Hero Park Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Hero Park is a village simulation game for mobile by Fun Flavor Games. Check out our Hero Park guide, tips, cheats & strategies to master the game

Hero ParkHero Park is a simple yet addictive game on mobile where the player builds the village, dungeons, and progresses through an adventurous journey. In the game, you will build the shops, monster farm, dungeons, and plenty of things to make the village attractive and worth visiting. If you have just started playing the Hero Park game, then you are on the right page. This Hero Park guide will teach you all the basic concepts of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Hero Park tips, cheats & strategies that will help you progress fast. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Hero Park Guide⇓

Let’s get familiar with the game’s basics first. The goal is to expand the village by building facilities such as alchemist, tavern, armor forge, weapon forge, magic shop, etc. In these buildings or shops, you recruit the employees to craft or make specific items. For example – Brunhilde is an alchemist who works in the Alchemist building. She crafts the potions.

When heroes come to visit the village, they will shop in the shops and you will make money and RP. RP is required to level up. As you level up, new buildings, functions get unlocked.

Other than the village, you have to manage the monster and the dungeon area. In the dungeon, the hero fights the monster and you earn RP. The hero may find the treasure chest during the village visit.

Hero Park Guide To In-Game Currency⇓

  • Gold
  • Diamonds
  • RP

Gold – Gold is required to craft the items in the shops or buildings such as Alchemist, Tavern, Armor Forge, Weapon Forge, Magic Shop, etc. Also, to produce monsters or other stuff on the monster farm, junk factory, graveyard, etc.

Sell the items to the customers or heroes in the village to earn gold.

Diamonds – Diamond is the valuable in-game currency in Hero Park. You can use it to hire employees, open chests, obtain gold, and other tasks.

You can obtain diamonds in Hero Park by watching the video ad. Head to the shop and there you will find the free offer – watch the video ad and get free diamonds. Or level up to obtain diamonds. Also, you may earn diamonds from daily challenges, unlocks at level 10.Hero Park

RP – RP can be obtained by upgrading and improving the buildings in the village. Also, when the hero makes a purchase, use dungeons in the village. In the upper-left corner of the screen, you can check the RP and level. To reach the next level, you need to grind RP. For example – to reach level 7 in Hero Park, you need to earn 36000 RP. At the bottom-right corner, tap the medal/competition tab option -> there you can check the current level and the amount of RP required to reach the next level.

Hero Park Guide To Employees⇓

You can assign the employees to the shop. And, make sure to keep the hero’s type in mind. At the footer menu of the game, head to the second tab; team. There you can check the employees in the team and the employees who are not on the team. Tap on an employee – this will open his/her profile page.

In the profile pop-up, below the employee’s name, you can check the employee’s type. For example – if it’s Weapon Forge, then you can assign him/her to Weapon Forge building. Other than this building, you would not be able to assign that hero.

How To Get Employees?

You may get Employees from the chest; obtain from the daily challenges, shop. Also, when you level up, you may get a new employee.Hero Park

How To Unlock New Employees?

New Employees get unlocked when you level up the village. Read the RP guide above for more details.


Heroes are the visitors or customers who visit the village. You need to attract these heroes to the village with the help of unicorn. Outside the village boundary, tap the unicorn twice to attract the visitors. Or in the upper-right corner, tap the attract button.

After that, you will have to select the heroes. All heroes make different purchases and have different purchasing power. You need to choose them wisely; depending on the needs.

Heroes spend in the shops and play dungeons. In both activities, you earn RP and gold coins.

Buildings And Monster Area

To construct a building in the village, tap on any unoccupied area in the village boundary. After that, you get to choose a building of your choice; you can buy buildings in exchnage for gold.

On the opposite side of the bridge or behind the dungeon, you can build the monster facilities; monster farm, junk factory, graveyard, etc.

After building a shop or monster facility, make sure to assign employees and start the production so that heroes can visit the facility and you can make more gold or RP.

So this would be all in this Hero Park guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Hero Park tips, cheats & strategies.

Hero Park Tips & Tricks⇓

  • Complete the quest to earn chests
  • Keep producing the items and monster
  • Keep luring the new heroes to the village
  • Grab the free diamonds deal in the shop
  • Upgrade the buildings
  • Improve the employees
  • Participate in the daily challenges in Hero Park

Complete The Quests

You always have the quests in the bucket that you can complete for the chest – and, that chest brings you new employees, employee improvements, gold, and other stuff. Head to the chest tab at the footer menu – there you can check the quest and change its difficulty. Higher the difficulty, the better the reward you get.

Keep Producing

Don’t stop – keep producing the items and monsters on their respective buildings. Keep all the slots full – buy new slots to produce more at a time.

Keep Luring 

New customers! Old customers leave the village as soon as they complete their purchase or activity. So keep attracting new heroes now and then to make a steady profit.

Grab The Diamonds

Head to the shop and grab the video ad offers, which give you free diamonds.

Upgrade The Buildings

Tap on any building and in the upper-right corner, tap the green color + RP button. Above the button, you can check the cost of the upgrade. Also, you can buy new slots for heroes and items. Why do you need to level up the building? Because as you level up the building, the game unlocks new employee slots – you will be able to assign multiple heroes in the shop and increase the production.

Improve The Employees

Head to the team tab -> tap the hero -> spend gold and improvement. Employee’s improvement or duplicate cards can be obtained from the chests.Hero Park

Participate In Daily Challenges

In the competition tab, after level 10, you can participate in the daily challenges and earn chests.

So these are some Hero Park tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below.

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