Rise of Cultures Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Rise of Cultures is a mobile game, published by InnoGames GmbH. Read on for Rise of Cultures guide, tips, cheats, codes, and strategies for beginners!

Rise of Cultures

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Rise of Cultures Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this Rise of Cultures guide, you will learn the basics, tips on progression, spending currencies, and other aspects such as happiness, buildings, expansion, battles, troops, upgrades, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Rise of Cultures guide, tips, cheats & strategies: –

Get Started With Rise of Cultures Basics Guide⇓

(1) BASICS: There is plenty of cultures or eras to discover in Rise of Cultures. Your journey starts from the stone age time where you will learn or unlock small homes, cultivation, spear fighting, cultural sites, farms, and much more. Each culture or era or time period has a set questline that you must complete to advance to the next era or culture or time. For instance, Stone Age to Bronze Age. As you advance to the next eras or discover new cultures, you will discover new troops, facilities, challenges, and much more. 

(2) Progression: What you basically do is build and expand the city; follow the questline, produce resources, build an army of troops, make upgrades, expand, uncover new regions, defeat enemies and conquer their regions, unlock researches, and there is a lot of stuff 

List of Eras In Rise of Cultures Game⇓

  • Stone Age
  • Bronze Age
  • Minoan Era
  • Classic Greece
  • Early Hime
  • Roman Empire
  • …more cultures or ears may release in upcoming updates

Get Happiness Bonus By Placing Facilities Near Cultural Sites⇓

Rise of Cultures

Cultural Sites provide a happiness bonus to the facilities that are placed around; a happiness score of X90 provides a 25% bonus, X180 score provides a 50% bonus, and X360 score provides an X100% bonus. All you need to do is place the facilities wisely. You can move the facilities or cultural sites any time; just tap and hold your finger on a facility that you want to move -> wait until the layout or editing menu opens up. 

Select a facility that you want to move -> then tap on the location where you want to place it; i.e. close to the cultural site > tap the confirm button(✅ icon at the bottom) to save the changes. Turn the happiness mode on by toggling the button in the upper-right corner on the editing mode. 

Or, tap on the facility(for instance; farm) -> go to the info tab on the left side -> there you can check the bonus status.

It would be a good strategy to place resource sites near curltural sites to get bonus production – and, if you want to train the troop units quickly, you should place the barracks near cultural sites as the happiness bonus can reduce the training time. 

Rise of Cultures

Solve Assignments To Get Free Gems In Rise of Cultures⇓

Rise of Cultures

Now and then, on the city map, strange sites open up where you can send workers and solve the issues; from these activities, you may get free gems, resources, research points, and gold coins. Gems are rare, but you do get them. So keep an eye on these activities; solve them and get the rewards. An (i) icon appears on the screen whenever there is an assignment available; follow it to get to the site and then start solving. 

Rise of Cultures

Don’t Waste Your Gems In Rise of Cultures⇓

Gems are hard to get in Rise of Cultures. It would be better to save gems and spend on things that can benefit you permanently rather than spending on temporary stuff like making instant upgrades, research, scout, etc. 

Where to spend gems in Rise of Cultures? We would recommend spending gems on things that can provide permanent benefits such as buying a premium home(costs X500 gems) that unlocks x2 workers and produce coins. Or, adding more production slots to the production facilities so that you can place more products in the queue. 

Avoid spending gems on instant research(wait until you get research points), upgrades, scout, etc. 

Rise of Cultures Guide To Research⇓

In each era, you can unlock a set number of techs; it costs research points to make researches. You get free research points every hour; at the top of the research menu, you can see the research point replenish time. Or, you can complete the quests and solve assignments to get free research points. NEVER SPEND GEMS FOR INSTANT RESEARCH. 

Always Keep The Facilities Busy All The Time⇓

The amount of resources that you will need to make upgrades, build more facilities, research techs will increase you make further progress in the game. It would be a good idea to keep the production facilities busy all the time; make sure that there is always something being produced on all the farms. 

Make Upgrades To The Facilities⇓

You can increase the production rate, train more units by upgrading the facilities. 

Rise of Cultures Guide To Battles⇓

(1) Formation; always keep the tanky units in front and place DMG dealers like ranged troops in the back as they can not absorb the amount of damage that tanky units do. 

(2) Always go with full strength; keep training the troops.

(3) You can unlock new troops by researching. 

Rise of Cultures Cheats OR Codes⇓

No Rise of Cultures cheats or cheat codes are available at the moment. 

Note: this guide is in development. So this would be all in this post on Rise of Cultures guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners.

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  1. bonjour je suis dans le combat de la baie de gasgone,je combat charlemagne,qui peut me donner une strategie et quel commandant mettre,je n’ai plus d’idée je me fais manger à chaque combats,et il y a 6 parcelles à gagner,j’ai dejà 15 défaites,merci pour votre aide

    • These are event related so you can only upgrade them during events. Just put them away for later and bring out when they rerun event

  2. Can anyone tell me how to upgrade my trojan horse from 1st to 2nd and onwards because although I like the game this is frustrating me and I’m really tempted to uninstall.

    • You have to upgrade through buying gifts using the special coins they give you both in completely side quests and daily 100. Once you have enough points from buying the gifts then you can get a special currency that allows you to upgrade your trojan horse.

    • Collect those silver coins for the God person. Once you spend enough to open 20 vases you collect the Trojan horse heads to upgrade.

  3. Wir haben eine,Allianz Namens SPARTANIEN jeder der fleißig ist und vorankommen will ist dort willkommen. Unser Ziel ist es unter die Top 100 zu kommen. Kommt zu uns wenn ihr süchtig nach dem Spiel seid hier wird jedem geholfen der vorankommen will.
    SG Spartakus

  4. I’m having a very hard time winning a new piece of land in the bronze age. I’ve tried many strategies, and nothing works. I just need to win the last two parts of land to move on to get to the next age. Does anyone have tips on how to win the Field(s) of the Sun land?

  5. I’ve just entered the Classic Greece Era and deciding which 2 commanders to upgrade to Level 3.
    Do I understand correctly that King Minos do not get any stats upgrades going to Level 3?

    • You MUST, at that lower level, sell/Trade off items to make Trade coins. Then search for the amount of linen shirts needed and buy that amount from the global trade page(s). I would not, at that stage, try to stockpile shirts or other items you cannot make for yourself just yet. Just concentrate on completing those quests so you can move onward and upward asap.

  6. Battle guide needs work. I’m stuck on Huns and I’m fully upgraded. I’ve tried several times before I found your guide but it’s nothing I’m not already doing. They have too many archer units and I’m limited on how many units I can use. I’m not given enough space to use all my units. Seems a bit unfair to give me units and not let me use them all.

    • It really is frustrating when you can’t deploy all your forces. You have to play around with which ones. If the cavalry can’t get through to the archers it helps. As I recall put the up front but try to avoid heavy infantry. Both archers are important play around with how you get the most in the box. Leave an infantry behind and maybe one cavalry. Once you win one the others fall pretty quickly.

    • Agreed…. but use what you can WISELY. Counter his specific troops with your specific troops who will be the most efficient, ie: Place your Cavalry up front and across from his archers as they will charge thru the front lines in order to murder his archers in his far back lineup. Place your swordmen up front as they are excellent tanks and can withstand some damage better than other troops. Place your archers in your back lines. If he uses cavalry, line up your archers across from them in the rear of your field with swordsmen up front to absorb his damage… meanwhile your archers fire up his cavalry while your melee tanks jump him first.
      I hope this helps, the strategy is sound and works for 95% of all battles (so far!).
      Good luck!