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Minimal Dungeon RPG is a brand new game for mobile by CapPlay. Read on and check out Minimal Dungeon RPG guide, tips, cheats & strategies to clear levelsMinimal Dungeon RPG

CapPlay, the publisher of Eternal Cannon Incremental game, has just released a brand new game called Minimal Dungeon RPG. It is a challenging game where you will progress through the story mode and complete levels with increasing difficulty. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Minimal Dungeon RPG guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Minimal Dungeon RPG tips, cheats & tricks that could be helpful if you are stuck at a level. So without further ado, let’s get started.

Minimal Dungeon RPG Guide, Tips: –

The first 5 levels in the game are pretty easy to complete – as monsters/thieves/beasts are not too powerful. After completing the first 5 levels, the camp/city will get unlocked where you can sow seeds, grow fruits, grind in the forest, and play the dreamland mode. The goal is to make the hero(yourself) stronger by raising the basic attributes – HP for survival, ATK to increase damage, DEF to receive less damage from the enemies. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Minimal Dungeon RPG tips, cheats & tricks: –

Spend The Skill Points Wisely

By exploring the levels or forest or other game modes, you earn hero EXP, which is required to reach the next level. Whenever you level up in the game, it gives you skill points that you can spend on increasing the HP, ATK, and DEF stats. In the top-left corner, pay attention to the round-shaped level bar.

It shows your current level of progress and the number of owned skill points. Tap the + button above HP/ATK/DEF to spend skill points. Now, what attribute is the best?

  • HP – The higher the HP, the longer the survivability or hit points that you can receive from the enemies. You would not be able to attack if the HP is NIL – and monsters will heal themselves. So to defeat powerful enemies with more HP, you will need to raise the HP stats
  • ATK – If you want to deal more damage to the monsters to kill them quickly, spend on ATK points
  • DEF – More defense increases the damage reduction. When you hit the enemy, they will attack you too, which causes HP to lose. By improving the DEF, you can increase the damage reduction, which ultimately increases the survivability

All these three stats are important. We would recommend you to take a defensive approach and spend more on HP+ATK. Also, don’t ignore the DEF stats completely – keep investing a little there too.

In some of the Dungeons, you get to increase ATK by spending gold. HP and DEF stats can also be improved by sacrificing fruits. Minimal Dungeon RPG

Equip Better Gears In Minimal Dungeon RPG

You can get gears by playing the story mode – at each level, you may encounter secret mines, dungeons, bonus levels where you get to cut trees, stones, boulders or discover treasure.  By level 5, you would have all types of gears; sword, ring, armor, and boots. Also, the tools; Ax – to cut trees and collect wood, Pickaxe – to collect stones, torch – to dispel the fog, etc.

Compare the gear’s stats and equip the better ones that grant more HP/DEF/ATK stats. Tap the bag option in the bottom-left corner -> equipment -> there you can equip the gears. You can also sell the gears in Minimal Dungeon RPG for gold coins. Tap the gear -> tap the red color sell button to sell it for coins. Tapping the gear shows its stats -> compare the gear with other duplicates and equip the best one.

Grind To Get Stronger

If you are stuck, there is no way to progress other than improving the hero’s stats; HP, ATK, and DEF. The only option that left is grinding.

(1) Explore – Head to the story mode -> explore -> earn coins. You can use these coins to buy the box, which is available in the camp for $2000. From this box, you may get rare equipment, which can improve the hero’s stats by a massive amount.

(2) Go to the forest(camp/city -> materials) -> there you can explore over and over again to grind EXP. Level up, earn points and improve attributes.

(3) Kill enemies in the monster to earn keys, coins, fruits, and other rewards. You can use the keys to unlock boxes, which you can find in the forest(camp/city -> materials) or story levels.

(4) By killing the bosses, you can get golden keys in Minimal Dungeon RPG.

Unlock And Play Dreamland Mode

At the camp/city, you can unlock dreamland mode once you have enough wood and stone. Go to the Material Dungeon -> forest -> cut the trees, break the stones to collect wood/stones. This mode takes you to a random dungeon where you can find the boss, boxes, grind EXP – just like story mode levels.

If you are stuck on the story mode, then you should grind in this mode. To enter dreamland, you need pieces, which you can craft in the city/camp by paying the gold coins(above the farmer button).

Sow Seeds In The Garden

In Minimal Dungeon RPG, fertilizers and seeds can be obtained by killing the monsters, bosses or by playing -> in the camp, you can sow the seeds and ripe fruits. It takes time to ripe the fruit – you can speed up the process by using fertilizer. Head to the camp/city screen -> garden -> sow seed -> use fertilizer -> collect the fruits.Minimal Dungeon RPG

Sacrifice The Fruits To Improve Stats

Another one of the best ways to improve the hero stats in Minimal Dungeon RPG is by sacrificing fruits in the Altar. You can find an altar in the camp/city, story missions, dreamland. Tap it ->  sacrifice food to increase the hero’s defense, HP, and AP. AP or Action Points are required to play the game – for exploring, grinding, cutting, etc. – all these activities consume AP.

Watch The Video Ads To Open Boxes

In some of the dungeons, you will need to watch the video ad to open the box. So make sure to grab this offer if you don’t want to lose the precious items in the box.

So this would be all in this post on Minimal Dungeon RPG guide, tips & tricks for beginners. Do you have more tips & tricks to complete levels? Share with other fellow players in the comment section below.

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