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New to the Rise of Kingdoms game? Understand all its core aspects with this Rise of Kingdoms guide available with tips, cheats & strategies

Rise of Kingdoms guide and tips⇓

This RoK article covers how to play Rise of Kingdoms, about commanders, troops, buildings, and other things such as tips to get powerful, why to join an alliance, red gems, resources, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Rise of Kingdoms guide and tips: – 

Getting Started With Rise of Kingdoms Basics

Rise of KingdomsIn Rise of Kingdoms, you have a city to manage and grow and you play as a commander. There are a variety of buildings that you can build in the city for many benefits such as the production of resources, training, and upgrading the troops’ tier, researches, defense, commanders, and more.

These buildings include training centers, production centers, alliance facilities, research facilities, commander recruitment centers, and many more. To build these facilities or use these facilities, you need resources; food, wood, stone, and gold. 

Speaking of combat, Rise of Kingdoms feature classic campaign battle with lots of stages, PvE battles where you fight enemies on the map, PvP battles where you raid on other players’ cities to loot their resources, and alliance battles to dominate on the server map.

To protect the resources(Defense) and attack the enemies, you need to build an army of high-tier troops and power-up the commanders. Also, it would be much better if you join an alliance and relocate to its territory(teleport there) – this will reduce the chances of getting attacked by other players. When you are in the alliance territory, close to the alliance members, you can get assistance quickly – if there is someone who is going to invade your city. 

Let’s learn how to increase Kingdom/City power: –

Tips To Increase Power In Rise of Kingdoms⇓

The total power of your Kingdom is affected by the building power, technology power, troops power, and commanders power. In order to increase the power of the Kingdom, you need to power-up all these things. Let’s learn how to do this: –

  1. Building Power – Build and Upgrade buildings
  2. Technology Power – Research the technologies in the academy
  3. Troops Power – Train the troops or recruit the troops. Have high-tier troops because they have better stats. 
  4. Commanders Power – Level up the Kingdom’s Commanders, upgrade them, upgrade their skills, and talents

So these are the ways to increase the power of the city in Rise of Kingdoms game. Let’s learn about the buildings in Rise of Kingdoms.

Guide To Buildings In Rise of Kingdoms⇓

In Rise of Kingdoms game, there are two types of buildings; economy buildings and military buildings. At the bottom-left corner of the game screen, tap the hammer icon to check the buildings. You can switch between three tabs; economic, military, and decoration.

  • City Hall

City Hall is the main building in your Kingdom. If you upgrade the city hall, new buildings or the maximum limit of building a specific building will increase. Also, troop dispatch queue, troop capacity, and the Kingdom’s power will increase. As you upgrade the city hall to the next levels, you will enter a new era every certain level. By default, the Kingdom starts in the Stone Age.

  1. Level 4 City Hall – Bronze Era
  2. Level 10 City Hall – Iron Era
  3. City Hall Level 16 – Dark Era(Troop dispatch queue – 4, After this level)
  4. City Hall Level 21 – Feudal Era(Troop dispatch queue – 5, After this level)
  • Goldmine – Gold is one of the resources in RoK. You don’t need this in the early game. As you progress further, you need the gold for scouting, Kingdom development. Goldmine produces gold.
  • Farm – Farm is needed to produce food. Food is required to train the troops, upgrade the buildings, and in many more tasks
  • Lumber Mill – Lumber Mill produces wood, the essential resource required in training troops, building & upgrading the facilities
  • Quarry – Quarry produces stones
  • Academy

Academy is one of the main buildings in Rise of Kingdoms game. In the academy, you can research two types of technologies; economic and military. After building the academy, tap it -> research(potion bottle) -> a new window will open where you can see the technologies. There are two tabs on the left side of this window; economic, military. In the economic tab, you can search the technologies related to the production of resources, troop load, research speed, gathering speed, and more.

In the military tab, you can see the technologies related to troops, training speed, new troops, attack, march speed, defense, and more.

  • Storehouse

Rise of KingdomsStorehouse is another main facility in Rise of Kingdoms. As you know that other players can invade your Kingdom anytime and steal the resources. This storehouse protects the resources; food, wood, stone, gold. But there is a limit. It can not protect the whole treasure. You can upgrade this facility to increase the protection capacity.

