Play Together Pets Guide: Hatch Pet Eggs, Pets List

Our Play Together pets guide will teach your how to get pets, level them up, take care of them, hatching pet eggs, etc. in the Play Together game.Play Together Pets Guide

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Play Together Pets Guide Wiki⇓

You get pets from the eggs. And, you get eggs from the pet store. Eggs need to be hatched. Go to the plaza and navigate to the pet shop. 

Play Together Pet Shop⇓

Inside the pet shop, you will find Pet Shop Clerk NPC. On the left side of the Pet Shop Clerk NPC, you will find two eggs; white and gold. And, there would be a shop icon on the top of these two eggs. The white eggs cost 2K bucks and feature common, uncommon pet eggs. The gold egg costs X20 gems and features epic, rare, and uncommon eggs. 

Buy the eggs based on your currency appetite. 

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How To Hatch Eggs In Play Together?

Play Together Pets Guide

When you buy the egg, it would be stored in your backpack. Tap on the red color bag/backpack icon on the right side and go to the pet tab where you will find the egg. Tap it and summon it.

When you summon the egg, it will start following you wherever you go. Once summoned, tap it and see if it wants something or not. If it says it’s OK now, then wait a bit. As time goes, the egg will give you tasks that you will need to complete to earn “hearts”. You just tap the egg to check the progress. 

As you complete the egg’s wish, you will earn hearts. Accumulate enough hearts for that egg to hatch it. Make it to 100. Once you reach this affinity level, the egg will hatch and a random pet will come out.

How To Level Up Pets?

Tap on the summoned pet to check its demand; complete it to earn hearts. If there is no wish, wait until the pet asks. To check the level progress of a pet, tap on the pet -> then tap on the “paw” icon -> you will see the heart gauge bar. New actions are unlocked when the pet reaches a certain level. Keep checking the pets for their demands and complete to earn hearts. Accumulate enough hearts to level it up.

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How To Take Care Of Pets In Play Together?

Go to the pet shop and look for the pet bed or pet bathtub. Go close to the pet bed or pet bathtub. Tap on the sleeping icon or wash icon for the next action; sleeping, clean pet. You can buy a pet bed or pet bathtub from the furniture shop and place them in the house if you don’t want to go to the pet shop. 

Play Together Pets List – Common⇓

  • Pink Pig
  • Mackerel Tabby Cat
  • French Bulldog
  • Pig

Uncommon Pets List⇓

  • Brown Pig
  • Black Pig
  • Tuxedo Cat
  • Calico Cat
  • Yellow Tabby Cat
  • Rose Bengal Cat
  • Schnauzer
  • Dalmatian

Rare Pets List⇓

  • Swabian Hall Pig
  • Spotted Pig
  • American Shorthair
  • Siamese Cat
  • Russian Blue
  • Bombay Cat
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Pug
  • Bichon
  • Beagle

Epic Pets List⇓

  • Turkish Angora
  • Zombie Mutt
  • Bull Terrier
  • Goofy Rooster
  • Swift Cleaner

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