Utopia: Origin Fishing Guide – Worm, Boat, Rod!

In today’s Utopia: Origin Fishing guide, we will learn how to build a boat, explore in the lake/sea, worm farming, how to fish, and more

Welcome Rookies! If you are struggling to figure out how to go fishing in Utopia: Origin game and how to build a boat to go overseas, and explore the water type animals, then today’s Utopia: Origin fishing FAQ post will help you; let’s learn step-by-step: –

Utopia: Origin Fishing Requirement

The items you need for the fishing are; a fishing rod and worm.

You can go on fishing with or without a boat. But without a boat, you are restricted to the edge of the sea/lake/pond. Additionally, while exploring, you may want to cross a big lake or riverside. But since the stamina is low and if you swim for a long, you may lose life due to drowning. So it’s better to have a boat in the bag.

Crafting Fishing Road

Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideTo craft a fishing road, you need 20 pieces of wood, one Tendon, one iron bar.

  • Wood – 

You can gather wood by chopping trees. To chop a tree, you can use wood Axe. At the upper-right corner, tap the crafting button to open the crafting menu -> on the left side, choose hand option -> select weapon tab -> wood Axe.

  • Tendon –

Tendon can be obtained by hunting cows. Explore a bit, find the cows, hunt the cows to get tendon. You can hunt this animal with a wood club or any other weapon; wood AXE, Wood Bow, and more. Once eliminated, tap the hand icon to pick up items. Keep in mind that not all the time you get tendon; sometimes you just get milk bottles, raw meat. Keep hunting cows and you will get it eventually.

  • Iron Bar – 

Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideYou can get iron bar by smelting iron ore in the furnace. To build the furnace, you must build the workbench. Go to the crafting menu -> hand option -> facility -> workbench. Place the workbench on a good spot. After it, go close to the workbench and tap the hand icon. Choose “make” -> on the next screen, under the smelting facility -> choose furnace -> make. To make a furnace, you need stones. Explore a bit, find iron mines, use the wood pick to extract the resources from iron mine; stones, iron ore, and more.

Once you have iron ore and smelting facility ready, it’s time to smelt. Go close to the smelting facility -> tap the hand icon -> smelt -> from the bag items, choose iron ore -> add fuel; use wood or coal. That’s it. Wait a few seconds and you will get the iron bar.

Finishing: –

Now you have all the items ready to craft a fishing road. Head to the crafting menu -> on the left side, choose hand icon -> items -> scroll down and search for fishing tackle section. In the fishing tackle section, you can find the fishing rod. Tap it -> make.


Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideEarthworm; you need this creature for fishing. Otherwise, it would not work. To get earthworm, search for clay cliffs. You can easily find these clay cliffs at the edge of a sea/lake/pond or in green fields. Go close to it -> tap the hand icon to pick clay. Most of the time you also get earthworm along with the clay.

Start Fishing

Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideNow you have earthworm and fishing rod ready. Put both these items in the shortcut bar(tap the bag icon at the bottom of the game’s screen -> tap the fishing road/earthworm -> shortcut bar.

Go to the edge of a lake/sea/pond(some part of your body should be in the lake/river/pond) -> tap the earthworm -> tap the attack button(make sure to equip the fishing rod first). Wait a few seconds and you will get an item; a fish, pearl or something more.

Utopia: Origin Boat Guide – How To Craft

Utopia Origin: Fishing GuideCrafting a boat is very easy. You can craft a boat with 50 pieces of wood, 20 Hides. To get hide(animal skin), hunt some pigs or cows with a weapon. Once you have enough, go to the crafting menu -> on the left side menu, select the workbench tab -> scroll down and at the bottom, you will find the boat section. Tap the boat -> make.

Boarding A Boat

To board a boat, you have to place it in the lake/river/pond/waterside. Tap the bag -> boat -> use -> place it there. Go close to the boat -> tap the hand icon -> board. Use the joystick controller to move the boat. For fishing -> Tap the red color arrow icon on the right side to stand up -> equip fishing rod -> tap the worm -> then, tap the attack button.

Recall A Boat

You may want to use a boat in multiple locations. Instead of crafting one more, you can recall a boat to the bag and then use where you want. Go close to the boat -> tap the hand icon -> recall. Now, it’s in the bag. Recall feature lets you pack the facilities you have built or placed on the map. When you interact with a facility, at the top of the screen, you will see the message; disappears in H/M/S. So it’s better to recall the facilities every now and then.

So this is a short & simple Utopia: Origin fishing guide. Also, see –

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6 thoughts on “Utopia: Origin Fishing Guide – Worm, Boat, Rod!”

  1. Spirit fish can be caught everywhere small chance even with small worm. Better chance with better bait like king worm/ crwafish/hairy crab.

  2. Can someone please help me find spirit carp? I’ve been looking and looking but haven’t found a single site that listed how to get them or where exactly they are.

  3. Thanks for this fishing guide. Let me add more things : )

    1.) Abalone – You can get it by fishing at fairy river. Fairy river is in the middle of silver mountain hills and leaf fall mountains
    2.) King Crab – Clear Ice lake, use king earthworm
    3.) Elf Fish – use hairy crab bait or crawfish bait
    4.) Geoduck – Pleasant river. Use hairy crab bait