Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List: Best Characters Guide August 2020

Find out the best UR/SSR/SR Bleach Immortal Soul Characters in this Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List. All characters are grouped into tiers(from higher to lower)

Bleach: Immortal Soul Tier List Best Characters Guide

Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List: –

This Bleach Immortal Soul tier list showcases the characters’ tier ratings in these major tiers: SS Tier/Best, S Tier/Excellent, A Tier/Good, B Tier/Average/Below Average, and C Tier/Worst. Scroll down to check the list and the characters’ details –

Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List: SS Tier Characters

  • KENPACHI – SS Tier
  • Yamamoto – SS Tier
  • Aizen – SS Tier
  • Zangetsu – SS Tier
  • White Ichigo – SS Tier
  • Kyoraku – SS Tier
  • Grimmjow – SS Tier
  • Toshiro – Attacker, Freeze, DMG Reduction – SS Tier
  • Lisa – SSR – SS Tier

Details of the characters that we have mentioned in the above tier list – 

Kenpachi – Attacker

  • Tier – SS

Another one of the best UR characters in Bleach: Immortal Soul. His rage skill decreases the damage power of enemies, increases the CRIT chances of allies in the back row. The basic mastery skill inflicts single-target damage and duel effect; In the duel effect, your character deals more damage if there are fewer characters on the battlefield. 

Aizen – Attacker

  • Tier – SS

His talent increases the base stats like HP, DEF, ATK of all allies in the battle arena, and Kenpachi Karnage. Speaking of skills, his mastery skill does single-target damage and inflict disorient effect. His Rage skill steals the DEF and ATK of the enemy, inflicts bleed – also, has the chance to steal buffs from the target.

Yamamoto – Attacker

  • Tier – SSS

Yamamoto is one of the best attackers in the ga,e. His basic mastery skill does decent damage to a single target with the ability to stun him/her for 1 round. His ultimate rage skill does AoE damage and inflicts burns for a few rounds. 

So these are the SSS tier/Legendary characters featured in this Bleach: Immortal Soul Tier List. 

Zangetsu – Attacker

  • Tier – SS

Zanegtsu is one of the best UR characters in the game with the skills to inflict bleed and stun effect. Other than that, his talent increases the bleed effect of all the allies by 8%. 

White Ichigo

  • Tier – SS

Strength – great damage power, silence effect, bleed effect. 


  • Tier – SS
  • Tank
  • Skills; Single-target DMG, bonus DMG to attackers, increases CRIT chances, Self-HP recovery, Lifesteal


  • Tier – SS


  • Tier – SS

Toshiro possesses amazing CC skills that you can use to freeze the enemies, decrease their healing rate. 


  • Tier – SS

So these are the SS tier characters featured in this Tier List. 

Bleach: Immortal Soul Tier List S-Tier Characters: –

Bleach Immortal Soul S Tier Characters List – 

  • Ichigo – Attacker – S Tier
  • Urahara – UR – Support
  • GIN – Attacker, Bleed
  • Matsumoto – Tank, AoE Silence
  • Soi Fon – Attacker, CRIT, Instakill
  • Tosen – Attacker, Back Row Target
  • Rukia – SSR – S Tier
  • BYAKUYA – S Tier
  • Yachiru – SSR – Attacker, Silence/Dispel Skills – S Tier
  • Mayuri – SSR – S Tier
  • Kensei – SSR – S Tier

Soi Fon

  • Tier – S

Another one of the great SSR heroes who excel at inflicting critical hits. 


  • Tier – S

Tosen excels in dealing with the characters in the back-row; mastery skill does single-enemy damage and deals bleed effect. And, the rage skill inflicts damage to the enemies in the back-row. Also, he inflicts the bleed effect. 

Byakuya – SSR, Attacker

  • Tier – S

He is one of the best SSR characters in Bleach: Immortal Soul. With the master skill, he can do decent single-target damage and gains rage – helps you use his rage skill quickly than any other hero. Also, he can purge all the buffs activated on the target. Speaking of his rage skill, Byakuya does AoE damage and applies the duel/bleed effect. 

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So these are the best characters in this Bleach Immortal Soul tier list. Next; A Tier ->

Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List A-Tier Best Characters: –

  • Renji – SSR – Tank, Stun
  • Orihime – SR – Support, Healer
  • Komamura – Tank/Attack
  • Tessai – Tank, Support, Reflect DMG
  • Hiyori – A Tier – SSR
  • Unohana – A Tier
  • Yoruichi – Tank, DMG Reduction, CRIT – A Tier
  • Love – A Tier
  • Isshin – A Tier


  • Tier – A

Unohana is one of the best supporter characters in the game. She does AoE healing, buffs heroes in the back row. She is probably the only best supporter character with a healing skill. 


  • Tier – A

If you are looking for the best tank with CC and support skills, Tessai could be the one. He does decent damage and has supportive, CC skills like silencing the enemies, increasing the reflect damage rate. 

These are OK-type characters – can help you clear the high-difficulty waves if used wisely in a proper team combination. Let’s take a look at the Bleach Immortal Tier List(B-Rank). 

Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List B-Tier Characters: –

  • Shinji – UR – Attacker, Finisher
  • Nemu – SR – Attacker
  • Sasakibe – SR – Attacker
  • Isane – SR – Support, Heal
  • Shuhei – SR – Tank
  • Jushrio – SSR – Attacker
  • Yumichika – SR – Tank
  • Yammy – B Tier – SSR
  • Ikkaku – SR

These characters are not the best; below-average rating characters who can help you pass through the early-game. Don’t expect better from them. 

Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List C-Tier Characters: –

  • Uryu – SR
  • Kira – SR
  • Hanataro – R
  • Ruru – R
  • Kon – R
  • Jinta – R
  • Chad – R
  • Omaeda – SR
  • Hinamori – SR
  • Ganju – SR
  • Mashiro – SR
  • Rose – SR

These ones are useless. 

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So this would be all in this post on Bleach Immortal Soul Tier List Best Characters Guide. 

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