer the players. If the player that you are cheering wins the battle, you can get the cheer chips. To cheer a player in Wonder Live Battle, you need cheer tickets. The game gives you (2) free cheer tickets every day. To claim the tickets, go to the shop and In the daily items tab, you can claim it.

How do you use the Cheer Ticket?

Go to the Home screen. At the top-center, tap the viewer option -> select a live match -> viewer -> on the left side, you will see the cheer option. Tap it to cheer the player. At the end of the battle, you get cheer chips. If the favorite player wins, you get more cheer chips.

How do you use the Cheer Chips?

Navigate to the shop -> on the left side menu, select or enter the cheer chip exchnage shop. There you can spend these chips for tower stones, cards, etc.

League Of Wonderland Team Guide

Once you reach the D2 league, two new functions will get unlocked; Rivals and Team. Team – you can create or join a team. There are a couple of things that you need to know – team power, team missions, and crafting. The team power is determined by the total power of its members. The craft box enhances as you raise the team power or get stronger.

You should join a team – complete the team missions to earn trophies and get the trophy reward. Get support from the team members.

Room Matches

You can create private matches and play with friends. On the home screen, tap the room match option and choose to create a room. Once done, you will see a room number on your screen. Share it with your team or friends and ask them to join. To enter a room, tap the room matches option on your home screen and choose to enter the battle. Enter the room ID and join the private match. Or choose the viewer option if you just want to watch.

Account Management – Transfer ID Guide

League Of Wonderland GuideIf you want to switch device and don’t want to lose the progress, you should use this feature. First, go to the game settings and enter the other menu. In the other menu, create a transfer ID -> create a password. Now, download the game on the device(the new one) -> on the title screen, at the top-right corner, tap the account transfer button. Enter the ID and Password to transfer it. The progress on the old device will be removed.

So that would be all in this League Of Wonderland guide for the beginners. Stay tuned for the tips, cheats & strategies!

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