Iron Saga Reroll Guide – Starter Pilots, What To Reroll?

In this Iron Saga reroll guide, you will learn how to reroll for the best rank mechas or pilots. Also, what are the best three starter units

As the game starts, you will be asked to select three pilots that you want to have – there are 20 pilots on your screen and the game allows you to select three. One of these three pilots will accompany you in the game – that means, you will get one of these pilots during the recruitment. After that, you will get over 3000 diamonds as a pre-registration gift that you can use for x10 pull; pilots/mechas. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Iron Saga Reroll Guide – Starter Pilots, What to reroll?Iron Saga Reroll Guide

Iron Saga Reroll Guide: –

Pick The Three Pilots In The Beginning

As you progress through the game, you will eventually get all the Pilots – so even if you pick the three pilots blindly, there would not be an issue later in the game. Still, if you want to pick the best ones – here we are recommending the pilots that are mostly used in JP server: –

  • Slokai
  • Judith
  • Mephis
  • Linda
  • Kelly
  • Matilda
  • Vesper
  • Elaine
  • Wood
  • Catalina

When you pull x10 from the pilot recruitment banner, you will get one of the favorite picks – and, that’s guaranteed! (Cafe -> spend 1800 diamonds). If you are going to reroll, then we don’t recommend spending precious diamonds on the pilot banner because you can get them later in the game – instead, you should try getting the top tier mechas.Iron Saga Reroll Guide

Draw Mechas After The Tutorial

The tutorial will end after you claim the pre-registration rewards. Go to the store -> High-End Mechas – this banner gives you can SSS/SS/S/A-Rank mechas. The drop-rate for SSS is 3%, for SS – it’s 3%. For S-Rank – it’s 4%. And, for A-Rank – it’s 90%. A-Rank mechas are also great because you don’t need duplicates of them to past 5-star upgrade. On the other hand, you will need duplicates for S+ rank Mechas(most). So it would be hard to upgrade them – that’s why A-grade mechas worth(In starting) – you can easily upgrade them without duplicates.

Try Getting Recommended Mechas

We have listed out the mechas that you should roll for to get a head start.

  • Galahad – SS
  • Dou Jiang Gai – SS
  • French Knight MK2 – A
  • Teutonic – A
  • Achilles – A
  • Yaksha Modified – A
  • Odysseus – A
  • Kongou – A

Iron Saga Reroll Guide

Switch To A New Account To Reroll

Restart the game and on the login screen, tap the account name in the bottom-left corner; register a new account if you are not satisfied with the pulls. Tap the register button -> type account name, password, confirm the password and register. And, after that login with the newly created account to start over. It’s better to bind the account with third party app; Twitter – when you are good with the pulls. Also, see –

So this would be al in this Iron Saga reroll guide for beginners. We would recommend you to see this video for more information.

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