  • Alliance Center

When you join an alliance, you can ask for help. For example; In the building, upgrading, research etc. When the player asks for help, this facility shows a helping hand icon. Tapping this will help the player. Basically, the time for upgrading/building/researching will reduce.

If you upgrade this facility, you can increase the number of times that you can be helped and the reinforcement troop capacity. Players in an alliance can help each other by reinforcement(Send your troops to another player). To reinforce, tap the menu button at the bottom-right corner of the game screen and then tap the alliance option. After that, go to the members tab(on the left side of the alliance menu screen, there are three tabs; alliance, members, settings). Tap on a member name and choose to reinforce. After that, tap the + icon -> send the troops. So this is how you reinforce in Rise of Kingdoms game.

  • Shop

The shop allows you to purchase the resources, boosters, speed-ups, and other items; arrow of resistance, master’s blueprint, book of covenant, rename card, talent reset item, Kingdom change, keys, teleport, and builder. It will cost you red gems.

  • Builder’s Hut

This is where your builder lives. To increase the building queues, build this facility. However, there is a certain limit that you can not pass.

  • Monument

This is where you can see the history of the kingdom; complete these chapters to get precious rewards.

  • Trading Post

Using this facility, you can send the resources to other players in the alliance.

  • Courier Station

In Rise of Kingdoms game, the mysterious NPC/merchant sells resources, speed-ups, boosters, and other items. You can buy these items in exchange for resources or gems.

  • Tavern

The tavern is the facility where you use the keys to unlock two types of chests; silver chest, golden chest. You can get commanders, resources, sculptures, resources, boosters, items from these chests. Tap the tavern facility -> search(magnifying glass icon) -> open the chests. In the tavern menu, at the top-right corner, tap the (i) icon to check the rewards list or drop rates.

  • Scout Camp

This is where the scouts stay in Kingdom. These scouts can help you to know about the kingdom/enemy that you are about to attack. When you tap an enemy city, you get the option to scout. Send the scouts and you will get the details such as defense, resources, level details, and more. You get the scout report in the mail menu.

  • Barracks, Archery Range, Stable, Siege Workshop

In these buildings, you train the troops. You can unlock high-tier troops or new troops by researching in the academy(military technology).

  • Hospital

When you attack someone or you get attacked by someone, troops may get injured. Injured troops can be healed in the hospital. If you upgrade the hospital, capacity will increase.

  • Castle

Rise of KingdomsOn the world map, there are many barbarian forts. A solo player can not attack these forts. To attack these forts, you need to start the rally attack. To increase the rallied army capacity, you will have to upgrade the castle. From these rally battles, you can earn book of covenant, keys, red gems, tome of knowledge, and many more items.

  • Notice Board

Here you get the update and event details of Rise of Kingdoms game.

So this is the Rise of Kingdoms guide to buildings. Let’s have a look at Rise of Kingdoms guide to the commanders.

Guide To Commanders In Rise of Kingdoms⇓

Rise of KingdomsRise of Kingdoms game features over 34 commanders. All these commanders have unique skills, traits, talents, and stats. You can set these commanders on defense and when you go on an attack, you can add two commanders; primary commander and the secondary commander. Or, you can use them to plunder the RSS tiles on the map. Do note that all commander characters have a unique set of skills; like gathering, leading cavalry units, infantry units, buffs, etc. So make sure to use them wisely. For instance; for gathering, commander character with gathering skills and buffs. 

How to set the commander on defense?

Tap the wall of your Kingdom -> tap the defense icon -> tap the empty slot icon -> choose commander. These commanders will fight against the enemy who attacks the Kingdom.

Garrison Commander!

You should set the commander on garrisoning position who has the garrison skill. Tap the menu button -> tap commanders -> select a commander -> under the name of commander, you can check the commander’s traits.

Getting Commanders In Rise of Kingdoms

In the tavern building, open the chests and you could get the commanders. Tap the (i) icon at the upper-right corner in the tavern menu to check the commanders list or their drop rates(probability).

