Evil Rising Game Cheats: Guide, Walkthrough, Tips & Tricks

Evil Rising is a brand new MMO base-building game for mobile by Elex. Read on for Evil Rising cheats, walkthrough guide, tips & tricks

Evil Rising Game Zombie WarriorsElex, the mobile games developer studio, well-known for Food Fantasy and Crime Kings games, has recently released a top-notch MMO base-building game where players all across the world build and grow their city and raid each other to dominate on a zombie-apocalypse map. It plays like all other MMORTS games out there – you will get to build and upgrade the city buildings. You will be doing the researches, training the soldiers, setting up the defense, and all the stuff that makes you grow. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Evil Rising game guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Evil Rising cheats, tips & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s check out the walkthrough featuring tips & tricks for newbies. 

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First things first – you play as a commander. Being a commander, it’s your responsibility to manage all sorts of activities such as an attack, defense, economy, and research. Your city must grow in all these aspects. To give you an overview, you will train and upgrade the zombie warriors to increase attack. Build defensive facilities and research defense buffs to increase defense. And, upgrade all sorts of facilities that you have in the city. As you upgrade the facilities, you will gain EXP. When you level up, you will get the commander skill points that you can spend on the commander skill tree and unlock various buffs. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Evil Rising game tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Learn How To Get Powerful

At the top-center of the game screen, you can see the total power. The total power is affected by many factors. Here’s a list of factors that can increase your power in Evil Rising Zombie Warriors –

  • Troops – train soldiers and get more power
  • Commander – level up commander, spend commander skill points
  • Buildings – build and upgrade facilities
  • Technologies – research tech-related buffs in the research center
  • Traps – build traps
  • Guardians – set guardian on the city wall
  • Zombie Warriors – get and upgrade zombie warriors

PvP And Radar

Evil Rising Game Zombie WarriorsIn Evil Rising Game, you can attack other players and plunder the resources – for example; food and fuel. But, before you initiate the war against any player, make sure you scout first. On the map, tap on any player base and tap the scout button. Scouting costs you a few resources. Once done, you will get the report in the mailbox. Read the message and you will see the plunderable resources and info on defense; defensive troops, reinforcements, tech, ability, and trap. 

Upgrading your radar facility in the city will reveal more information. Initiate the attack if you think your army can destroy the target’s base. Tip – team-up with alliance members in PvP for assistance. 

Join An Active Alliance In Evil Rising

Joining an alliance helps you team up with other players and launch rally attacks against powerful players. Also, you will get to access the alliance shop, reinforcement, help like features. There are several great perks that you get upon joining an alliance. So make sure to join an active alliance asap. 

Learn About The Zombie Warriors

Zombie Warriors are the characters in the Evil Rising game that you can set on the city defense or send them on attacks, gathering resources. All these zombie warriors have unqiue skills. Go to the warrior menu -> tap on a warrior -> there you will see his level, base attributes, warrior skills, upgrade/level-up options, evolving, gear(equip) system, etc. 

Getting Zombie Warriors

You can get zombie warriors by modification. First, tap the biochemistry lab building in the city and then choose to modify. There would be two modification types; mutant modification and zombie modification. For mutant modification, you will need the mutant specimen. And, for zombie specimen. Note – modification does not guarantee the zombie warrior; you might get resources or their shards instead of a complete zombie warrior character. Keep modifying!Evil Rising Game Zombie Warriors

Learn How To Get Specimen

There are two types of specimens; mutant and zombie. You can get the mutant specimen by capturing the mutant monsters. First, go to the map -> search -> mutant -> attack. After that, you will see a green color cage on the bottom-right side(it appears when you reach the mutant monster location after imitating the attack). Tap it and on the next screen, you will get to capture the zombie warrior. If the capturing gets successful, you will get the mutant specimen. If not, you will get other resources. 

Zombie Specimen – attack zombies on the map(not the mutant) -> a green color cage will appear on the bottom-right side after your march reaches the target location. Capture it – if it gets successful, you will get the zombie specimen. If not, you will get other resources. 

You need a mutant and zombie specimen in modification. 

Getting Heroes In Evil Rising Game

You can get the heroes from the recruitment center. Tap this building and spend commander recruitment tickets. You also get free recruitment chances daily. You may get a hero or its shards or other resources such as secret scroll shards from the recruitment. 

Appoint Heroes And Get Bonuses

You can appoint the heroes in facilities such as fighter training, shooter training, vehicle manufacturing, resource boost, tech research, etc. for bonuses. For example – improve training speed, research speed. Tap on any tech or logistic or training center building(for example – shooter camp) -> tap appoint hero -> on the next screen, you can appoint heroes. 

Proceed With The Basic Stuff

  • Max out all the production buildings such as farm, oil and level them with the current town hall level. In other words, before you upgrade the town hall, make sure all other buildings have reached the current town hall level. For example – if the town hall level is 7, then make sure all other buildings get to level 7 – before you go to the town hall level 8
  • Upgrade Warriors – from the battles, you can earn serums that you can use in leveling up the zombie warriors
  • Complete daily missions to get recruitment tickets, magic crystals, gold coins, zombie fighters(zombie fighters help you build and upgrade) and commander EXP
  • Train – keep training the soldiers; fighters, vehicles, shooters, and armory
  • Research – always have something on research
  • Proceed through the chapter quests

Get Freebies In Evil Rising Game

Aid Center – tap the airdrop icon over this building to get free rewards. 

In the top-left corner, there would be a video ad offer. Tap it -> watch the video ad and get free rewards. You may get speed-ups, resources, etc. 

So this would be all in this post on Evil Rising game guide and tips for beginners. 

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