The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

This is a beginner-friendly The King of Fighters ALLSTAR guide for the players who have just started playing the game. KOF ALLSTAR guide, tips, cheats & strategies

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is the latest mobile game by Netmarble, available for free on App Store and Google Play Store. This King of Fighters ALLSTAR guide covers all the basics aspects of the game that you need to know – also, it covers all the KOF ALLSTAR tips, cheats & strategies that you can use to get victories in high-difficulty stages. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

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The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Guide⇓

The Basics

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Guide TipsIn KOF ALLSTAR, you build the team of three fighters; one leader(in the first slot of the team formation) and two other fighters that you can tag along in the team. During the fight, you can switch to any of these fighters – there is a cooldown though – during cooldown, you would not be able to switch to the fighter.

Along with these three fighters, you can pair strikers(fighters). In other words, you can pair the three main fighters with three strikers. On the quest info or team-formation screen, at the bottom of the main fighter’s portrait, you can add strikers by tapping the + option. If there is already a striker, then you can replace him/her by tapping on his/her portrait -> on the next screen -> select the striker that you want to select. (Also, see – KOF AllStar Coupon Codes – The King of Fighters All Star)

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Guide To Combat

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Guide Tips⇒The game lets you play the combat automatically, manually or you can use the semi-auto feature. In the manual settings, you have full control over the fighters and their skills. When you use the auto-mode, all the actions by fighters are controlled by AI. And, when you set it to semi-auto, you have control over the fighter’s skills.

At the top-left corner of the game screen, you can switch between these fight modes. We would recommend playing manually when fighting powerful enemies. When grinding, you should use the auto-mode.

⇒At the top-right corner of the combat screen, you can call the striker by tapping the striker icon. And, you can switch to any other team fighter by tapping his/her portrait on the upper-right corner.

⇒At the bottom-center of the combat screen, you can check the fighter’s HP and power-gauge. PG or Power Gauge is required to cast the ultimate move. You can charge the PG or Power Gauge by unleashing basic attacks/moves.

So this would be all in this KOF ALLSTAR Guide to combat. Now, let’s learn how do you progress in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR.

Series, Chapters, Difficulty – Normal, Hard, and Expert

We all the players start the game from the story mode in which we complete the chapters with increasing difficulty. The story mode is divided into five series of events: –

  • The King of Fighters 94 – 27 Stages
  • KOF 95 – 35 Stages
  • The King of Fighters 96 – 35 Stages
  • KOF 97 – 37 Stages
  • The King of Fighters 98 – 32 Stages

In each series, there are some chapters that you need to clear to unlock the next series. And, in each chapter, you compete with powerful fighters. The number of stages in a particular series is mentioned above.

You can play each series in three difficulty modes; normal, hard, and expert. Once you clear all the chapters in a series in normal difficulty, the hard mode will get unlocked. And, as you clear the hard mode, the expert mode gets unlocked.

In the story mode screen, at the top-left corner, tap the series button -> from there you can switch between the series. And near the series button, tap the drop-down button that lets you choose the difficulty mode; normal, hard, and expert.

Other than the story mode, you can participate in dungeons, quests, events for rewards.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Guide To Fighters

How To Get Fighters In KOF ALLSTAR?

The ideal or the main method to obtain the Fighters in KOF ALLSTAR is through the summoning portal. Head to lobby/home-screen -> at the bottom-center, tap the summon button to enter the summoning portal.

On the left side of the screen, you will see lots of banners featuring specific fighters. For example – Fighter Summon, Step-Up Summon, Friendship Summon, Summon Ticket. Select any banner and on the upper-right side, tap the chances info button -> there you can see the list of Fighters featured in that banner. Also, it shows the drop rate. For more information on summoning, you should check our The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Reroll guide.

How To Make The Fighters Stronger?

Head to the lobby -> at the bottom-left corner, tap the Fighters button to enter the Fighter menu. There you will see all the Fighters that you have obtained so far in KOF ALLSTAR. Tap on any Fighter to open his/her profile. From the profile menu, you can access all the functions that help you power up the fighters.

  • Level Up – Use the EXP Materials to level up or add them to your team -> get victories -> gain EXP
  • Evolve – Raise the star-level
  • Limit-Break – Limit Break the fighter to increase his/her max level(you need fighter’s soul)
  • Core – Unlock the Cores and get buffs
  • Affinity – Raise the affinity level to get milestone buffs

KOF ALL STAR Guide To Fighters Leveling

Fighters can perform much better if they have better stats such as HP, ATK, DEF. And, the easiest way to raise a character’s stats in KOF ALL STAR game is by leveling up. For leveling up, you need capsules. Capsules grant EXP to the fighter. You can grind these capsules in the story mode – repeat the stages. The process – head to the fighter’s profile -> level up -> use the capsules -> enhance.

