Stella Arcana Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies(Light of Thel)

Stella Arcana (Global version of Light of Thel Game) is a mobile MMORPG. Read on for Stella Arcana guide, tips, cheats & strategies. 

Light of Thel Guide TipsStella Arcana is not a boring MMORPG like most of the mobile MMORPGs. Despite having the auto-battle system, it keeps the players engaged in plenty of stuff. As a beginner, you would want to discover and unlock all the functions of the game; that’s not gonna be easy as to level up, you will have to grind/battle a lot. We are going to share the Stella Arcana guide, tips that walkthrough you to become stronger than ever – quickly and easily. So let’s not waste any time and read the main content. 

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Stella Arcana Guide, Tips & Tricks⇓

First, if you are a starter, you will have to choose a class; all classes are different and unique in their own way. You would not want to build a character class that you don’t like. So the first tip here is picking the best class. We have a separate guide on the classes, you can check it here. The next thing is to focus on the main story quests; main story quests give you a ton of EXP and help you level up fast. As a beginner, you have to focus on those main story quests. Other than that, you can complete the side quests, daily quests for more rewards. Let’s check out everything in detail in this Stella Arcana tips & tricks: –

Stella Arcana Tips To Grind EXP And Level Up Fast⇓

There are several ways to grind EXP in (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana. The best one is by completing the adventurers’ events like world quests, seal fracture quests. Here’s the list of all the quests/events that grant EXP to the character: –

  • Fishing
  • Sell Crops In Seed Island
  • Party Dungeon
  • Scholar’s Test
  • Guild Quests 
  • Guild Feast
  • Tarot Challenge
  • PvP Arena
  • Soulstar Cube
  • Story Quests
  • Side Quests

At the top-right side, tap the “adventurers” option near the map -> this will open a new screen where you can see all the adventure events. Check the box next to “EXP” and you will see the events that grant EXP only. We have listed all of the EXP events above – make sure to consume all the daily tickets and grind the max EXP possible to speed up the level progress. 

Get Familiar With Sprite System And Make Them Stronger⇓

(Light of Thel) Stella Arcana features three types of Sprite; the battle pets who follow you in the battle – battle pets have skills that they use to help you during the battle. Mount – Mount, unlike battle pets, help you in traveling. Mini – Mini creatures explore and find valuable items for you. Here’s the list of Mini Sprites and their skills: –

  • Forktail – Silver
  • Fishspawn – Bless Stone
  • Tapir Razor – Omnigem
  • Rock Snail – Soul Stone
  • Kangaroo – Sprite Puff

Among all three types of (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana Sprites, battle pets are useful in the fights. So it’s better to upgrade them; using sprite food; Senbei, puff, and bread. Also, you can evolve them once you have enough of their shards; tap the shard button in the evolve tab to check how to obtain that pet’s shards. 

If you are wondering how to get more pets, mini-sprite, and mounts; tap the more button below the mini-map to expand the menu -> tap adventure tome -> sprite -> on the sprite banner, there would be an obtain button. Tap it to check how to acquire battle pets, mounts, and mini creatures. 

Join An Active Guild In (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana⇓

Guild offers several perks to the players; check-in daily to get rewards, access to guild shop where you can spend guild contribution points and get acquire items like sprite chest, treasure map, soul stone, etc. Guild Research to increase Attack, Defense, and HP of the character. Also, to access the several guild quests that you can complete for rewards. 

Strengthen Your Gears With Runes, Upgrades⇓

(Light of Thel) Stella Arcana Equipment Guide – you can farm gears in the party dungeon and expedition mode. Equipment affects character power by a huge amount. So it’s better to acquire and gear up the top-tier equipment such as weapon, feet, necklace, body, etc. 

You can increase the equipment potential and give more attributes to the character by strengthening; you can farm blessing stones in tarot challenge, story quests, from points shop, mall, and marketplace. Or Fishspawn sprite can help you find the blessing stones. These stones are required for strengthening the gears. 

Tap the more button -> strengthen -> blessing. 

Inlay Runes – runes can be acquired from the tree heart expedition mode. Inlay and upgrade the runes to get more attributes. Other than that, you can refine the gears, inlay weapon skills, advance them further for more power. 

Equip And Upgrade Soul Stones In (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana⇓

Soul Stone is another in-game item that helps you power up the character in (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana. Character’s basic attributes such as attack, defense, HP, etc. can be greatly improved by inlaying the soul stones. There are three types of soul stones in the game; energy, guard, and morale. Tap the backpack -> soul stone -> at the bottom, you can switch between these three types. Different types of soul stones fit in different types of gears. For example – Moral Soul Stones fit in the weapon, rings – Guard Soul Stones fit in shoulders, body, legs, etc. Energy Soul Stones fit in headgear, necklaces, and earrings. Each soul stone gives more attribute points to the character; attack, defense, HP. 

You can upgrade them with EXP Soul Stones. Acquisition/Farming – Soulstar Cube event mode, tarot challenge. EXP Soul Stones – fishing shop, dimensional rift, guild feast. 

Master The Skills And Talents In Stella Arcana⇓

(Light of Thel) Stella Arcana features multiple classes – each with unique class skills. For combat, you can equip three types of skills; class skills, battle pet skills, and weapon skills. You have five slots for the class skills. Based on the class strength, pick the best ones. To upgrade the skills, you will need skill points, which are acquired by raising the character level or from the side quests. 

Talents Build; you should spend the talent EXP wisely. We would recommend you to focus on the talent that matches the class strength. For example; Elven Archer is the DPS class; for her, you would be investing in the talents that give more DPS so that she can inflict more damage. Talent EXP is obtained from the story quests, world quests, seal fracture, events.

Life Skills – Life skills include collecting, forage, mine, extract, and fishing. You can level them at level character level 31. After that, you will get to forge/collect the materials for crafting/forging armor/ornaments – In synthesis. Forage Life Skill allows you to craft potions or ornaments. Mine – get to mine synthesize materials. Extract – Extract synthesis materials. 

Fishing – collect fish and exchange them in the fishing shop. 

Seed Island In (Light of Thel) Stella Arcana⇓

Here you can sow seeds on the available garden bed tiles. You need to move your character there from the menu -> tap on the empty tile and sow the seed. For example; wheat, corn, egg. You can then harvest the crops and sell them via the order center(the blue building on seed island). Tap the building. You can earn seed island EXP, Silver, EXP, Seed Coins. As you gain seed island EXP and level up seed island, new buildings and garden beds will unlock in the seed island. There would be animals pens too; chicken pen where you feed chickens. 

Speaking of buildings; Dairy Plant, Cooking Plant, Sugar Plant, Food Plant – where you can produce the stuff.

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So this would be all in this post on Stella Arcana guide, tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share, please comment below. 

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