Fishing Clash VIP Explained: VIP Level & Perks!

In this post, you will learn about the Fishing Clash VIP system; VIP Points, how to increase VIP Level, and gain VIP Perks to ease fishingFishing Clash VIP

Fishing Clash VIP Explained⇓

In Fishing Clash, VIP status provides permanent perks to the player; such as + coins in the shop, + lures in the lure pack, more fishing for coins, etc. The reward quality increases at every next VIP level. At the top of the game screen, next to “ranking”, you can check the current VIP level and progress (%) to reach the next level. 

How To Increase VIP Level?

To increase the VIP level, you will need VIP Points. Tap the “VIP” bar at the top of the screen, next to the ranking bar. This will take you to the “VIP Status” tab where you can check the current VIP level, its perks, and the number of VIP points that you have(in the left). Fishing Clash VIP

How To Gain VIP Points?

Fishing Clash VIP

You can earn VIP Points for free by leveling up or buying the packs from the shop. Head to the shop -> special offers or lure packs -> at the bottom of the offer banner, you can check the number of VIP Points that you can get if you make that purchase. For free VIP points, you will need to increase the player level(upgrade lures): every time you level, you gain X5 VIP Points. 

Is There Any VIP Hack?

There is no VIP Hack for Fishing Clash. 

So this would be all in this post on Fishing Clash VIP Info. 

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