Chain Strike Guide, Cheats, Tips And Strategy To Get Victories

Chain Strike GuideChain Strike is a new role-playing game for Android devices by Com2uS, the creators of Summoners War. In Chain Strike, you choose your best guardians for the battle and fight against the powerful enemies in the boss fight. Here’s the Chain Strike guide and check out our Chain Strike tips, cheats to get the victories

Chain Strike by Com2uS is a new strategy RPG for mobile devices, featuring amazing challenging levels, lots of guardians to summon, and a strategic gameplay. In Chain Strike game, you have to take care of two things; strategy and the guardian’s power. In this post, we have covered everything about the game; Chain Strike guide, Chain Strike tips & cheats to get the victories. Let’s start the Chain Strike Guide first;

1.) Get Started – Chain Strike – The Basic Of The Game

As usual, the game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play chain strike, about the guardians, summoning, upgrading, various tactics to get the victory, and much more. After the tutorial, you can play it manually as you want. You start the game from adventure mode; the adventure mode has three sub-modes; normal, hard, and hell. To switch, lobby -> battle -> adventure -> at the bottom-left corner, choose the mode. Here’s the basic of the game;

  • Analyze the board, check out the mission you have to complete
  • Choose Guardians
  • Change the position of guardians
  • Start the game
  • Use our Chain Strike tips, cheats, and strategy

Step 1.) Before you tap on the start button to start the battle, analyze the board. In this step, you have to check out the mission you have to complete and change the position. Tap on an enemy and check their attack range; are your guardians in their range? Hold the mission button and check the objectives you have to accomplish in a particular level.Chain Strike Guide

Step 2.) After checking the attack range and mission, time to plan the strategy. To get the maximum reward; we have to complete all the objectives; look at the objectives and start building the strategy. For instance, to complete the “use the pincer attack with 3+ guardians on the first turn” objective, you have to change the position of your guardians; to easily use the pincer attack with 3+ strategy. All these steps you have to do before you tap on the start button.

⇒ Chain Strike Guide -> The Gameplay Guide

It is so simple; you just have to defeat the enemies or the boss(check your mission/objective). You have limited turns. Tap on the guardian and you have two choices; do you want to move your guardian or attack the enemy? If an enemy is in your attack range, then choose one of your skills(at the bottom of the screen) and tap on the enemy to cast the skill. If you don’t want to attack, just tap on the green tile. That’s it. It’s simple. But to get the victory, you should read out Chain Strike tips, cheats, and strategy below. Before we continue to Chain Strike tips, let’s learn about some basic guides;

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2.) Chain Strike Guide – The Complete Guide

In this part, we will talk about all the things; the Guardians, leveling-up, summoning, evolving, awakening, and much more. Let’s start the Chain Strike Guide->

⇒ Guardians Guide

In Chain Strike game, guardians are divided into grades;

  • 1 star
  • 2 star
  • 3 star
  • 4 star
  • 5 star
  • 6 star

It is obvious that the high-grade guardian would be more powerful than the low-grade guardian. At the beginning of the game, you have only three guardians.

How to get new guardians?

Chain Strike GuideYou can get new guardians as a reward or using the summon feature. Go to the lobby -> summon -> there are five ways to summon guardians;

  1. Book of normal dimension; using this, you can obtain 1-3 star guardian
  2. Book of Mystical Dimension; for 3-5 star guardian
  3. Legendary Dimension; 4-5 star guardian
  4. Moonstone Summoning – 3-5 star guardian
  5. FP Summoning – 1-3 star guardian

Getting a five-star guardian in Chain Strike is quite hard. Just keep playing the game and you will definitely get the high-grade guardian.

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Guardian Upgrade – Chain Strike Tips Cheats

To get the victories in hard mode, you should upgrade your guardian. There are many ways to upgrade the guardian;

  • Power-Up
  • Evolution
  • Awakening
  • Transcend

⇒ Power-Up -> Power-up increases the stat of your guardian; attack power, defense, HP, critical rate, accuracy, and much more. You can use other guardians for this process; if you have low-level guardians then it would be better to use them to power-up a high-grade guardian.  Tap on the + button and choose the guardians and then confirm.

⇒ Evolution -> You need evolution stones to evolve a guardian. Evolving increase the star grade of the guardian and boost-up the stats. You can evolve a guardian after leveling-up to its maximum level.

⇒ Awakening – What is Awakening in the Chain Strike game?

When the guardian achieves the six-star grade, then you can greatly increase its stats. To awaken, you need dimension crystals and the same stone as the Guardia’s.

⇒ Transcendence -> Chain Strike Guide

After awakening, to increase the stats of your heroes, you can transcend/transform the guardian.

At the beginning of the game, you just have to focus on the adventure mode. The chain strike game features these game modes;

  • Adventure -> Chapters, Stage
  • Dungeon -> Unknown land, hall of judgment, and more
  • Promotion Battle
  • and PvP

Chain Strike Tips, Cheats, and Strategy

Chain Strike Tip 1.) Before you start the battle, take a look at your objectives list and plan the strategy according to it. Change the position of your guardians.

Tip 2.) Use Pincer Attack; what is it? When one enemy is in attack range of two or more guardians. Take a look at the picture below;Chain Strike Guide

Tip 3.) Avoid boss attacks; tap on the enemy to check its attack range, if your guardian is in its attack range, then move to a safe zone/tile.

Tip 4.) Choose your guardians wisely; check out their skills, attributes; attack power, defense, critical rate and compare with each other.

Tip 5.) You can not get the victory with low-level guardians, improve the stats of guardian by leveling up, evolving, transforming, and awakening.

Tip 6.) Complete the daily challenges/quest/hidden missions for rewards; lobby -> menu -> there you can access all of these sections.

Tip 7.) Play levels again and again for more rewards.

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So this is the Chain Strike guide, tips for the beginners. Download the game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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