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Rise Of Civilizations is a brand new base building MMO strategy game for mobile devices. Check out our Rise Of Civilizations guide, tips, cheats & strategy

The creators of Dank Tanks game recently released a brand new city building game for mobile devices and challenges you to grow the city by building a wide range of facilities to help the residents and defend them from the intruders. Rise Of Civilizations game features 8 Civilizations, 20 Heroes, Expedition, PvP mode, and a clean UI. The gameplay is similar to other base building games, but, Rise Of Civilization tops the rank because of amazing UI, a variety of heroes or commanders, and simple game mechanics. And in this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Rise Of Civilizations guide and Rise Of Civilizations cheats, tips & strategy guide to build the best city.

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1.) Basics – How To Play Rise Of Civilizations

If you have ever played games like The War Of Genesis, Primal Wars, Mafia City, then you can easily understand its mechanics. But if you are playing this genre game for the first time, it could be difficult to figure out or understand all the complex mechanics because you will have to pay attention to lots of things. Let’s get started: –

In Rise Of Civilizations game, your main objective is to increase the power of the city/governor and defend the city from intruders. Other players can attack your city any time and steal the resources. And as a governor, it’s your responsibility to defend the city by recruiting troops, commanders, and by upgrading the structures.

Similarly, as a governor, you can lead the army or instruct the army to attack other players’ city to loot the resources. In short, to increase the power of the city, you have to train troops, upgrade the structures/facilities/buildings, and increase the power of the commander. Here’s the main screen guide: –Rise Of Civilizations

So this is the basic Rise Of Civilizations guide for the beginners. Now, let’s head to the ultimate Rise Of Civilizations guide and after it, check out our top Rise Of Civilizations cheats, tips, & strategy guide to master the game.

Rise Of Civilizations Guide: –

In this part, we will learn about the commanders, buildings, research, troops, battle, expedition, skills, talents, power, action points, and much more. Make sure to read everything.

  • Rise Of Civilizations Commanders Guide

In Rise Of Civilizations game, commanders lead the army units in the battle and help the troops with their skills, buffs, and talents. Either you are going to march an enemy or a player’s base or in the expedition mode, you can change the commander before sending the units.

On the main screen of the game, at the bottom-left corner, tap the menu button and choose commanders option. After it, on the next screen, on the left side, you can check all the commanders you have. Just tap the commander icon to check its stats, stars, skills, and type; attacker/archer/disabler/nuker or more. If the commander has leader skill, then it can grant powerful buffs to the soldiers.

How To Recruit Commanders?

Go to the city view -> search or find out tavern facility -> tap the search/recruit icon -> open the chest. There would be two chests; sliver or golden. High-quality items or commanders can be obtained from the golden chest. You can open the silver chest for free after every certain amount of time. From these chests, you get items such as speed boosters, EXP book(Tome Of Knowledge), Sculpture(required to raise the star level or to upgrade the commander’s skills), and commanders.

Golden Chest Drop Rates: –

  • Legendary Commander – 0.586%
  • Epic Commander – 1.994%
  • Elite Commander – 3.988%
  • Legendary Commander Sculpture- 3.023%
  • Epic Commander Sculpture – 7.983%
  • Elite Commander Sculpture – 15.967%
  • Dazzling Starlight Sculpture – 4.923%
  • Brand-New Starlight Sculpture – 9.846%
  • Resource Item – 17.229%
  • Speedup – 12.923%
  • Tome of Knowledge – 21.538%

Commanders you can get from the gold chest reward: –

  • Julius Caesar
  • Fredrick I
  • Yi-Seong-Gye
  • Cao Cao
  • Richard I
  • Charles Martel
  • El Cid
  • Cleopatra VII
  • Mehmed II
  • Sun Tzu
  • Hermann
  • Kusunoki Masahige
  • Scipio Africanus
  • Joan of Arc
  • Eulji Mundeok
  • Boudica
  • Pelagius
  • Belisarius
  • Baibars
  • Osman
  • Gaius Marius
  • Tomoe Gozen
  • Lancelot
  • Sarka

The last four commanders in the list can also be obtained from the silver chest reward.

How To Upgrade The Commanders Or Heroes?

Rise Of CivilizationsGo to the commanders’ menu -> select the commander to upgrade -> tap the + icon next to the level bar to use tome of knowledge(EXP book).

Once the commander reaches the maximum level, you can raise its star level(from 1* to 2*, then 2* to 3*, and so on). Tap the arrow icon next to stars and then, on the next screen, select the Sculptures to develop the commander. Hit the auto-add option to select automatically. You can obtain Sculptures from the chests(tavern) or from the expedition mode.

