World Of Kings Guide, Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Strategies

World Of Kings is a brand new MMORPG for Android and iOS by Zloong. Let’s have a look at our World Of Kings guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Zloong, the publisher of Novoland: The Castle In The Sky game, has just released another MMORPG on app stores, named as World Of Kings. There are nine classes in the game and you can opt anyone for the journey. These include Warrior, Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Mage, Dark Sage, Cleric, Paladin, and Archer. All these nine classes have different stats, skills, attack style, and different weapons. In addition to a large variety of classes, there are loads of game modes that you can play with friends; dungeon, PvP, adventure, and many more. If you have just started playing World of Kings, then our today’s post on World Of Kings guide and World of Kings tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game!

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World Of Kings Guide⇓

Get Started With The Classes Opting⇓

World Of KingsThe nine classes mentioned above are classified into three roles; Tank, DPS, and heal. Depending on the role, you will have to contribute to the combat. For example; If you are playing as a tank, then your main task would be defending the allies in the battle. Tank classes characters have strong defense stats, self-healing abilities, and they are good at leading from the front. Unlike tank class, DPS class characters are capable of high damage. If you choose to play as a DPS class, you should try to deal damage as much as you can. And, stay covered in the protection of tank type allies. The last one is a supporter, heal class. They have balanced attack, defense stats. Their ability is to restore the allies’ HP using powerful healing skills.

  1. Warrior – Tank
  2. Fighter – DPS
  3. Rogue – DPS
  4. Wizard – DPS
  5. Mage – Mage
  6. Dark Sage – Heal
  7. Cleric – Heal
  8. Paladin – Tank
  9. Archer – DPS

On the class selection screen, you can also switch between the four races; dwarf, orc, high elf, and human. There is no bonus or any other thing related to these races. Just different appearance. Choose anyone that you like and go.

Now, the question is what is the best class in World Of Kings game? Well, all the classes are balanced – choose anyone on the basis of the role. For example; If you want to be a healer, Cleric would be perfect. For the tank, we would recommend Paladin. And, Rogue for DPS. There is no OP class, so feel free to choose what you love. So this is the World of Kings classes guide for beginners.

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Guide To Early Actions⇓

Well, this game is similar to other MMORPGs out there and also features an auto-play system. The main thing to know is that you need to level up to unlock all the content of the game. And, to level up, you will have to complete the quests, events, and grind EXP in various game modes. At the bottom of the screen, the golden bar displays the progress to reach the next level. Its gauge increases as you gain EXP.

After you enter the world, you should focus on completing the main quests as well as side quests. These quests grant a large amount of EXP in no time. You can see these quests at the top-left side of the screen; all you need to do is just tap the quest and your character will automatically complete the quest.

Apart from the auto-quest, auto-combat, there are many things that you will have to do manually to improve the character. For example; upgrading the skills, pets, equipment, and more. Let’s learn about everything!

Dungeon Mode In World of Kings⇓

Dungeon Mode is one of the best game modes to farm gears and pets. Each dungeon boss drops different loot. All you need to do is select the dungeon type and slay down the boss and pick the loot. At the top of the screen, tap the dungeon button -> there you can find all the dungeon modes. Raise the character level to unlock all these modes. You can team up with friends or join a random team. Once you are in the dungeon, start slaying the enemies and strike down the boss. Once you dispatch the boss to hell, you will get the option to pick the loot. The bosses in dungeon mode drop random gears and items. Before you team up, you can check the loot after selecting the dungeon type. For example; you can obtain Mini Water elemental pet from evil mansion dungeon mode.

World of Kings Pets Guide⇓

You will get the first for free in a tutorial. But, most probably that pet would not have any skill. There are four types of pet; fine, rare, legend, and epic. Epic and legend grade pets have skills. While fine and rare grade pets grant only bonus stats to the character. For example; PvP-power, strength, critical damage, etc.

Tap the menu button(the grid on the right side of the screen) -> pets -> almanac -> here you can see the full list of pets. Tap on any pet -> source -> it will display the source from where you can obtain the selected pet. Usually, you get pets from the dungeon mode and the time-limited events.

Summon the pet and after every 15 minutes, you will get one affinity point.

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World Of Kings Tips, Tricks & Strategies To Progress Fast⇓

Leveling Up – World Of Kings⇓

World Of KingsRaising the character level is another challenge. Other than the quests, you can earn EXP from the following ways: –

  1. Join the guild and take guild development quest(tap the daily button at the top of the screen -> guild faction -> construction guild -> attend -> take the quest).
  2. Play dungeon mode(25 entries)
  3. Run, Toto, Run! (Gem) mode – access from the daily activity menu, under recommendation tab
  4. Path of Erudition
  5. Events; Elemental Warfare, Ultimate Dogfight(Raids)

Also, focus on completing the side quests as well as main quests to earn EXP.

How to get crafting material?

Once you reach a certain level, the game will ask you to choose a profession. There are three professions; blacksmith/mining, leatherworking/tanning, and weaving/tailoring. Each profession lets you craft its related item. For example; if you choose the leatherworking profession, you will be able to craft leather products.

Now, the question is how to get crafting materials? Basically, you will have to explore and find the boxes. If there is a box nearby, you will see a yellow point on the mini-map. Go there and you will find the box.World Of Kings

Collect the box and you will get crafting material. In short, explore -> find -> collect.Chests In WoK

Or exchange guild points in the guild shop for crafting material.

World Of Kings Mercenaries Guide⇓

You can dispatch mercenaries on the quests and they will bring rewards such as mercenary XP, pills, and the chests. From the chests, you can obtain crown currency, gearbox, and miscellaneous items. Near the chat box, tap the treasure option -> chest -> start unlocking.

To dispatch the mercenaries, tap the menu button(grind icon on the right side of the game screen) -> mercenary -> commission -> dispatch. You can level up, evolve these characters from the training section.

How to get mercenary -> You can get them from the mercenary exchange event, from the reputation shop. Go to the Intels tab in the mercenary screen -> tap the character -> at the bottom, you will see the source.

Artifacts In World Of Kings

Artifacts In World Of KingsAs you progress through the quests, you will get artifact pieces. Once you have all, you can summon the artifact. Every artifact provides a unique boost to the character. Swipe on the screen to check all the artifacts. Tap the artifact and you will see the source of its piece.

Complete The Dailies⇓

Tap the daily activity button on the top of the screen and attend all the quests. It will take around 2 hours to complete all these quests. For every activity, you will earn activity points and at certain milestones; 10/20/40/70/100, you will get precious rewards such as diamonds, treasure, crown currency, gems, and more.

Participate In All Kinds Of Events⇓

In the daily menu, there is an event tab where you can track all the time-limited events. Make sure to participate in every single event and don’t miss any chance of losing any precious items because certain items are only time-limited(obtainable via events).

Draw The Lottery

Tap the bonus option at the top of the screen -> online gift -> draw the lottery.

Join A Guild

Join an active guild in World Of Kings game and you will be able to access guild exclusive events, wars, donations, and other quests. From these, you can earn EXP, guild currency, items, and much more. Tap the menu button -> guild -> info -> at the bottom-left, tap guild donation -> donate to earn guild currency. Tap the resource exchange button to exchange these points. Go to the event tab -> here you can see all the guild events -> participate and earn.

Other than these tips, don’t forget to upgrade the skill, equip gems to the gears, enhance gears(dismantle low-grade gears for the crystals – you need crystals to upgrade gears).

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So this is the World Of Kings guide and World Of Kings tips for beginners. If you have more info or any kind of tip to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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