AxE: Alliance vs Empire Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

AxE: Alliance vs Empire is a brand new open world MMORPG by Nexon for Android and iOS. Check out our AxE: Alliance vs Empire guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Nexon has finally released its latest MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire on Google Play Store and iOS app store. Like other MMORPGs, AxE: Alliance vs Empire features a wide range of game modes for the player; PvP Arena, dungeons, guild battles, story mode, and much more. In addition to all these modes, the game also features two factions; alliance and empire. In both the factions, there are a total of six characters. You can change character class, faction anytime. In today’s post, we will guide you to all the basic aspects of the game, how to master every single mode, in-game currencies, battle system, and much more. Let’s get started: AxE: Alliance vs Empire guide and Axe: Alliance vs Empire tips, cheats & strategies!

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Factions Guide

AxE: Alliance vs EmpireWhen you start the game for the first time, the game will ask you to choose one of the two factions; Galanos Alliance, Holy Darkhan Empire. In each faction, you have three character classes options(you can create up to three characters in each faction). In Galanos Alliance faction, you can play as an archer, Titan, and Blademaster. And, In Holy Darkhan Empire faction, you can play as a Valkyrie, Warrior, and Mage.

The player can switch between factions and create another character on the character selection screen. All you need to do is tap the faction icon to switch. So this is AxE: Alliance vs Empire factions guide.

Character Classes: –

  1. Valkyrie(Empire)
  2. Warrior(Empire)
  3. Mage(Empire)
  4. Archer(Alliance)
  5. Titan(Alliance)
  6. Blademaster(Alliance)

Valkyrie Class -> Valkyrie is one of the best strikers in the game. She has healing buffs(she can heal party members gradually and instantly). Her skills’ damage power is also good. She is a mele character who attacks from a close range.

Warrior Class -> Warrior is another character class in empire faction. He is another melee character with good defensive stats. He can stun enemies, decrease damage(Enemy attacks), decrease DEF/MOVEMENT SPEED of enemies.

Mage Class -> She has good striking skills that deal massive damage to the enemies. Most importantly, she has the ability to decrease enemy’s DEF, ATK.

Archer Class -> She uses the bow to attack enemies from a distance. Like Valkyrie, she has healing buffs; recovers HP.

Titan Class -> A solid character who has good strike and defense stats. Like Warrior, Titan can stun the enemies and apply the debuffs; decreases enemy damage reduction and decreases DEF(enemy).

Blademaster Class -> Like Mage, Blademaster can decrease the enemy’s DEF and ATK stats.

All these characters have unique active and class skills. The skills mentioned above are the default ones. As you level up the character, you can unlock more. Now, the question is what is the best character class in AxE: Alliance vs Empire. Well, all these have different stats, skill damage, attributes, and attack style. We would recommend you to continue with the one that suits you or with whom you are comfortable.

Change Character Class

As we mentioned above, you can create up to three characters in each faction and switch between them anytime. Tap the menu button(at the top-right corner of the game screen) -> character -> change character -> OK -> now, you are on character selection screen -> choose a character -> confirm).

AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Skills Guide

AxE: Alliance vs Empire⇒To upgrade the skills, you need skill points. SP or skill points can be obtained by leveling up the character. You will get 1 SP every two levels. You can also purchase these skill points with white diamonds. To upgrade the character skills, tap the menu -> character -> skill & attribute -> tap the + icon to learn or upgrade a skill. You can check the number of skill points at the bottom-center of the skill & attribute menu.

⇒In AxE: Alliance vs Empire, there are three types of skills; Weapon Skills, Standard Skills, and Class Skills. The weapon skill unlocks when you equip epic-grade or higher grade weapon. Standard Skills are of two types; active standard skill and passive standard skill. All the characters in AxE: Alliance vs Empire have the same passive skills. You can unlock new active skills by raising the character’s level.

In the skill & attribute menu, In the skill tab, you have three tabs; active, passive, and skill management. In the active tab, you can see all the active skills+upgrade them. Tap the reset button to get skill points back. In the passive tab, you can get the details of passive skills. Passive skills get activated automatically while active skills are activated manually in the battle.

In the skill management tab, you can remove or replace active skills.

Go to the second tab; attributes. Here you can see the class skills. the attribute tab has three sub-tabs. In the active tab, there are two sections; the left section displays supportive and healing skills. The right section displays offensive skills. You can equip up to one class skill. The same UI is in the passive tab. In the attribute skill management tab, you can remove or equip skills.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Character Development Guide

⇒The player can raise the character’s power by increasing its level, skill level, equipping high-quality gears, costumes, and activating different types of titles. To level up fast, you can use the item named as Hero’s blessing. Additionally, complete the quests; sub-quest, area quest, complete missions to level up fast. At the bottom of the game screen, you can check the character’s level bar. It fills as you gain EXP. You can get the Hero’s Blessing item by completing the challenges(chapter quest), as a reward, from the shop.