  • Talents Guide

Like other MMO Strategy games, Rise Of Civilization game also follow the same mechanics; when you level up, you earn talent points and we can spend these points to activate the commander’s talents. Go to the commander screen -> select the commander -> hit the talent button -> on the next screen, you will see a talent tree. Tap the talent icon to upgrade or activate. When you tap the icon, you will get the details; buffs. Make sure to read it before you spend the talent points.

  • Skills Guide

All the commanders have five different skills. You can unlock new skills by raising the star level(read the upgrading guide above) or upgrade the skills using Sculptures. Go to the commander menu -> choose the commander -> skills -> upgrade. You can find Sculptures in the chests or by completing the challenges in Expedition mode.

Rise Of Civilizations Best Commanders Guide: –

⇒In Rise of Civilization, all the commanders have unique traits; attacker, support, garrison, and more(the list is below). And, the game has now over 30 commanders. The new 6 commanders in the game are; (Osman I, Mehmed II – Ottoman, announced on 5th January 2019), (Flavius Belisarius, Constantine I – BYZANTIUM, announced on 6th January 2019). (Saladin, Khalid ibn al-Walid – Arabia, announced on 8th January 2019).

⇒Since you have limited resources(f2p-free-to-play – tome of knowledge), you should progress with the good commanders who can be developed easily, free. You start the game with an epic commander, depending on the Civilization. For example; if you choose Rome, you will start with Scipio.

⇒To develop a commander, you need sculptures. For example; legendary commander needs legendary commander sculpture. Since the drop rates for legendary sculpture is super low, it would be hard to develop the legendary commanders for the f2p players(because the golden chest goes free every 2 days).

⇒So if you are a f2p player, we would recommend you to ignore all the legendary commanders and focus on the best f2p commanders who can be developed easily and free(mostly epic commanders) –

  • Hermann
  • Scipio
  • Joan of Arc
  • Pelagius
  • Lancelot
  • Lohar
  • Boudica

Hermann – You can use him as a garrison commander.

Scipio Africanus – Scipio is good as a PvP unit. You can pair him with Boudica or Joan.

Pelagius – You can use him as a cavalry commander.

Lancelot – You can pair him with Pelagius.

Lohar & Boudica – This would be a good combo for barbarians combat.

(PvE – Boudica+Lohar, PvP – Scipio + Boudica).

Rise Of Civilizations game features eleven types of commanders: –

  1. Attacker – Good at attacking enemies’ base/cities
  2. Support – Helps friendly forces in the battle
  3. Infantry – Provides buff to the infantry units
  4. Archer – Archer type commanders can increase the archer units’ attack + marching speed
  5. Cavalry – If you have cavalry units(more than other types), then send this type of hero as their skill’s buff can increase the marching speed and attack power
  6. Nuker – Powerful active skills, good in dealing with barbarians
  7. Jungler an – Has advantage when dealing with barbarians
  8. Disabler – Limit the enemy’s battle capability
  9. Defender – Good at garrisoning(assign them at the wall)
  10. Gatherer – Increases the gathering speed(send them for gathering the resources on the map)
  11. Leader – Grants powerful buffs to the units

You can check the commander type just below of its name in commander menu.

  1. Buildings Guide

In Rise Of Civilizations game, buildings are of three two types: – economic and military. Let’s take a look at all.

  1. City Hall – The City Hall is the core of your civilization. Without upgrading it, you can not progress in the game.
  2. Lumber Hill – Produces Wood
  3. Shop Farm – Produces Food
  4. Quarry – Get Stones From Here
  5. Goldmine – Mine Gold Coins
  6. Trading Post – Join an alliance and using this facility, you can exchange the resources with members
  7. Courier Station – Merchants Spot
  8. Academy – Research Technologies
  9. Storage – Protects The Resources From Intruders
  10. Hospital – Heal The Troops Here
  11. Castle – Use Railly Feature
  12. Tavern – Recruit Commanders, Open Chests
  13. Scout Camp – Explore or Find Out Unknown Locations
  14. Barracks – Train Infantry Units
  15. Archery Range – Train Archers
  16. Stable – Train Cavalry Units
  17. Siege Workshop – Train Siege Weapons

Here is the overview: –

Resources such as stone, food, wood are required to upgrade the buildings, train the troops, for researching, and many more tasks. Intruders or Other players can attack your city and steal the resources. Increase the defense by upgrading the wall, city hall, training troops, upgrading storage to avoid being looted by other players.

