The Sims Mobile Guide To Relationship, Career, And Hobby

The Sims Mobile Guide Relationship Career HobbyThe Sims Mobile Guide; how to get married in the sims mobile(step by step guide with pictures), career guide(how to complete chapters and stories), hobby guide(music, cooking etc.). This sims mobile guides you about the relationship, hobby, and career stories

The Sims Mobile, life simulation game by EA is one of the best simulation games for mobile devices. The game features a variety of content; parties, marriage, careers, relationship, and much more. In this sims mobile guide, we have added some useful tips, cheats to complete all chapters of all stories(relationship, hobby, and career).

The Sims Mobile Guide – Quick Cheat

The Sims Mobile game is divided into three parts; relationship, hobby, and career. The player has to complete these stories. To complete a specific story in the sims mobile, the player has to complete a set of chapters. And to complete a set of chapters, you have to complete a set of events. These events are not limited.

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The Sims Mobile Walkthrough In One Sentence

Events ⇒ Chapters ⇒ Stories.

Events are of many types; career events, hobby events, relationship events, and special events. Let me clear one more point: –

I want to complete the relationship story. To accomplish this task; I have to complete all the chapters and to complete these chapters I need to complete relationship events. That’s it.

Similarly, If I want to complete a career story, I have to complete the chapters and chapters gets complete after finishing the events.

⇒ In the sims mobile game, there are 17 relationship stories, 7 career stories, and 5 hobby stories.

Let me explain each in detail;

Relationship Story – How to get married in The Sims Mobile game[Step By Step Guide With Pictures]

The Sims Mobile game features 17 relationship stories and to complete each story, the player has to complete a set of chapters. And for this, you have to complete dozens of events; it cost you energy!

The Path: – There are five types of people in the sims mobile game; friendly, romantic, rivals, favorite, and family.

In all those 17 relationship stories, you interact with each one. In this sims mobile relationship guide, we are going to explain “how to get married”.

Step 1.) Choose a romantic partner.

It is obvious that to get married in the sims mobile, you have to choose a romantic partner, not a friend or a family member. If you don’t know how to choose or start this marriage process;

1.) Go to your Sims info panelThe Sims Mobile Guide Relationship Career Hobby

2.) Head to Socialize TabThe Sims Mobile Guide Relationship Career Hobby

3.) Tap on the sort option and choose “romantic”.

The Sims Mobile Guide Relationship Career HobbyAfter it, note that name(Sim’s name) and tap on socialize button.

Step 2.) After you tap on the socialize button, you will see that Sim on your screen. Interact with her/him and choose an event.

Step 3.) As I mentioned above, you have to complete a set of chapters to complete a relationship story and for this, you have to complete a set of events. So to get married in the sims mobile game, complete back-to-back events with same sim(romantic).

Step 4.) Once you complete all the chapters; Not-So-Secret Admire, Sudden Sweethearts, Lovers, Completely Enamored, Soulmates, you will be ready to get married.

Just complete events and that’s it.

You can learn about all the related stories under Sims info section.

2.) The Sims Mobile Career Guide – How To Complete Chapters And Stories

The Sims Mobile game features seven career stories and each story has some chapters that need to be completed.

Tap on the car option and go to map. Select your destination; Parkside or marketplace. By default, you start the game from the barista. You can assign new careers to another sim. After leveling up, new sides[restaurent, medical center, gets unlocked and if you have many sims; give them a job there.

If you have unlocked a new place, you can switch between stories.

In short,

Level-Up -> Unlock New Sides -> Go There -> Start Events -> Complete All Career Stories.

3.) Hobby Stories Guide – How To Get Started With First Hobby?

In the sims mobile game, there are five hobby stories that need to be completed. And in order to complete these stories; you have to fulfill some requirements;

  1. Unlock Hobbies by Leveling-Up
  2. Buy Hobby Items
  3. Start Events
  4. Complete Chapters

You can not access hobby collection if you have not unlocked hobbies feature. Simply level-up your profile or read this “The sims mobile beginner’s guide” or “The Sims Mobile cheats“.

For each story, there is a special hobby item. For instance, to complete cooking story, you need cooking items(stove, mixer, bookshelf, rack, and more).

You can buy these items in exchange for simoleons or cash under the shop menu.

How to level-up specific chapter in the sims mobile game?

You can not instantly purchase all kinds of items; it takes time; to buy new items, you have to level-up your story’s chapter and to achieve this task, complete the events. For instance, after unlocking cooking hobby, I bought the stove. To buy more items related to the cooking hobby, I have to use the stove first and complete the set of events. Just interact with it and start your events.

Quick Paths: –

  1. Relationship -> Sims Info -> Socialize -> Complete Events
  2. Career -> Map -> Workshop -> Events
  3. Hobby -> Shop -> Hobby Collection -> Interact -> Complete Events

Closing Words – The Sims Mobile Relationship, Career, And Hobby Guide

There is only one task that you have to do is complete all kinds of events. If you complete the events, rest things(chapters and stories) will be done automatically.

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