⇒Costumes for the character can be purchased from the costume shop. Go to the shop -> costume shop -> here you can buy costume chests. To buy a costume chest, you need diamonds(blue diamond, white diamond). To equip the costume, go to the gear menu(where you equip the weapons, accessories, armors) -> tap the manage costume button at the top-left -> select an outfit.

⇒Reputation Level -> You can raise the character’s reputation level by completing the missions, achievements, event missions. Tap the menu button -> rewards -> missions -> tap the magnifying glass icon next to the reputation level -> here you can see all the titles! GRAB THEM ALL!

⇒Codex Effect -> Go to the gear menu(tap the bag icon at the top-right of the game screen) -> at the bottom, tap the book icon -> here you can see the gear codex. You can activate the codex effect if you have the required gear item.

To check the all classes’ gear set, tap the menu -> character -> character -> OK -> Codex -> here you can check out the gear sets; Weapon set and armor set.

⇒Runes -> Tap the menu -> items -> rune -> here you can equip/upgrade/remove runes. You can get runes from the missions, conflict mode, shop.

AxE: Alliance vs Empire – Gears Guide

⇒There are six types of gear(quality/grade); Mythic gears, Unique, Epic, Rare, Fine, and Normal. Getting normal, fine grade gears is easy(you can easily get these gears from the dungeon mode, quests, free chests). Additionally, rare grade gears’ drop rate is also decent. But the drop rate for unique, mythic, and epic gear is low. 

How to get gears?

  • From the dungeon mode(quality of rewards increases as you unlock more dungeon modes and participate in the difficult ones)
  • Gear shop – use gold or diamonds
  • Valor Shop – Spend valor points for the gear chests(rare-mythic)
  • Opal Shop
  • Eternal Sanctum Mode(You can get epic-mythic quality gears from this mode)

⇒To develop a gear, go to the inventory menu -> tap a gear item -> develop -> select the material(gears selected as material will disappear) -> confirm. For example; to develop a weapon, select useless weapons as material. Develop the gears to raise the level.AxE: Alliance vs Empire

⇒After reaching the maximum level, you will have to upgrade the gear. Upgrading the gear increases its quality and level cap. For example; Rare gear -> Epic Gear. To upgrade gears in AxE: Alliance vs Empire, you need upgrade stones. Play the daily dungeon mode to earn these stones.

⇒Combine -> Max out the two same grade gears -> combine -> you will get a new gear(High grade).

⇒Specialize -> You can add a random option/specialty to mythic quality gear.

⇒Enhacne -> Enhance the gear to raise its base stats. You need spelldust item to enhance a gear. Spelldust item can be obtained from the raid mode, repeatable quests(Area quest), and opal shop.

⇒Transfer -> Using the transfer feature, you can transfer the level of an enhanced gear item to another gear item.

⇒Disassembly -> Here you can disassemble gear into crafting material.

Notes: –

  • You can equip spirit stones to high-quality gears
  • You can get spirit stones from the conflict mode

How To Get Diamonds In AxE: Alliance vs Empire Game?

AxE: Alliance vs EmpireBlue diamond or white diamond is the premium in-game currency in AxE: Alliance vs Empire game. You can use the diamonds to buy high-quality gear chests(for epic – mythic quality gears). You can earn diamonds as a first-time clear reward from some game modes, from the event mode, and as a ranking reward. Event mode -> Tap the menu button -> rewards -> missions -> head to the event missions -> complete these missions to earn white diamonds.AxE: Alliance vs Empire

You can also earn diamonds as a ranking reward. For example; Field Honor League reward. Go to the battle menu -> war -> field of honor -> rank reward -> progress to the higher-rank leagues to get more diamonds.

Shop(In-Game Currency) Guide

  1. Blue Diamonds, White Diamonds – You can earn this in-game currency by playing the game(not too much though) or by purchasing packs.
  2. Gold -> Complete the quests, missions, participate in the dungeons, battle modes to earn
  3. Gear – You can claim fine gear chest and normal gear chest for free every certain amount of time. Or spend diamonds, gold to get gears. Tap the probability notice button to check the drop rates
  4. Costumes -> You need blue/white diamonds
  5. Opal – Premium In-game currency. You get it from the packs
  6. Valor – Valor points can be obtained from the PvP modes. (For example; Conflict Mode)
  7. Guild Points – Join a guild, participate in the guild modes/activities to earn
  8. HP Potions – You can purchase these potions from the miscellaneous shop
  9. King’s Blessings – Purchase it from the blue diamond shop
  10. Resurrection Ticket – From the miscellaneous shop
  11. Name Change Ticket – Miscellaneous shop
  12. Guild Name Change Ticket – Miscellaneous shop

So this is the AxE: Alliance vs Empire guide for the beginners. If you have any question, please comment below. Let’s take a look at our top AxE: Alliance vs Empire tips, cheats & strategies!

AxE: Alliance vs Empire Tips: –

1.) Invest In Useful Items

As you know, gears come in six different grades; normal, epic, unique, mythic, rare, and fine. Normal and Fine quality gears would not be useful in the long run. So don’t spend heavy gold in developing these items. Use normal and fine quality gears as material and develop rare, epic, unique, and mythic quality gears.

