Digimon ReArise Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Digimon ReArise Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesStarted playing Digimon ReArise? Let’s have a look at our Digimon ReArise guide, tips, cheats & strategies to learn and master all the aspects of the game

This is a beginner-friendly Digimon ReArise guide that covers everything you need to know. Also, we have shared a bunch of Digimon ReArise tips, cheats & strategies that you can use to get three-stars at every stage in PvE and victory in other game modes without any problem. And, we have already shared two posts on this game – Digimon ReArise Tier List & Digimon ReArise Reroll guide. So make sure to check out those posts too. So now let’s head to the main content.

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Digimon ReArise Guide –

As a Digimon Tamer in Digimon ReArise, you will have to build the best team of Digimon(s). You can add up to five Digimon in a team – and, choose a partner along with a friendly back-up to defeat the foes. We will go deep into the battle part in Digimon ReArise guide to battles below. For now, just keep in mind that you have to build a strong team of Digimons so that you can crush any opponent.

Digimon ReArise Guide Tips Cheats Strategies

We all start with the main story mode where the tamer challenges the monsters with increasing difficulty stage-by-stage. As you progress through this story mode, new game modes such as clash raids, dimensional vortex, underworld, etc. get unlocked. So being a beginner, we would recommend focusing on the main story mode so that you can unlock other game modes.

Let’s learn about the Digimons.

Digimon ReArise Digimons Guide

Digimon ReArise Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesGetting familiar with the Digimons is important – because you would not be able to build a balanced or strong team if you have no idea of their strength; stats, skills, stage, etc. We have grouped all things and it would be easy for you to learn a Digimon profile.

How do you get the Digimon?

You get (11) Digimon in the tutorial summon. And, if you want more Digimon(s), you can spend the rubies in the summon menu – step-up summon – and obtain more Digimon(s). If you don’t know about step-up summon, please head to Digimon ReArise Reroll guide. Low on rubies? Complete the missions, story mode stages to earn rubies for free. Read the tips below for more details.

How do you know a Digimon is good or not?

A Digimon’s strength can be checked by reviewing its stage. What are the stages? A Digimon follow the Digivolution Chain – and, there are four networks or stages in the Digivolution chain;

  • Rookie
  • Champion
  • Ultimate
  • Mega

For the end game, you will need ultimate or mega or higher-grade Digimon. The Digimon at Rookie or Champion stage might not be useful in the late game.

When you summon the Digimon from the summon menu, you may get a rookie or champion or ultimate. And, you can evolve or digivolve a Digimon to his/her next stage – for example – a rookie can reach the ultimate stage.

But to reach the ultimate stage, you will have to invest a lot of resources on that Digimon. And, it takes time. But if you get ultimate Digimon from the summon, you will not have to invest a lot of resources to digivolve. So getting high-stage Digimon helps a lot.

Digimon ReArise Digimon Stages – Digivolution Chain

In the profile, you can check the stages or Digivolution chain. You have to follow these steps to check his/her profile.

  • On the Digiscreen(lobby), tap Digimon option at the bottom-menu
  • Head to Digimon List(there you can see all the Digimons that you have tamed so far)
  • Tap on a Digimon frame -> tap profile button
  • In the Digivolution chain section, you can check the current stage
  • Tap the next stage icon to check the Digivolution avatar/name

For example – Meramon can Digivolve to BlueMeramon – and, then BlueMeramon can Digivolve to Mega form; Boltmon.

Make sure to check the Digivolution chain. Also, see –

Digimon ReArise Guide To Digimon Personality

In the profile page of a Digimon(follow the steps listed in the above paragraph to visit the profile menu of a Digimon) – you can check the personality. The personality of a Digimon highlights his/her role in the team. As described in the game, Digimon with different names may have different personalities. The five personalities are: –

  • Brave – Superior attack-type skills, they use PWR-type skills
  • Calm – Superior attack-type skills, they use TEC-type attacks
  • Deft – Balanced stats, they use PWR or TEC-type attacks
  • Tenacious – High DEF stats, they use PWR-type attacks
  • Devoted – Support/Recovery skills, they use TEC-type attacks

