Mobile Legends Guide, Tips, Cheats, And Strategy

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a great MOBA game for Android by Moonton in which your goal is to destroy the enemy base, slay down the opponents. Here’s all you need to know about Mobile Legends game; Mobile Legends guide, tips, cheats, and strategy, heroes, and more.

 Mobile Legends guide tips strategy

Mobile Legends is one of the best MOBA games available for mobile devices, featuring lots of content and epic strategic gameplay. The game has crossed over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store and still getting hits and the reason behind its popularity is its gameplay, heroes, game modes, and regular updates. Let’s take a look at the Mobile Legends guide, tips, cheats, and strategy.

Mobile Legends Guide⇓

In this Mobile Legends guide part, we will cover all the contents of the mobile legends game; all heroes, what is the emblem, skills, spells, passive skills of heroes, gears, item guide, best heroes, ability guide, and much more. (Extras: Mobile Legends Codes)

Mobile Legends Guide To Heroes & Heroes Builds⇓

 Mobile Legends guide tips strategy

The player can choose any one of these heroes before the battle starts. Mobile Legends game features amazing heroes and the team also adds new heroes to the game in regular updates. These heroes are divided into six categories:

  • Tank (Tigreal, Hilda, Akai, Franco, and more)
  • Fighter (Zilong, Alpha, Alucard, Lapu-Lapu, Sun, and more)
  • Assassin (Saber, Gusion, Fanny, and more)
  • Mage (Eudora Valir, Pharsa, and more)
  • Marksman (Layla, Bruno, Miya and more)
  • Support (Angela, Diggie, Estes, and more)

Each hero in the mobile legends game has own unique skills, attributes; HP, attack power, mana, damage, armor strength, attack speed. Also, see – Best offline games for Android

How to buy heroes in Mobile Legends Bang Bang Game?

You get some heroes for free after you complete the tutorial. If you want more heroes(powerful), then you need tickets, battle points, and diamonds. Go to the shop section -> heroes -> tap on a hero and get it in exchange for in-game currency.

In-Game Currency – Mobile Legends Guide⇓

The in-game currency used in many sections; to purchase heroes, skins, fragments, and more. Let’s know how to get free

  • Tickets – Tickets can be obtained by taking part in the jigsaw event.
  • Battle Points – Battle Points can be obtained by getting victories in the battles, from the chest, as the reward

Emblems In Mobile Legends⇓

Before you start the battle, you have the option to choose an emblem set. You can customize the emblem set under the Prep section of the game. An emblem set increases the power of your hero; upgrade it and you will see an overall improvement in HP, mana, magic power, attack power, and speed.

At the beginning of the game, you own 2 common emblem sets; physical and magic. Unlock the rest 7 emblem sets by leveling-up your profile(earn EXP by getting victories in the battles).

The maximum level of an emblem set is 60 and to upgrade an emblem set in mobile legends game, you need items; battle points, magic dust, and fragments. Also, see – Best Pokemon games for Android

Mobile Legends Item Guide⇓

To upgrade your emblem set, many types of items are required and you can get them for free by completing quests, getting victories, from the chests.

  1. Fragments: – In mobile legends, fragments are of many types; mage emblem fragment, support emblem fragment, physical emblem fragment, magic, assassin, tank, jungle, and more. The player can acquire these fragments from the chest, by opening the bundle/pack. Go to the bag section -> head to bundle -> select a bundle -> use it. You will get some fragments. Now go to the Prep section -> emblem -> upgrade it.
  2. Magic Dust – Get it by opening the bundles/packs.
  3. Abilities – An ability can be selected before the battle starts, to get or unlock new abilities in the mobile legends game, level-up your profile.
  4. Gear – Each hero in mobile legends has own unique set of equipment, you can use anyone out of all for the battle.

Mobile Legends Guide – Battle Guide⇓

 Mobile Legends guide tips strategyIn this mobile legends guide’s part, we will guide you through the whole process; things to do before the battle starts, use battle points on the battlefield like a pro, mana, skills, passive skills, and HP. Let’s start the Mobile Legends guide – #part 2

  • Things To Do Before You Start The Battle

In the mobile legends game, you have only a few seconds of time to select the best hero, spells, emblem sets, and equipment scheme.

Enter the battle -> now you have to select your hero. Choose the best hero and now at the bottom left, tap on spells, emblem sets, and equipment scheme options. You can choose the ability/spell[spell section], a particular emblem set[emblem sets option], and an equipment set[equipment scheme option].

  • The Battle Screen

Now after you complete the above step, the battle starts. At the top right of the screen, you can see a map. Tap on (i) button to enlarge it or point anywhere to see the live fight.

Middle screen/Bottom – There are some options like; recall, regen, and your selected spell. The recall feature takes you to the origin[base] and there you can heal your hero. Regen heals your hero for a few seconds. And the last one is your selected spell.

Right Side/Bottom – There are attack options and your hero’s skills. Tap on the + button to activate the skills and tap on the skill to cast it. After one time usage, it takes a few moments of time to activate. And also it requires the mana. You can check your hero’s mana under the side menu.

Right Side/Top – There are passive skills/equipment/spells and it cost you battle points. You just have to tap on them to activate or you can also manually purchase it – tap on the battle points option -> shop -> choose a passive skill/spell – prioritize it and then buy it. It’s simple.

The team that earns more point gets the victory and you will be rewarded with battle points on the basis of your performance in the battle.

So this is the Mobile Legends guide for beginners and it is enough to play it like a pro! Let’s start the Mobile Legends tips, cheats, and strategy guide

Mobile Legends tips, cheats, and strategy guide⇓

Mobile Legends comes with simple controls, easy to play gameplay. If you are having trouble defeating the opponents and destroying the enemy bases; check out these tips, cheats, and strategy guide

Know Your Heroes⇓

Mobile Legends guide tips strategyAll hero units are different and possess unique skills and if you don’t know about your heroes; abilities, special skills, spells, and attributes, then it would not be easy to defeat the opponents as you would not be able to use them properly. On the other hand, if you know about your heroes’ skills, abilities, spells, then you can easily use them wisely and unleash their skills against the opponents; effectively. Go to the heroes section -> tap on a hero and check out its attributes, gears, and skills. The more you know about your heroes, the better will be your performance.

Compare all the heroes with each other; mana, attack, HP, attack speed, critical attacks, and more, and choose the best hero for the battle. You should take this mobile legends tip seriously.

Upgrade Emblem Set⇓

Another mobile legends tip is “upgrade your emblem set”. An emblem set increases the overall performance of your hero; attack, HP, mana, and magic power. So you should upgrade your emblem set and choose the best set before you start the battle.


If you have a decent amount of battle points, then buy a powerful hero or fragments. Use fragments to upgrade your emblem set and boost-up the power of heroes.

Heal Yourself⇓

If your hero’s HP is low, then go back to the origin/base, and there you can heal your hero. Or use regen spell.

Team Battles⇓

After the battle starts, you should follow your team members. If you go alone, then it might be dangerous.

Battle Points⇓

You can earn battle points by defeating the enemy units and base. And you can purchase a booster(HP, attack) in exchange for battle points. Tap on the battle points -> choose a booster, prioritize it and buy it.

Free Reward⇓

There are a number of ways to get free rewards; claim your daily log-in reward, achievements, free spin wheel[shop section], chests, events, and quiz.

Also, see – Mobile Legends Codes For Skins And Packs Redemptions

These are the mobile legends tips, cheats, and strategy guide for beginners. Download Mobile Legends game – here(Google Play Store). 

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