2.) Spend Skill Points Wisely

You get one skill point every two levels. You can spend these points in leveling up skills, attributes. Make sure to invest in right skills; offensive, supportive, passive, and active. Read the skills guide above for more details. If you want to reset the skill level, tap the reset button in the skill menu.

3.) Complete The Event Missions ASAP

Unlike other missions, Event Missions do not grant Reputation EXP to the player. Additionally, these events do not last for a long time. Make sure to give priority to these event missions and complete ASAP. You can earn white diamonds by completing these event missions.

4.) Strength Up Your Character

  1. Level Up
  2. Equip high-quality gears
  3. Equip costumes
  4. Upgrade/Develop gears
  5. Upgrade Skills
  6. Get new titles
  7. Raise reputation level to activate new titles
  8. Activate Codex Effects(If you can)

5.) The Daily Dose

  • Participate in the arena daily
  • Complete all the sub-quests
  • Complete all the daily-quests
  • Participate in the solo dungeons
  • Complete daily dungeon
  • Participate in every single mode; conflict, the field of honor
  • Repeat the area request quests

6.) Join A Guild ASAP

To access the guild functions such as guild battle, guild shop, you will have to join a guild Creating a guild costs you diamonds. So it would be better to apply for a guild. Tap the menu -> guild -> guild -> recruiting guild -> apply for a guild.

7.) Dodge, Use Potions, Class Skills

⇒In the early phase of the game, you can easily win the battles by activating the auto-battle mode function. But as you progress further or when fighting against the boss, auto-battle would not work. In these hard battles, you will have to dodge the enemy attacks. If you are in the red area or attack range, leave it asap.

⇒As we mentioned in AxE: Alliance vs Empire skill guide(above), class skills are offensive and supportive. But you can activate only one. We would recommend you to choose a supportive skill(healing). In the end, the choice is yours. Go to the skill menu -> read the skill details and choose the best one. For more details, check out the skill guide above.

⇒If you are low on health, use HP potions.

So these are the top AxE: Alliance vs Empire tips for the beginners from our end. If you have more tips for other players, comment below!

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  1. Hi. I would like to know, if we specialize our gear, does the gear we are using to specialize, disappear? I have 2 mythic rings. I want to specialize one ring that i use. Im afraid the other one will disappear after i using it to specialize. Because i would like to develope the rings after i specialize it

  2. Do u have any builds for blademaster that you would recommend? Skills/passive…ect. So far I went with Frost blade and shadow armor set. I have terrify 1 long grip and crit thinking. Not sure what else to run with.

      • I would like to explain one tip mentioned above. MUST PLAY DAILY DUNGEON MODE AND FARM THOSE UPGRADE STONES! Crush the monsters in both modes normal and hard. Use these upgrade stones to craft weapon essence, armor essence, accessory essence. You can use this essence to develop the weapons, accessories, armor quickly. But must spend on worthy items(rare or higher grade). I started with rare items(all types of gear). I started playing it yesterday and now I have all epic grade items! Farm low-quality gears, upgrade stones and develop gears ASAP to win/rank up in PvP leagues if you want to earn diamonds! I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH

        • Also, make sure to check the rune effect. Some runes can increase Atk while some DEF. High-grade runes come with special effects such as high crit rate crit DMG improvement, skill DMG reduction, and more. Equip the runes wisely. for example; if you want to increase the ATK power of your character, equip runes which can increase the attack power; ATK, CRIT, DMG. If you want to increase the defense, equip runes which can increase the DEF, Endurance(resistance, reduction from enemy’s attack). There is a top-ranked button in the rune menu. Tap it to check the best rune tree.

  3. Hi, thanks for the in-depth guide. I have one question, may be a dumb question. Can we change the character class stats too? I mean I am on level 22 with archer and want Titan. Is it possible to change from level 22 archer to titan(level 22). And how can I delete character or is there any reset option? Thanks!

    • No, that’s not possible. You will have to build the new character(Titan) from scratch. And, if you want to delete the account, go to the shop menu(tap the diamonds/bag icon at the top right) -> at the top-right corner(In shop menu), tap the gear/settings icon -> go to the account tab -> delete the account. It will take 7 days.
      To delete a character, tap the delete button on the character selection screen. It will take 7 days.
      AxE: Alliance vs Empire Delete Character

          • @Chaks I wouldn’t recommend you to sell them, instead use them as a material to develop high quality gears(epic unique mythic rare). The same rule goes with rune. Use normal or fine quality gears to develop high quality gears. That’s what I’m doing. I have had a rare weapon. I developed it to its max level and upgraded it to epic. Now I am farming more low quality gears to develop epic weapon. I am doing this for all the gears armor, accessory like ring. I would recommend you to spend gold on worthy gears(rare or higher). The better the gear quality is the less would be work. Since we don’t have mythic quality gears in the beginning it’s better to focus on rare gears. Quote me if I am wrong. 🙂