Digimon ReArise Guide To Digimon Attributes

When Digivolving, you will need materials – and the type of material that you need for Digivolving depends on the attribute of that Digimon. These material items are called DGV-Codes. For example – to Digivolve an earth attribute Digimon, you will need Earth DGV-Code. There are a total of 9 attributes: –

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Plant
  4. Earth
  5. Wind
  6. Electric
  7. Holy
  8. Dark
  9. Void

Go to the Digimon’s profile page to check his/her attribute. Also, see –

Digimon Stats

All the Digimon(s) in Digimon ReArise have four different stats; HP, PWR/TEC, DEF, SPD. Let’s learn about all these stats: –

  • HP – The HP or hit points display the health of a Digimon. When the HP reaches 0, the Digimon will no longer be able to attack/support/fight
  • PWR/TEC -PWR stands for Power, and TEC stands for Technique. Read the personality guide above for more details. These PWR or TEC stats highlight the offensive strength of the Digimon. Higher the value, the more damage they deal
  • DEF – DEF stands for Defense. It’s like the armor. Higher the DEF stats, the less damage a Digimon takes
  • SPD – SPD stands for Speed. Digimon(s) with high speed can attack quickly

Digimon ReArise Guide To Game Modes

  • Main Story – The adventure mode stages – progress through this mode to unlock the rest of the game modes such as Underworld, BP. You can repeat the stages in this mode – playing the stage costs stamina. The stamina restores gradually or you can use the social points or stamina recovery item
  • Clash Battle – Gain CB medals by playing the clash battle mode. Get the DGV-Codes from this mode
  • Dimensional Vortex – Get the Chips, Bit, and Food/Care items by playing this mode
  • Battle Park – In the battle park mode, you fight other players’ teams. To participate in this mode, you need BP Stamina, which restores gradually. To win the battle, you will have to defeat the enemy’s team in the given time. If both the teams fail to crush each other – then the team with the most HP at the end of the battle gets the victory. You can earn BP points from this mode. And, spend in the BP Shop for DigiEggs.
  • Underworld – In this mode, you fight the enemies on floors with increasing difficulty. You can not repeat the stages or levels in this mode.

So this would be all in this Digimon ReArise guide to their stats, personalities, attribute, stage, etc. Let’s learn how to make Digimon Powerful.

Digimon ReArise Tips To Make Digimon Powerful

The game gives you plenty of options to make a Digimon powerful. Let’s learn how to make them powerful so that you can build a strong team and crush the opponents in no time.

1.) Upgrade – Increase a Digimon’s Level

BIT is the in-game currency that you need to raise the Digimon’s level. Raising the Digimon’s level increases the base stats such as HP, PWR, DEF, and SPD. Once the Digimon reaches its max level, you would not be able to upgrade him/her further. However, you can raise the max level and then start raising its level again. To raise the max level, you need to awaken the Digimon.

2.) Workout or Awaken The Digimon

When the Digimon do the exercise, his/her base stats get increased. When he/she does all the exercise, you can awaken him/her – increase the max level and all the base stats. Follow the link above to read the process in detail.

3.) Digivolve The Digimon

Digivolving, Digimon gets a massive boost in all the aspects; max level, bond level, all the stats, main skill, sub-skill, etc. Also, the Digimon reaches its next stage in the Digivolution chain.

4.) Upgrade The Skill

To upgrade the Digimon’s skill – main skill or sub-skill, you need to combine or sacrifice the Digimon that belongs to the selected Digimon’s Digovolution chain. In simple words – go to the Digimon’s profile and check the Digivolution chain – check the Digimons in Digivolution chain. You will need one of these Digimons to upgrade the skill.

Lobby/Digiscreen -> train -> skill upgrade.

5.) Equip Them Plugins

Want to enhance the Digimon’s attributes? Equip them Plugins! If you don’t know about the Plugin(s), then follow this guide –

Follow these Digimon ReArise tips to make the team powerful.

