Tiny Decks & Dungeons Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Tiny Decks & Dungeons is a mobile game where you hunt, catch monsters in dungeons and breed them. Read on for Tiny Decks & Dungeons guide, tips, cheats

Springloaded Ltd.’s brand new game offers a unqiue gameplay experience to the players. In the game, the player explores the dungeon, fight the monsters and loot the rewards like mercenary contracts, gold coins, weapon cards, etc. You can even catch the monsters in the dungeon and make them to your side. You will get to build the monster pen in the town area where you can keep the monster. Also, you have a basement to keep monsters, breeding centers to breed monsters so that they can get stronger. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Tiny Decks & Dungeon guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Tiny Decks & Dungeons tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content. 

Tiny Decks & Dungeons Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

Tiny Decks & DungeonsThere are over 150 monsters in Tiny Decks & Dungeons game. They are found in the dungeons; you will unlock them as you progress through the campaign mode. First, let’s talk about the home screen. The home screen features the home, area covered by trees, tracking machine, and the auction house. In the empty area, you can build the monsterpen to keep the monster. In the home, you have two options; collection and basement. In the basement, you can check the monsters that you caught in the dungeons. You will be able to transfer them to the monsterpen if you have space for them. If not, then build another monsterpen. 

In the collection menu, you can check all the discovered monsters and the weapon cards. The tracking machine allows you to track the selected monsters; you will be able to track the specific monsters if you want. Let’s learn everything in detail and check out all the Tiny Decks & Dungeons tips, tricks for beginners: –Tiny Decks & Dungeons

Master The Dungeon Battles

In the dungeon battles, you can go with one monster. Before you start the battle, you can equip the monster at the home screen; tap the monsterpen -> equip. To clear the dungeon, you will have to defeat all the monsters living there. There is a turn-based system; every movement of your character counts. Monsters move or attack based on the A.I. system. They move or attack when they are ready; pay attention to the monster and you will see the waiting turns. For example; if it’s 2, the monster would not be ready until the hero makes two actions. 

Hero Movements: – tap on the tile where the hero is standing and you will be able to change his attack direction. For example – if you want to catch a monster who is on the left side of the hero, the hero must be looking on the left side.  First, you tap the net and aim towards the direction where the monster is so that you can trap him with the net. 

For the normal movements, you use the arrow keys. 

Energy – on the left side of the battle dungeon screen, you can check the energy. Energy depletes as you make moves in the dungeon; like moving. If you lose all the energy, you will be kicked out of the dungeon. You can restore the energy with the energy card. 

HP – if the hero loses all HP, you will lose the battle. You can recover HP with the green potion card. Or try evading the monsters’ attack at all costs. 

Dungeon Waves – in the upper-left corner of the dungeon battle, you can check the number of waves you need to clear to pass the dungeon. It looks like the rook chess piece symbol. 

Threat Level – if you get the victory, the threat level will rise. That means you will face powerful monsters – also, the rewards would be much better. 

Getting The Monsters In Tiny Decks & Dungeons

You need to catch the monsters from the dungeons. They will be kept in the basement once you acquire them from the dungeon; make sure you don’t lose the battle in which you catch the monster. 

To catch the monster, you need to use the net card. The common or premium net card pops up in the deck randomly. You can shuffle the deck by tapping the reload-type button on the top-right side -> watch the video ad. If you have the card, go close to him and change the hero direction next to the monster tile. After that, select the monster -> use the card. 

After that, your luck will decide whether you will get the monster or not. It’s better to deal some damage to that monster before using the net card – just to increase the chances of catching the monster. Roll the dice, score better, try to catch. It’s luck!

Breeding The Monsters

You will need two same monsters in the breeding process. Monsters help you fight the enemy monsters in the dungeons. If you have high-level pet monsters, you can get more benefits. Tap the breeding button on the top-right -> you must possess two same types of monsters and breed them for a higher-level/generation monster. 

It will increase the stats like HP, ATTACK. 

Learn About The In-Game Currencies

There are lots of in-game currencies in Tiny Decks & Dungeons game world. Let’s have a look at all of them: –

  • Mercenary Contract – acquire from the dungeon victories and use them for auto-dungeon clear in the campaign mode
  • Gold coins – from the victories, quests, offers, selling monsters. Use in buying card packs, breeding monsters, building facilities
  • Quantonium – from the dungeon battles, watching video ads, from the store
  • Sleeping Pills – from loot chests, battle pass quests. Use them to turn night into the morning
  • Quantum Dust – earn from discarding the weapon cards. Use the quantum dust in the auction house

Complete The Dailies In Tiny Decks & Dungeons

You can earn quantonium and huge amounts of gold coins by completing all the dailies in Tiny Decks & Dungeons. Tap the dailies button in the top-left corner -> there would be some easy quests; start tracking(use the tracking machine on the home screen), beat dungeons(clear dungeon levels), draw common card pack(From the store). 

Check Out The Shop

Head to the shop in Tiny Decks & Dungeons. In the first tab, you can draw a common card pack by watching the video ads or using gold coins. Also, the epic card pack with quantonium. Head to the 5th tab(Quantonium). On that screen, in the upper-right, you can get free x25 quantonium by watching a video ad. The common card pack contains weapon cards. If you have duplicates of a card, you can fuse them in the weapon menu and get a better quality card in return.

So this would be all in this post on Tiny Decks & Dungeons guide, tips & tricks for beginners. If you have more tips & tricks to share, comment below. 

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