Revived Witch Reroll Guide

Our Revived Witch Reroll Guide covers how to reroll for the best characters in the Reived Witch Englis Global version of the game. 

Revived Witch Reroll Guide

Revived Witch Reroll Guide⇓

It’s very easy to reroll in Revived Witch as the game itself allows you to reroll for X100 times. Go through the tutorial, reach the Hall of Origin, and the game will unlock the “1st limited edition summon” banner. You will be able to draw 10 characters on this banner for free. And, you will have x100 rerolls. Tap on the summon button -> draw 10 characters -> if you get the top-tier UR characters, confirm. If you are not happy with the results, summon again. You can reroll 100 times. Please check out this Revived Witch tier list to know which UR characters are the best in the game. (Also, see – Revived Witch Codes)

So that covers the Revived Witch reroll guide. Players don’t need to use multiple accounts, salt accounts, mess with root files, emulators, etc. as the game itself allows you to reroll x100 times. 

(Also, see – Revived Witch Codes)

Revived Witch Reroll Guide: Reroll Tier List⇓

We would recommend you to reroll for a top-tier UR character in the game. Revived Witch features characters in four grades; UR grade, SSR grade, SR grade, and the R grade. UR grade characters are hard to get, so you may want to have at least one in your account when starting the game, for a head start. To know which UR characters are good, please check this tier list

(Also, see – Revived Witch Codes)

Revived Witch Reroll Guide: About Rerolling⇓

In most “character collection” or “gacha” games, players target the top-tier or their favorite characters in the starting summons. If they don’t achieve the target, they reroll by starting over; either creating a new account or resetting the current game progress. Since Revived Witch is also a gacha game, players will be willing to reroll; but since the game features an in-built reroll system, players would not need to go through complicated reroll methods where they have to create new accounts, use salt emails, or delete the data. 

(Also, see – Revived Witch Codes)

Also, see – Revived Witch Tier List

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