Goosebumps Horror Town Cheats, Tips, And Guide

Goosebumps Horror TownGoosebumps Horror Town is a brand new horror city game for Android and iOS by Pixowl Inc. in which you build your own monster town and scare humans. Learn how to earn bills/bucks, a huge amount of coins, level-up fast free. Check out our Goosebumps Horror Town cheats, tips, and guide walkthrough.

Goosebumps Horror Town is a city building game for mobile devices from the creators of Sandbox Evolution game. But this city building game is different from other city building games as in this game you build monster buildings to scare humans, make cockroach dishes/recipes, craft new items, and there are plenty of things you can do in this game such as solve mysteries, uncover hidden building and expand your horror town, add more humans and have fun! In this post, we have covered everything about Goosebumps Horror Town game you need to know as a beginner or advanced player; Goosebumps Horror Town cheats, tips, and guide walkthrough to progress fast and build the spooky town packed with Goosebumps Monsters.

Get Started – Goosebumps Horror Town – Basic

As usual, this horror game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to spawn, play goosebumps horror town, how to complete quests, craft items, sell items, build buildings, investigate, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manage your own horror town manually and scare the humans. There are plenty of activities you have to do in this horror town game. Let’s learn the basic of the game before we move to cheats, tips, and the guide part.

The Basic – In Goosebumps Horror Town, your objective is to expand your horror town by building new houses, horror buildings, shops, restaurants, farms, and more. A huge amount of coins or bucks/bills is required to build these buildings. As you progress through the game, new monsters and Goosebumps Horror Town characters get unlocked. The game features 100+ characters and over 50 monsters. You send the monsters to scare humans and earn precious rewards such as scary faces, material to craft new items, and much more. This is one of the common tasks in this game. The more you play the game, the more you will learn about it. Since it is Monster City Builder game, your primary objective is to add more buildings to your horror town and earn more money, use the bucks/coins to expand the horror town. Let’s start the Goosebumps Horror Town guide and later head to our Goosebumps Horror Town cheats, tips part to learn how to earn free bucks/bills, coins, and level-up fast.

Goosebumps Horror Town Guide

Goosebumps Horror TownAt the beginning of the game, most of the buildings are locked. In the tutorial, you complete one story and build these buildings; Lucy’s house, Dark’s house, Dustin’s house, public library, newspaper stand, garbage dumpster, the crash site(monster building), pawn shop, and more.

To unlock new buildings you need to level-up. Leveling up unlocks new buildings, features, investigation places, humans, and new monsters. Read the cheats part below to learn how to level up fast.

These buildings automatically produce items, EXP, coins, and cockroaches(except monster buildings). For instance, Lucy’s house produces coins and EXP after a few minutes.

Garbage Dumpster produces cockroaches after a certain amount of time. Let’s learn about the initial buildings in Goosebumps Horror Town game;

  • The Crash Site

At this building, you can assign mummy monster to scare humans. It costs you coins. You could get precious items by scaring humans.

  • The Gnome’s Garden

At this building, you can assign and send Gnome to scare humans wandering in the town and earn free rewards; material, scary faces, and much more.

  • The Many Mysterious Club

At this building, you can craft items such as investigation file, evidence record, tin can telephone. All you need is the newspaper, tin can, flashcards. Read the tips & cheats part to learn how to get crafting material.

  • The Monster Diner

At this building, you can craft recipes such as Roaches Snack, Canned Roaches, Roaches To-Go, Roaches Salad. To craft these items, you need cockroaches(build garbage dumpster to get cockroaches).

  • Pawn Shop

At Pawn Shop, you can sell crafted items or recipes for coins and EXP. Pawn Shop at Goosebumps Horror Town is always open.

  • The Treasure Dealer

This building unlocks when the player reaches level 11. Unlock it to increase the limit of humans living in horror town.