You can train troops & units in siege workshop, barracks, archery range, and stable. Upgrade these buildings to unlock powerful or new troops(research in academy first). Training the troops increases the power of the city. When you send these troops on the march, they may get injured in the fight. You can heal them in hospital.

You can activate buffs or increase the production speed, construction speed, attack power, defense by researching in the academy.

  • Battle Guide

In Rise Of Civilizations game, it’s very easy to get the victory in the battle if your power exceeds the enemy power. If you don’t know how to attack or how the battle system works, then here’s the battle guide: –

On the main screen of the game, at the bottom-left corner, tap the world map icon. After it, the game will take you to the world map where you can find enemies. On the world map screen, at the bottom-left side, just above the castle icon, tap the search icon. After it, select the desired option(tap the + or – icon to increase or reduce the level): –

  1. Barbarians – Hit the search button to find these enemies on the world map. Once found, tap the enemy icon and tap attack option.(Action Points are used).
  2. Cropland – To find out farms on the world map. Once found, hit the gather option.
  3. Logging Camp – If you need wood, then search this one
  4. Stone – If you need stone
  5. Gold Deposit

After selecting, tap the new troops’ option and select the number of troops you want to send. You can also change the commander from that menu. Once done, hit the march button.Rise Of Civilizations

  • How To Get Arrow Of Resistance:

Arrow Of Resistance is an item in Rise Of Civilizations, used in upgrading the watchtower. Usually, you have some in the early game. But in mid-game, you would not get it as the drop rate is very low. But how do you get it :(? Kill the high-level barbarians to get. On the map, when you tap the barbarian, the game shows you potential rewards. You should see it on the list.

  • How To Get Book Of Covenant?

Book Of Covenant can be obtained by defeating the barbarian fort. Join an alliance and initiate rally attacks.

  • How To Transfer Or Donate Resources?

You can send the resources to your friends/members of the alliance. All you need to do is head to the alliance menu -> members -> tap the friend name -> assist -> send the resources. The tax rate is way too high.

  • How To Reinforce?

You can send an army(troops) to the desired alliance member who needs support. Alliance -> members -> tap the member name -> reinforce -> tap to add army -> send.

  • Rise Of Civilizations All Ages

  1. Stone Age(City Hall level 1)
  2. Bronze Age(City Hall level 4)
  3. Iron Age(City Hall Level 10)
  4. Dark Age(City Hall Level 16)
  5. Feudal Age(City Hall Level 21)

You start the game from the stone age and develop your city and reach these ages.

  • Best Civilization In Rise Of Civilization?

Germany and Rome are good options. We would recommend you to choose Germany as this civilization provides superb +10% action points recovery buff. The new ones are Arabia, Ottoman, and Byzantium. Among all these three, Arabia would be a good choice as you will get massive attack/damage buff.

  • How To Increase Troops Training Capacity?

If you want to send more troops on the march and wondering how to increase the troop capacity, here’s your answer; the maximum troop capacity is affected by commander level and base/city hall level. To increase the troop capacity, level up the commander and base.

  • Primary Commander Vs Secondary Commander

Before you send the troops on the march in Rise Of Civilizations, you can choose up to two commanders; primary and secondary. Here’s the difference: –

  1. Secondary Commander’s talents buff and troop capacity will not take effect
  2. The secondary commander uses its skills right after the first commander’s action
  3. The secondary commander will gain the same amount of EXP granted to the primary commander

Commanders Combo – Since talents’ buff(of secondary commander) do not affect the battle, choose the secondary commander on the basis of skill.

So this is a short Rise Of Civilizations guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out some Rise Of Civilizations cheats, tips & the strategy guide to master the game.

Rise Of Civilizations cheats, tips & the strategy guide: –

#1.) Protect The Resources From Being Plundered

As you know, In Rise Of Civilizations game, resources are required for upgrading, training troops, researching, and in many more tasks. And you should keep in mind that other players can attack your city and loot the resources. There are a number of ways to protect the resources;

  • Upgrade the storage facility to protect more resources
  • Increase the power of the city(governor power) by training troops, upgrading the facilities
  • Research military technologies in the academy
  • Upgrade the wall
  • Upgrade the city hall
  • Teleport your city to alliance territory

#2.) Activate Bonus Buffs By Researching

In Academy, you can research two types of technologies; military and economic. By researching, you can activate bonus buffs; for instance; you can increase the production speed by researching economic technologies. Attack power, training speed, new troops, march speed by researching military technologies. You can even upgrade some technologies to increase their impact. Path : –  City -> Research/Academy -> economic or military(tap the side menu).

