Utopia: Origin Fishing Guide – Worm, Boat, Rod!

In today’s Utopia: Origin Fishing guide, we will learn how to build a boat, explore in the lake/sea, worm farming, how to fish, and more

Welcome Rookies! If you are struggling to figure out how to go fishing in Utopia: Origin game and how to build a boat to go overseas, and explore the water type animals, then today’s Utopia: Origin fishing FAQ post will help you; let’s learn step-by-step: –

Utopia: Origin Fishing Requirement

The items you need for the fishing are; a fishing rod and worm.

You can go on fishing with or without a boat. But without a boat, you are restricted to the edge of the sea/lake/pond. Additionally, while exploring, you may want to cross a big lake or riverside. But since the stamina is low and if you swim for a long, you may lose life due to drowning. So it’s better to have a boat in the bag.

Crafting Fishing Road

Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideTo craft a fishing road, you need 20 pieces of wood, one Tendon, one iron bar.

  • Wood – 

You can gather wood by chopping trees. To chop a tree, you can use wood Axe. At the upper-right corner, tap the crafting button to open the crafting menu -> on the left side, choose hand option -> select weapon tab -> wood Axe.

  • Tendon –

Tendon can be obtained by hunting cows. Explore a bit, find the cows, hunt the cows to get tendon. You can hunt this animal with a wood club or any other weapon; wood AXE, Wood Bow, and more. Once eliminated, tap the hand icon to pick up items. Keep in mind that not all the time you get tendon; sometimes you just get milk bottles, raw meat. Keep hunting cows and you will get it eventually.

  • Iron Bar – 

Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideYou can get iron bar by smelting iron ore in the furnace. To build the furnace, you must build the workbench. Go to the crafting menu -> hand option -> facility -> workbench. Place the workbench on a good spot. After it, go close to the workbench and tap the hand icon. Choose “make” -> on the next screen, under the smelting facility -> choose furnace -> make. To make a furnace, you need stones. Explore a bit, find iron mines, use the wood pick to extract the resources from iron mine; stones, iron ore, and more.

Once you have iron ore and smelting facility ready, it’s time to smelt. Go close to the smelting facility -> tap the hand icon -> smelt -> from the bag items, choose iron ore -> add fuel; use wood or coal. That’s it. Wait a few seconds and you will get the iron bar.

Finishing: –

Now you have all the items ready to craft a fishing road. Head to the crafting menu -> on the left side, choose hand icon -> items -> scroll down and search for fishing tackle section. In the fishing tackle section, you can find the fishing rod. Tap it -> make.


Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideEarthworm; you need this creature for fishing. Otherwise, it would not work. To get earthworm, search for clay cliffs. You can easily find these clay cliffs at the edge of a sea/lake/pond or in green fields. Go close to it -> tap the hand icon to pick clay. Most of the time you also get earthworm along with the clay.

Start Fishing

Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideNow you have earthworm and fishing rod ready. Put both these items in the shortcut bar(tap the bag icon at the bottom of the game’s screen -> tap the fishing road/earthworm -> shortcut bar.

Go to the edge of a lake/sea/pond(some part of your body should be in the lake/river/pond) -> tap the earthworm -> tap the attack button(make sure to equip the fishing rod first). Wait a few seconds and you will get an item; a fish, pearl or something more.

Utopia: Origin Boat Guide – How To Craft

Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideCrafting a boat is very easy. You can craft a boat with 50 pieces of wood, 20 Hides. To get hide(animal skin), hunt some pigs or cows with a weapon. Once you have enough, go to the crafting menu -> on the left side menu, select the workbench tab -> scroll down and at the bottom, you will find the boat section. Tap the boat -> make.

Boarding A Boat

To board a boat, you have to place it in the lake/river/pond/waterside. Tap the bag -> boat -> use -> place it there. Go close to the boat -> tap the hand icon -> board. Use the joystick controller to move the boat. For fishing -> Tap the red color arrow icon on the right side to stand up -> equip fishing rod -> tap the worm -> then, tap the attack button.

Recall A Boat

You may want to use a boat in multiple locations. Instead of crafting one more, you can recall a boat to the bag and then use where you want. Go close to the boat -> tap the hand icon -> recall. Now, it’s in the bag. Recall feature lets you pack the facilities you have built or placed on the map. When you interact with a facility, at the top of the screen, you will see the message; disappears in H/M/S. So it’s better to recall the facilities every now and then.

So this is a short & simple Utopia: Origin fishing guide. Also, see –

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  1. Thanks for this fishing guide. Let me add more things : )

    1.) Abalone – You can get it by fishing at fairy river. Fairy river is in the middle of silver mountain hills and leaf fall mountains
    2.) King Crab – Clear Ice lake, use king earthworm
    3.) Elf Fish – use hairy crab bait or crawfish bait
    4.) Geoduck – Pleasant river. Use hairy crab bait

  2. Can someone please help me find spirit carp? I’ve been looking and looking but haven’t found a single site that listed how to get them or where exactly they are.

  3. Spirit fish can be caught everywhere small chance even with small worm. Better chance with better bait like king worm/ crwafish/hairy crab.

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