State Of Survival Best Heroes Guide 2020

Check out this State Of Survival Best Heroes guide to learn how to efficiently use the heroes in the game. Also, the list of heroes & their roles

State Of Survival Heroes

State Of Survival Best Heroes Guide

This article covers the info on Heroes in the State of Survival game, how to level them up, raise their skill level, rank-them up, and the best way to utilize them in the game. Let’s not waste any time and head to the State of Survival Best Heroes guide!

Grade/Tiers Of Heroes

The three grades/tiers of heroes in the State of Survival game are; Rare(Blue), Epic(Purple), and Legendary(Orange). Legendary > Epic > Rare. The legendary grade/tier heroes are hard to get and develop. Epic tier/grade heroes are easy to get and develop as compared to legendary heroes. Blue ones/Rare are weak but easy to develop. 

Heroes’ Specialities

  • Hunter – ranged troops get a buff from the hero with this specialty
  • Infected – troops get buff when attacking the infected
  • Infantry – infantry troops get the buff
  • Gather – increases gathering speed
  • Rider – Rider troops get buff
  • Siege – troops get positive effects when attacking other cities
  • Patrol – troops get buff when protecting their own base
  • Rally – troops get buff when participating in the rally battles

Best Heroes In State of Survival

All heroes are useful – some are good at gathering, while some are good in PvE or PvP or rally battles. All you have to do is utilize them properly. For example – sending heroes with siege specialties to attack cities. In this part, we have listed the heroes and their strengths: – 

  • Sarge – excels in attacking the infected enemies on the wilderness map/PvE
  • Tony – not good, hard to find, and develop. Specializes in Hunter and infected specialty
  • Rusty – good in metal gathering, increases infantry attack and defense
  • Ghost – increases riders’ attack defense, and gas gathering speed
  • Zach – increases rider’s attack defense, reduces enemy settlement troop attack, increases settlement troop lethality
  • Jarrett – increases hunters’ ATK/DEF, rally troops’ defense, settlement troops’ defense
  • Ernie – increases infantry ATK/DEF. Reduces enemy settlement troop defense. Increases settlement troop attack. 
  • Miho – increases the rider’s attack/defense. Reduces enemy settlement troop health. Increases rally troop health. 
  • Zoe – increases the hunter’s ATK/DEF. Improves settlement troop defense. Improves rally troop defense. 
  • Ash – reduces enemy’s settlement troop defense. Improves settlement troop ATK. Buffs infantry
  • Trish – buffs riders. Decreases the enemy settlement troop ATK. Improves settlement troop lethality
  • Jeb – buffs hunters. Reduces the enemy’s settlement troop lethality. Improves rally troop attack. 
  • Wolfe – buffs infantry. Improves settlement troop health. Improves rally troop lethality. 
  • Maddie & Frank – buffs riders. Improves settlement troop ATK. Improves rally troop ATK.
  • Lucky – buffs hunters. Decreases the enemy’s settlement troop defense. Improves rally troop health
  • Nikola – buffs infantry. Increases troop infected attack, rally troop defense
  • Ray & Rolex – buffs infantry. Reduces enemy’s settlement troop ATK. Improves settlement troop defense
  • Basel – buffs riders. Improves troop infected health
  • Candy – buffs riders. Improves troop infected defense
  • Travis – one of the best epic heroes in the State of Survival game. Buffs riders. Improves troop infected lethality and march speed. Reduces stamina consumption
  • Mike – buffs hunters, increases food gathering speed
  • Eva – buffs hunters, reduces enemy settlement troop health
  • Chef – buffs infantry, increases wood gathering speed
  • Jane – buffs riders, increases troop infected health

Read The Hero Roles & Military Stats

You can access the heroes menu from the bottom-right menu or through hero precinct building. Once you are in the heroes menu, on the left side of the screen, you have to select a hero to check his stats or for upgrade info. And, on the top-right side of his/her profile. you can check the heroes’ roles. For example; if it’s hunter, then that hero will grant a special buff to the hunter units during the battle. Buffs like an increase in attack, defense, etc. 

So what are the best State Of Survival Heroes? Well, this is a tricky question because all these heroes have unqiue skills & roles. All you have to do is use them efficiently. For example – If you are going to gather food, you can select Mike. Or on the attack, it depends on the troops that you have selected. If you are going with more Rider units, then select the hero who grants more attack & defense boost to the units. For PvP, select the heroes with siege specialties as they can reduce the enemy settlement troop’s power. For rallies, select heroes with a speciality in rally attacks.  In the hero’s profile page tap the stats option on the top-right -> go to the military tab -> there you can check the benefits that you can get upon using that hero.

How To Level Up State Of Survival Heroes?

You need combat manuals to grant EXP to the heroes. You can obtain these manuals from the explorer trial mode. Access it from the Hero Precinct building. In that mode, there is a mini-map at the top-left, tap it to check the supply boxes. Visit these points and claim those boxes. You get these combat manuals from there.

If you have, then open the hero profile page and tap the (+) button next to the EXP or Hero Level. And, use the combat manuals.

How To Rank Up State Of Survival Heroes?

To rank-up heroes, you need hero badges and the fragments. You can obtain the badges from hero search, explorer trial mode, and from the missions or events. Obtain fragments from the hero search(Hero Precinct -> search), alliance store, and daily deals. If you have these materials, then head to the hero profile page and tap the ⇑ button next to the hero rank option and confirm the action.

How To Raise Skill Level Of Heroes?

State Of Survival HeroesYou need skill books to raise the skill level of heroes. All these heroes have a variety of skills; troop effect, damage reduction, attack, defense buffs, etc. Go to the hero profile page and tap the skills button at the bottom-right -> select the skill and hit the refine button. Rank up the hero to unlock new skills. And, you can obtain the skill book from hero search, missions, events, explorer trial mode, and other game sources.

So that would be all in this State Of Survival Heroes guide for the beginners. Also, see: –

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