Level Up The Commanders⇓

Rise of KingdomsTo level up the commanders in RoK, you need to give them XP. There are two ways to grant XP to commanders; from the battles or using the tome of knowledge item. You get the tome of knowledge item from the quests, by defeating barbarians, from the chests, and shop.

To use the tome of knowledge, tap the menu -> commanders -> tap the commander -> tap the + button next to the commander’s XP bar.

Via Battles – When you get the victory from the battles, commanders earn XP.

Upgrade The Commanders⇓

Once the commander reaches its max level, he/she will not earn XP from the battles until you increase his/her level cap. To increase the level cap of a commander in Rise of Kingdoms, you need sculptures. Menu -> commanders -> tap the ⇑ icon next to the stars -> add sculptures -> confirm.

You get these sculptures from the chests, courier station, quest reward, and the shop.

Get Familair With Commanders’ Skills⇓

As we mentioned above, all the commanders have unique skills. As you upgrade the commander stars, new skills will get unlocked. You can upgrade these skills using the sculptures. Menu -> commanders -> commander -> tap the skills button -> upgrade. You need sculptures to upgrade the skills. And, the game randomly upgrades one of the unlocked skills.

Build RoK Commanders’ Talent Tree Wisely⇓

Rise of KingdomsWhen you develop the commanders, you get the talent points. You can spend these talent points to unlock/upgrade the talents of commander. Menu -> commanders -> commander -> tap the talents. You can spend these points on developing a trait. For example; if the commander has three traits(you can check the traits under the name in commander menu), you can spend these points in developing these traits. Tap the trait to get details. For example; if you want to use the commander as a garrison unit, spend these talent points in garrison trait/row. Tap on any talent to get the details. We would recommend building the commanders’ talents based on their strengths.

Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders⇓

In the commander menu, select a commander -> tap the (i) icon at the top -> here you can check the commander’s rarity; epic, elite, legendary, and advanced. The higher the rarity is the more difficult it would be to upgrade the commanders. For example; To upgrade these commanders, you need sculptures. And, you get these sculptures(epic, elite, legendary, advanced) from the chests or by completing the quests. The drop rate for high rarity sculptures(legendary) is quite low. So we would recommend you to progress with the commanders who can be developed easily. For example; If you progress with a legendary commander, you will rarely get its sculptures and upgrading it will take a long time.

Here’s our recommendation – Progress with these best commanders –

  1. Hermann(Epic)
  2. Scipio(Epic)
  3. Joan of Arc(Epic)
  4. Pelagius(Epic)
  5. Lancelot(Elite)
  6. Lohar(Epic)
  7. Boudica(Epic)

Hermann – Hermann in Rise of Kingdoms is one of the best garrison commanders. You can deploy him to garrison the Kingdom.

Scipio – Scipio is one of the best F2P commanders – PvP. It would be better to pair him with Boudica or Joan of Arc.

Pelagius – He is a great cavalry commander(cavalry attack/defense bonus).

Combos – For PvP, we would recommend you Boudica + Scipio Africanus. For PvE – Boudica and Lohar.

Guide To Battles In Rise of Kingdoms⇓

Campaign – Tap the menu -> campaign. The campaign mode features two game modes; Ark of Osiris and Expedition. Expedition – In this mode, you complete the stages and earn medals. You can exchange these medals in the exchange shop(tap the shop icon at the upper-left corner in the expedition menu).

Ark of Osiris – Ark of Osiris mode is only available to the top alliances.

Rise of KingdomsWorld Map -> Zoom-out on the main game screen and you will see the whole Kingdom word. Or tap the map icon at the bottom-left corner -> tap the search icon just below the quest panel -> if you want to attack barbarians, choose barbarian -> choose a level -> search -> attack. In addition to the barbarians, you have more options; cropland(gather food), logging camp(gather wood), stone deposit(gather stones), gold deposit(gather gold). You can send the troops to these points and gather the resources.

Apart from these fixed functions, you can manually search for other players’ kingdom, barbarian fort, and alliance.

The Kingdoms In RoK⇓

We would recommend you to choose Germany as it offers +5% troop training speed and +10% action points recovery speed.