Other than the EXP capsules, the three more capsules are; ATK Capsule, DEF Capsule, and HP Capsule. The ATK Capsule increases the attack stat of the fighter, DEF Capsule increases the defense stat of the fighter, and the HP capsule increases the HP of the fighter. Like the EXP Capsules, you can obtain these capsules from the story mode. (Also, see – KOF AllStar Coupon Codes – The King of Fighters All Star)

KOF ALL STAR Guide To Evolving

Leveling does increase the stats of a fighter. But what would you do when the fighter reaches the max level? The answer is evolution. Evolving the fighter increases his/her star-level. And, that increases the max level of the fighter. For example – A 5-star fighter to 6-star fighter – from 50 max level to 60-max level.

Evolving is not as easy as leveling up. You will need to grind the evolution materials such as Jade, mirror, sword, etc. Where to get these materials? From the Power-Up dungeon.

Head to the evolve tab in fighter’s profile -> there you can check the number of materials required to evolve. Tap the material to check its source.

The King of Fighters All Star Guide To Limit Break

⇒What is limit break in KOF ALL STAR?

Breaking the limit – Fighters in the game have a default max level, based on the grade. With the limit break function, you can increase the fighter’s max level. Let’s have a look at this table: –

  • 3*Fighters
  1. Max Level – 30
  2. Limit Break Max Level – 60
  • 4*Fighters
  1. Max Level – 40
  2. Limit Break Max Level – 70
  • 5*Fighters
  1. Max Level – 50
  2. Limit Break Max Level – 80
  • 6*Fighters
  1. Max Level – 60
  2. Limit Break Max Level – 90

⇒How do you limit break character?

You need specific materials to limit break a character. In the limit-break tab of the fighter’s profile, tap the material items called Soul -> check the source -> tap the source. You can obtain the Souls from Soul Quest Mode or from the Secret Shop(Shop -> Secret Shop).

KOF ALL STAR Guide To Cores

Additional stats such as HP, ATK, DEF, CRIT RATE, etc. can be granted to the fighter by unlocking cores. Head to the core tab in the fighter’s profile -> there you tap the stat nodes -> unlock. Specific cores are required to unlock these bonus stat effects. And, you can grind cores from Power-Up Dungeon or Craft in the craft page.

The King of Fighters ALL STAR Battle Cards

For further stat improvement of the fighter, you can equip the battle cards. Battle Cards can be obtained from the summoning portal or crafted on the craft page. Equip the battle cards based on their type. For example – If the fighter excels in attack or belongs to attack type, then equip the battle cards that boost ATK Strength. Read the fighters type guide below for more details.


At certain affinity levels, you get rubies or buffs like an increase in HP, DEF, etc. Affinity level can be increased by sending the gift to the fighter. Navigate to the affinity tab in fighter’s profile -> select the gift -> choose the quantity -> OK. You can get the gifts from story mode chapters.

Fighters Types: –

In KOF ALSTAR, the Fighters are of three types: –

  • Attack Type – High ATK, but low DEF
  • Defense Type – High DEF/HP, but low ATK
  • And, balance type – Balanced ATK, DEF, HP

Fighters Elements: –

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Blue

Red>Green, Green>Yellow, Yellow>Purple, Purple>Blue, Blue>Red. Specific elements are strong against specific element as shown above. For example – the Red element is string against the green element. If the enemy’s element is green, he will receive more damage from the Fighter.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Guide TipsIn the Fighter profile, you can check the fighter’s type and element color at the bottom-left side(tap the type icon).

We will explain everything in detail in upcoming guides(will be posted soon).

How To Raise Rank?

At the top-center of the home screen, you can check the current rank level. Raising the rank unlocks new functions, for example – Equip. Tap the rank bar to check the amount of EXP that you need to reach the next rank. You can obtain EXP from story-mode battles.

So this would be all in this The King of Fighters ALLSTAR guide for beginners. We will update this guide with more information soon. Let’s have a look at our The King of Fighters ALLSTAR tips, cheats & strategies. (Also, see – KOF AllStar Coupon Codes – The King of Fighters All Star)

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR Tips & Tricks: –

  • Assign the leader wisely because the leader’s skill affects the whole team
  • Repeat the past stages or auto-clear the stages for more rewards; EXP items
  • Make the fighters stronger; level up, evolve, etc.
  • Take element advantage
  • Play manually; the auto-mode would not help much in the high-difficulty stages. When playing manually, you can dodge the enemies’ attack and use the skills at the right time
  • Complete all the daily missions
  • Participate in the events
  • Try event banners for specific fighters
  • Equip battle cards
  • Participate in Power Up Dungeon for the items that you need to power up the Fighters
  • Join a guild

Also, see – KOF ALLSTAR Reroll Guide, (Also, see – KOF AllStar Coupon Codes – The King of Fighters All Star)

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