#3.) Power-Up The Commander

In Rise Of Civilizations game, you can send two commanders(primary and secondary) along with the troops or units for the attack. These commander’s buffs can increase the attack power, critical hit rate, defense of army units. All you need to do is unlock their talents, skills(Read the commander guide above). Additionally, raise their star level or main level.

#4.) Scouting Should Be Priority

Make sure to scout or spy the enemy’s details before you send the commander or army on the march. Tap its base or city on the world map -> choose scout -> send troops. After a certain amount of time, you will get the enemy’s city report and you will be able to know its power, commanders, and much more details. You can check the scout report by tapping the mail icon(at the bottom-right corner, just above the menu button) -> in the report tab. If the power of the enemy is more than yours, then don’t send the troops.

#5.) Focus On Increasing The Power

These are the primary task that helps you in increasing the governor’s power: –

  1. Upgrading The Buildings
  2. Train The Troops
  3. Gathering Resources
  4. Researching
  5. Leveling Up

At the beginning of the game, it would be better to complete or follow the quests to progress fast.

#6.) Claim The Freebies

  1. Check the mail or inbox in the game, there you will get a huge amount of rewards as a newbie.
  2. Tap the VIP option(on the main screen of the game -> at the top-left corner -> VIP) and claim the VIP chest free(Daily)
  3. Go to Tavern and claim free silver chests
  4. Complete the quests
  5. Link the game to Google or Facebook for gems
  6. Join an alliance to get free gems
  7. Go to the store -> daily special offer -> claim the free chest
  8. Complete all the daily objectives to get a free legendary chest

#7.) Get Help From The Teammates

Build an alliance center in your city. It allows you to get help from the alliance members. You can also help other members and earn credits. Build the trading post that allows you to exchange the resources between alliance members. And there are many more benefits of joining an active alliance. The game will also give a free teleport item. Use it to teleport your city in alliance territory for more benefits.

Head to the alliance menu -> territory -> center fortress; tap the coordinates i.e. X, Y axis to visit alliance territory. Items – others – teleport -> find a spot in the territory -> confirm. Additionally, for rally attacks, you must join an active alliance. Note: Don’t join an inactive alliance. And always follow the alliance rules(ask leader). So make sure to join the clan as soon as possible.

#8.) Collect The Runes To Activate Buff

Rise Of CivilizationsFor the first time, I noticed these runes on the map after reaching the Iron age. We can collect these runes from the map and activate the buff. You get the benefit for a limited time and it depends on the rune type. For example – There is a rune named Rune Of Evergreen which can increase the wood production of your city by 7%. In Rise Of Civilizations game, it is one of the best ways to speed up the production, building speed(rune of artificier), troop attack(rune of fury). Usually, you can find these runes near the mountains/hills. All you need to do is gather that rune by sending your troops with a commander. Once gathered, you will see a rune icon at the top-left corner of the screen. Tapping it will show you more details. Keep in mind that you can only activate one rune at a time. If you are going to raid the enemy base, then search for rune of fury, it can increase the troop attack power.

#9.) Earn 100 Activity Points To Claim Gem Rewards

By completing the daily objectives, the game grants you activity points. On certain milestones; 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100, you get free chests. These chests contain speed-ups, silver keys, golden key, commander EXP material, and much more. From the 5th chest(you can claim the 5th chest by earning 100 points), you get precious rewards; 100 gems, golden key, magic box, and epic commander sculpture. And you can easily earn these points by investing some time in the game.

#10.) Focus On High Tier Unit Rather Than Low-Rank

You can upgrade your troops or unlock new tier units by researching the military technologies in the research center. And once unlocked, train the high-tier units instead of low-tier units. The best part is Rise Of Civilizations game is that it gives us an upgrade option, using it you can upgrade the already trained units into the high-tier. If you want to see the difference between low and high tier units’ stats, then tap the (i) icon at the bottom-right corner of unit’s portrait(head to the archery training, select a unit -> tap the (i) icon to check its stats).

#11.) Participate In The Limited Time Events

Rise Of Civilizations game run events periodically and allow the players to earn premium in-game items; speed-ups, the tome of knowledge, gems, boosters, golden keys, teleport item, and much more. On the game screen, at the top-right tap the notepad icon -> there you can check all the events. However, most of the events are not good for free-to-play players. But still, in some events, you can easily win these premium items by training troops, gathering resources, and defeating barbarians. So you should enroll yourself in these events.

Wait…!!! We have some more tips for you. We recently shared 9 tips in our last post, you can check it ⇒ here(9 tips to progress fast in this game).

So these are some basic Rise Of Civilizations tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best strategy games for Android

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