So this is the Rise of Kingdoms guide for the rookies. Let’s have a look at our top Rise of Kingdoms tips, cheats & strategies!

Increase The Kingdom Power⇓

We’ve already discussed in the guide above how to increase the power; upgrade the buildings, commanders, train the troops, and research the technologies. You have to focus on these aspects to increase the kingdom power. If you want to send more troops in the march, you will have to upgrade the commander. The total troop capacity that you can send in a march depends on city hall level, commander skills, and the commander level.

Don’t Waste The Red Gems⇓

You get red gems by completing the quests, from random reward, from the battles, alliance gift(chest reward). We would recommend you to spend the gems in upgrading the VIP level. The Rise of Kingdoms VIP offers many benefits. At the top-left of the game screen -> tap VIP -> claim the reward/chest -> read the exclusive buffs. Tap the + icon -> spend gems to get VIP points(required to increase the VIP level).

Farm The Resources In Rise of Kingdoms⇓

Send your troops on the world map to gather wood, food, and stones. You will need these resources to grow Kingdom. It’s better to do it multiple times daily.

Join An Alliance⇓

You should join an alliance if you want to grow fast. If you join an alliance, you can seek help from the members, share the resources, get reinforcement, gifts, free chests, and much more. Also, it would be better to move to the alliance territory. Your alliance will get the benefit when you gather the resources inside the alliance territory. Also, you can start rally attacks and earn gems, book of covenant, keys, and many more items.

Complete All The Daily Objectives⇓

If you complete all the daily objectives, you will get one golden key, 100 gems, magic box, epic commander sculpture, silver key, the tome of knowledge, action point bottles, and much more.

Play The Expedition Mode Daily⇓

Complete all the expedition stages with the 3-star and you can claim the rewards instantly. Tap the chest icon at the upper-left corner in the expedition menu. You can exchange the medals in the expedition shop for sculptures and other items.

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So these are the top Rise of Kingdoms tips for the beginners from our end. If you have more tips, comment below!

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  1. I am new to the game. How do I leave an alliance that I no longer want to be a part of? Thanks for any help you can give me….

    • Its best to gather the entire amount, or as much as you can hold. I’m pretty sure it does not grow back, but new resource spots get randomly generated.

    • Always collect all the resources so they will be able to reappear/respawn on the map again. If you leave some resources it cannot reappear until someone empties it.

  2. I keep getting attacked and plundered heavily by the same player multiple times he’s 100 times more powerful than me. Stole over 628k of everything in one attack! How do I stop this?

  3. Mabel, you can use a territorial teleport (open your items and look for it under Others). once you are in an alliance you can teleport into the territories that your alliance control. if you do not have a teleport item, you can buy it in your alliance shop. you will need to save up alliance coins first, usually by building flags, building alliance resources, etc. your alliance should help you

  4. My alliance is in a different part of the map than i am. They keep asking me to move and i don’t know how. When they try to help me they give me coordinates amd wjen i try to reinforce the screen says its behind a pass i can’t get through. I would gladly join the alliance that I’m currently neighboring but again i don’t know how to ask to join. Only on level 11

  5. Hi there,

    A couple of questions here –
    1. How do you expand your empire to include farms, loghouses and mines on the map?
    2. I have come across a “pass” on the map that I am unable to get through and don’t understand why it wouldn’t let me attack or even scout it?
    If anyone has any of these answers it would be greatly appreciated!

    Many thanks,


    • 1. The loghouses and farms cannot be obtained indefinitely, but can be gathered from by clicking on them and sending an army. Certain resource spots with the word “alliance” in them cannot be gathered from by the player, but are to be gathered from when in alliance territory.

      2. The “pass” can be controlled only by an alliance with territory adjacent to it. Scouts can travel through, but armies cannot unless your alliance owns them.

  6. In your guide, you mention Lancelot but you do not explain how to use him. Do you think you could post a guide that goes in-depth on different commander combos? I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    Briana Morgan

    • @Briana Lancelot has mobility buffs, you can use him for speed or pair with Pelagius. He is a great cavalry commander.