Epic Seven Sanctuary Explained: Breath Of Orbis, Chaos Gate

Epic Seven SanctuaryEpic Seven Sanctuary Explained: Chaos Gate stage, how to get Breath Of Orbis, building details, earn EXP to level up heroes, and more

There are a number of items and in-game currency you can get from Sanctuary, the place of nature. First, you unlock the buildings by completing the stage requirement and then improve it using the breath of Orbis, contains the power of the world. In this post, we have covered everything you need to know about Epic Seven Sanctuary side; how do you get Breath Of Orbis, reach the Chaos gate and a brief detail of the buildings. Let’s dive in!


Breath Of Orbis is one of the rare items in Epic Seven game. You can find or obtain it by defeating the boss in Chaos Gate stage. Usually, to reach the Chaos gate stage, you will have to explore the labyrinth stage completely. If you don’t know about labyrinth stages, you can read the guide here.

Go to the adventure mode menu -> map -> there you can find the labyrinth stage and chaos gate stage. These stages are denoted with these signs: –Epic Seven Sanctuary

In both these stages, you will face stronger enemies. First, explore the labyrinth stage and unlock the route to chaos gate stage. In the chaos gate stage, you will find the chaos gate portal. Tap it to enter the gate. Defeat the boss and you will obtain Breath Of Orbis. You must clear that stage to receive it. If you lose, you will have to start again. Epic Seven Sanctuary

Tap the zoom out button on the left side of the screen to explore the whole map and find out the chaos gate stages.

Improving The Buildings In Sanctuary

Once you have acquired Breath Of Orbis, you can improve/unlock a facility or level up existing facility. The maximum level of each facility is 3. Tap on any building -> improve -> preview to check the stats at a certain level, improve to upgrade or build.

Heart Of Orbis: –

  1. Mirror Of Light – Generates gold and Skystone
  2. Cradle Of Life – Increases the storage capacity of Heart Of Orbis
  3. Benedictory Sanctum  – Build or improve it for additional/bonus rewards

Forest Of Souls

  1. Soul Isle Extension – Nurture creatures; Penguin, Spirit Well, MolaGora Farm
  2. Probably Blessing – Build and upgrade it to get high-star penguins
  3. Time Blessing – Decrease the time taken by Soul Isle Extension in summoning creatures

Steel Workshop: –

  1. Banshee Hunt Equipment – Craft rare, heroic, epic equipment
  2. Extend Workshop – Reduces the amount of crafting
  3. Blacksmith’s Dormitory – Reduces the resources required for crafting

High Command

High Command is one of the main buildings in Epic Seven Sanctuary. Here you can earn many items, in-game currency and level up heroes without any material.

  1. Floating Station – Dispatch heroes on Sanctuary, Adventure, Hunt, and War missions to earn gold, EXP, stigma, ancient coins, and conquest points
  2. Administration – Build it to unlock hunt missions. Upgrade it to unlock more mission slots
  3. Barracks – Build it to unlock war missions. Upgrade it to unlock more mission slots


Epic Seven SanctuaryIf you have leveled up a building in Epic Seven Sanctuary using the Breath Of Orbis, you can reset it by spending coins. You will also get the Breath Of Orbis back to the inventory. Head the improve building side -> tap the reset button -> spend gold coins and get the Breath Of Orbis back.

Since you have limited Breath Of Orbis, you should spend wisely. So that’s all for now as Epic Seven Sanctuary guide. Also, see – Hero Tier List, Beginner’s Guide to master the game’s mechanics

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