Digimon ReArise Tips For The Battles

In Digimon ReArise, you build a team of (5) Digimons. In extra, you have a partner and the back-up unit from the friend. The Partner uses special skills. And, the back-up unit comes into the play when a Digimon from your team gets died.

Building a perfect team –

⇒Since you have too many options to choose from, it’s difficult to pick the top 5. So we have shared a Digimon ReArise Tier list -> Here – the tier list highlights the top-tier Digimons that you can add to the team.

⇒However, that tier list is only for mega and ultimate. What if you don’t have any of these Digimons? Well, you can either reroll until you get the high tier Digimon. You can read the reroll guide here.

But if you play for fun and don’t care about the tier list or top-tier Digimon, then all you have to do is inspect the Digimon(s) that you have obtained so far(Go to Digimon menu – Digimon List or Digidex). From there find the Digimon(s) who is at stage champion or ultimate. And, make sure to add them to the team.

In the initial summons, you will get more rookies or champion – hardly an Ultimate. So focus on them and follow the main story as far as you can. Don’t develop rookies because they can’t reach mega. As you clear the stages, you will get rubies – save rubies and complete the step-up summon and get an Ultimate.

As you progress through the game, you will get the high-tier Digimon. In the early game, you get (1) guaranteed Ultimate. Now, (4) left. You can choose the champion stage Digimon or rookies. Replace the rookies once you get a champion or ultimate.

It’s up to you to follow this advice. Or you can continue with a normal pace.

⇒When building the team, check the personality of Digimon(s) –

  • Brave – attackers with PWR skills
  • Calm – attackers with TEC skills
  • Deft – Balanced base stats – PWR or TEC-type attacks
  • Tenacious – Tank/High DEF stats, they use PWR-type attacks
  • Devoted – Healers or Buffers – Support/Recovery skills, they use TEC-type attacks

Read the personality info in the above guide.

Add attackers to increase firepower(DPS), tank to soak damage, and supporters to buff/restore/heal.

⇒Raise The Mood To Get More Critical Hits

Digimon ReArise Guide Tips Cheats StrategiesImproving the mood level of a Digimon activates critical buff – the Digimon with superb mood likely to inflict critical hits during the battle. So make sure to improve the mood level of Digimons. To do that, follow these steps: –

  • Go to Digimon menu
  • Select Digicare
  • Add the Digimon to Digicare Panel
  • Once added, go back to the home screen
  • Tap the Digimon to raise mood level or bond level
  • Drag and Drop the favorite care items to increase mood and bond level

⇒Get Familiar With Digimon Skills

All the Digimons in Digimon ReArise game have unqiue skills – Main Skill, Sub-Skill, and Passive Skill. In the Digimon’s profile page, you can check the skill details. Make sure to read that detail and consider it when building the team. Digimon can inflict status abnormalities(Read the skill details to check the status abnormalities information). Here’s the detail: –

  • Poison – The Digimon affected by this debuff takes damage over time
  • Burn – Same effect as poison
  • Error – Same effect
  • Skill Lock – Locks the main and sub-skills(on the enemy)
  • Blind – Make the enemy Digimon Blind – during this effect – enemy can’t unleash normal attacks, counters + reduces the accuracy of skills
  • Shock – CC skill – prevents the enemy Digimon from using regular attacks and skills for a certain number of turns
  • Paralysis – Same effect as Shock
  • Freeze – Same effect
  • Stun – Same effect
  • Sleep – prevents the enemy Digimon from using normal attacks and skills for a certain number of turns

Digimon ReArise Tips To Grind Material Items: –

  • Get DGV Codes from clash battles
  • Workout Chips from the main story(Repeat the acts)
  • BIT from the main story
  • Food items or Care items from Dimensional Vortex Mode
  • Rubies(Digiruby) from the missions, first-time clear reward
  • BP medals from missions
  • Super DGV Code from missions
  • Plugins from challenges, the main story

So this would be all in this Digimon ReArise guide and Digimon ReArise tips, cheats, tricks & strategies for the beginners. Also, see –

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