Slime Hunter Wild Impact Guide & Tips: Best Class, Pets, And More

Our Slime Hunter Wild Impact guide covers the basic aspects of the game like best class, change class, pets, auto-battle level, and tips on getting stronger.Slime Hunter Wild Impact Guide

Slime Hunter Wild Impact Guide For Beginners: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

The following Slime Hunter Wild Impact guide will teach you how to play this game, how to catch pets, get stronger, crafting, and other aspects such as classes, changing class quests, auto-battle level, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: Slime Hunter Wild Impact guide and tips for beginners: –

Slime Hunter Wild Impact Best Class Guide⇓

Warrior, Archer, and Wizard are the three primary classes in this game that you can pick at the beginning. All these classes are balanced and can perform well if you are well-equipped. Warrior uses the sword to fight enemies. Archer uses the bow to eliminate enemies. And, Wizard uses its staff weapon to eliminate enemies. If you like melee fights, Warrior would be the best. For ranged-battles, Archer and Wizard are the two options. 

When you reach level 150 and complete the class change quest, you can switch to the sub-class. Each main class offers two sub-classes.

Warrior: Ultimate Master, Hydra. In our opinion, Ultimate Master is the best class to pick. 

Archer: Carpet Bomber, Mechanical Archer. In our opinion, Carpet Bomber is the best class for boss fights. Mechanical Archer is the best damage dealer; good against single and multiple monsters. We would recommend Mech Archer. 

Wizard: Orb Master, Spell Magician. In our opinion, Spell Magician is a powerful class. 

How To Change Class In Slime Hunter?

Complete the class change quest; you will need to farm class change magic books(defeat monsters, low drop rate), reach a certain auto-battle level, and collect a certain amount of gold. Progress through the main quests and you will unlock the class change quest(it should appear on the left side of the screen). Tap it to see the requirements for class change. Slime Hunter Wild Impact Guide

Slime Hunter Wild Impact Guide To Basics⇓

(1) Right after you pick the class, you will enter the game. We would recommend you to follow the main quests in the beginning as they will help you level up the main character quickly because the EXP rewards from these main quests are amazing. 

(2) Grinding: Defeating the monsters will give you EXP and drop a bunch of gear items, material items that you can use in crafting, potions, etc. When you defeat the monsters, on the left side, below the quest widget, you will see what you have obtained. Keep an eye on the inventory as it will fill up easily now and then. In the top-right corner, tab the backpack icon button to move to the inventory. You can use other gears to level up the main gears or sell the useless gears for coins. Tap the sell button in the lower-right corner -> select the items you want to sell and confirm. 

(3) Keep Getting Stronger: As you progress, the Main Quests, Dungeon Monsters, Boss Raids, Tower Monsters will be very challenging and you will need to continue getting stronger. The best way to get stronger in the Slime Hunter Wild Impact game is by equipping and upgrading the gears. You can craft the gears or obtain them by defeating the monsters. Then you can level up these gears, enhance, awaken, etc. to boost their stats. 

(4) Navigation: In the top-right corner, below the menu button, tap on the map. A list of locations will appear; Floria, Travian, Demos, Florans, Cruzna, etc. Tap on a location, each location has some hotspots with NPCs and unique monster and CP requirements. When you tap the location, this info will appear. Tap the move button to head there and start grinding. Monsters drop gold, crafting material items, gears, etc. 

How To Level Up Auto-Battle?

To increase the auto-battle level, you will need to manually fight or defeat the monsters. Turn off the auto-battle mode(tap the auto option in the bottom-center, tap the (?) symbol next to it for auto-battle level info). As you defeat the monsters manually, you will earn auto-battle EXP and its level will go up. The max auto-battle level seems to be 39. 

How To Catch Pets In Slime Hunter?

It’s very easy to catch pets aka monsters. Navigate to any map location where you see the monsters; like slime, grasshopper, mushroom, etc. Tap the map below the menu button in the top-right corner -> tap on a location -> move there. 

Once you are at the location where you see the monsters, start fighting them. Keep fighting them and keep an eye on the screen(if you are on auto-battle mode) – now and then(low chances), you will see the “Tap” option when you defeat a monster. Its chances are very lower, but you will eventually get to catch it if you keep defeating them.

Slime Hunter Wild Impact Guide

When you see the “Tap” button, tap on the monster and then tap on the “Capture” button – based on the luck, catching will be successful or failed. If it gets successful, the pet monster will be sent to your inventory.

In the top-right corner, tap the backpack/bag icon button -> go to the 4th tab -> there you will find the captured pets in “blue stones” -> tap on the blue stone -> use -> get the pet.

Slime Hunter Wild Impact Guide 

Use of pets; pets provide bonuses like reduction in MP cost, increase in evasion rate, stats, etc. 

How To Level Up Fast In Slime Hunter Wild Impact?

Do the main quests, dungeon battles grant massive EXP, move to the map with high-level monsters and start defeating them for more EXP. 

Tips To Get Stronger In Slime Hunter Wild Impact⇓

Craft high-grade equipment and equip them. Level them up, enhance, awaken, upgrade, etc. for further boost. 

Get pets, upgrade pets. Absorb Soul Stones. And, upgrade the skills of the character. 

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So this would be all in this post on Slime Hunter Wild Impact Guide and Tips for beginners. 

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