Phantoms: Tang Dynasty Leveling Guide

Wondering how to level up quickly in Phantoms: Tang Dynasty game? Check out this Phantoms: Tang Dynasty Leveling Guide to level up fast

You will not be able to progress further in some chapter quests because of the level requirements. For example – Journey to the Desert quest in the 9th chapter unlocks at level 40. For starters, we would recommend checking the Phantoms: Tang Dynasty beginner’s guide. In this post, you will learn how to earn more EXP and level up quickly. So without further ado, let’s dive into the main content.

Earn EXP From The Side Quests

Other than the main chapter quests, you can earn EXP from the side quests. On the left side of the game screen, the game displays the quests; the yellow color quest tab displays the chapter/main quest, while the green/blue ones are the side quests that you can complete for experience points.

In some of these quests, you get to fight the beasts and in return, you get EXP and other in-game items as the reward.Phantoms: Tang Dynasty Leveling Guide

Grind EXP In The EventsPhantoms: Tang Dynasty Leveling Guide

Elemental Trail, Spirit Realm, Spirit Mirage – you can play these event modes to grind EXP. In the elemental trial mode, you will fight the enemies and earn EXP, Essence, Shells, Spirit EXP Page(different elements based on the day – water, fire, etc.).

In the Adept difficulty mode, you can earn more EXP, elemental materials, Seal/Statue to promote the spirits. Expert difficulty mode grants even more EXP and other rewards; elemental material, shells, aether essence, etc.

You can check the difficulty level on the top-right of the reward wheel.

Similarly, Spirit Realm mode and Spirit Mirage mode in Phantoms: Tang Dynasty grants EXP, Artifact, material items, and other in-game currency.

Keep grinding in these modes – play hard or high-difficulty modes to earn more EXP. For that, you will need to upgrade the spirits, their abilities, and hero stats. For more information, you can check this post: –

You will need the Stamina to play or grind in these game modes. In Phantoms: Tang Dynasty, Stamina is recovered every 5 minutes – you can use Jade Coins, Green Mochi or Mochi Box to restore stamina. Jade Coins can be obtained from the log-in rewards. Green Mochi can be obtained from the quests. sign-in reward, from summoning benefits, and other missions.

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So this would be all in this post on Phantoms: Tang Dynasty Leveling Guide for beginners.

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