Lord of Heroes Reroll Guide: How To Reroll & What To Reroll?

If you don’t know how to reroll and what to reroll in Lord of Heroes English Global, then this Lord of Heroes reroll guide will help youLord of Heroes Reroll Guide

Lord of Heroes Reroll Guide: – 

There are multiple ways to reroll in Lord of Heroes global version. The first one is rerolling by multiple accounts, the second one is rerolling by deleting the game data. In the first method, you will log in with one of your FB or Google/Apple accounts – to reroll, logout, and log in with another account to start from scratch. In the second method, go to the lobby -> tap the gear icon in the top-left to navigate to in-game settings -> info -> close account -> erase the data. Alternatively, you can log in as a guest and clear the data from mobile settings. We advise you to use the close account feature to reset the progress.  If you have limited data, we would recommend rerolling using the second method.

What To Reroll In Lord of Heroes: – 

We advise you to reroll for the 5-star, 6-star equipment – because heroes can be unlocked by playing the game or IAPs. The equipment in LoH global are classified into three types; the first type is; normal equipment(obtain from story regions and the hall of trials – also alchemy), replicas(you can craft them or directly obtain from the alchemy by spending crystals), and artifacts(artifacts increases the level of a particular character’s skill or attack). 

Lord of Heroes Rerolling Process: – 

First, follow the tutorial and complete the 1-4 stage. This will unlock a new function called Alchemy. This is the artifact gacha that gives you random equipment items; 6-star artifacts, 6-star replicas, 4-star replicas, etc. Go to the lobby -> alchemy -> select a banner that features the heroes that you are using(for example – as of writing this reroll guide, you can get Dark Rosanna, Fire Laierei, Water Krom, Earth Lucilicca, Fire Johan, Water Helga, Earth Astrid, Fire Zaira artifacts) -> spend the x1500 crystals for random items; hope for 5-star, 6-star artifacts or replicas. At this time, you may not have 1500 crystals. You can do the stages or feats(lobby -> feats) to earn the crystals. 

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