Here’s the process you have to follow in Goosebumps Horror Town game;

  • Obtain crafting material
  • Craft items
  • Sell crafted items at the pawn shop for coins
  • Use coins to build human buildings and monster buildings
  • Send monsters to scare humans
  • Earn scary faces and bucks
  • Use bucks to build premium buildings
  • Expand the horror town by investigating or unlocking new areas/places

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In-game items/warehouse/characters: –

  • Inventory – Items you collect by crafting or from buildings goes there. Its capacity is limited, upgrade it to store more items in the inventory
  • Scary faces – Scary faces are required to earn bucks/bills/cash
  • Coins – Used in constructing new buildings and expanding the horror town
  • Humans – Use humans to obtain crafting material and EXP, coins. Add more humans to town by constructing new buildings
  • Monsters – Use monsters to scare humans for precious items and scare faces. Add more monsters to horror town by building monster buildings.

So, this is the Goosebumps Horror Town guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Goosebumps Horror Town cheats, tips, and tricks; follow them if you need any help!

Goosebumps Horror Town Cheats, Tips are: –

#1.) Connect the game to multiple FB accounts

The very first tip for Goosebumps Horror Town players is to connect the game to your FB account to earn 25 Bucks/cash. Bucks/Bills is the premium currency and it’s very hard to earn. But you can earn it in minutes by following this cheat; all you need is Facebook accounts. You can claim 25 bucks for free by connecting the game to the Facebook account. Here’s how: –

On the main screen, at the bottom-left, just above the gear icon(settings), tap on the friends’ icon -> connect the game to your Facebook account. Claim 25 bucks. Now go back to friends tab again -> change the Facebook account and connect to another game account. Claim 25 bucks again. Before you change the account or connect to another, go to FB settings – apps -> unlink the game. Or to earn more rewards you can invite your friends.

#2.) Keep humans busy all the time in horror town

To earn coins, you need to craft items and sell the items to pawn shop. To craft items, you need crafting material. Crafting material can be obtained by keeping humans busy all the time. Tap on a human wandering in the horror town and start the task. For instance, to obtain tin-can, tap on Dustin and start the quest. To get cockroaches, tap on Mr. Mortman and start the task. Keep all the humans busy in these tasks.

#3.) Send the monsters to scare humans

You could earn or obtain precious items such as recipes, newspaper, EXP, cans, and much more. Just tap on a monster building; assign a monster in exchange for coins and tap on the spawn button to send the monsters to scare humans. Monster will do their job automatically; all you need to do is assign them and collect rewards. You need to wait for few minutes to send them again in horror town to scare humans.

#4.) Keep crafting and selling

After obtaining the crafting material, go to the diner or mystery club or other crafting shops to craft items and recipes. Read the #2 tip to know how to obtain crafting material. Collect the crafted material and go to the Pawnshop and sell the items or recipes for coins and EXP.

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#5.) Group of activities leads you to next level

As you know, most of the buildings are locked at the beginning of the game and to unlock these buildings on Goosebumps Horror Town game, you need to level up. Follow this sequence to level-up fast: –

  • Tap on the humans and start tasks
  • Collect the EXP[Green Color item] after they finish their tasks
  • Craft material and sell the items at the pawn shop
  • Assign the monster to scare humans
  • Construct more buildings
  • You can sometimes skip the building time by watching a video ad. After construction, claim free EXP and coins

#6.) Fill up the scare-o-meter

Goosebumps Horror TownSending a monster to horror town will make humans scare. Collect the scare faces. Once you collect enough, you will earn bucks/bills for free. To check the scare-o-meter, tap on the scare face icon at the top of the screen.

#7.) Watch ads for bucks/bills and instant upgrades

Tap on the + icon next to bucks/bills icon, at the right-side of the screen. Watch the video ad and get 1 bill/bucks free. Tap on a building that is under construction, skip it by watching the video ad(not available for all buildings).

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So, these are some Goosebumps Horror Town cheats, tips and the guide for the beginners. Download Goosebumps Horror Town gameHere(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best horror games for Android

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