War Tortoise 2 guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the War Tortoise 2 game? Understand and master all of its concepts with this War Tortoise 2 guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies

War Tortoise 2Foursaken Media’s War Tortoise 2 game is now available on Android & iOS. War Tortoise 2 is a pretty challenging Idle game where you control a war tortoise and defeat the enemies on the map. You will explore a wide area map where you will face land-type and air-type enemies & their boss. Your goal is to make the War Tortoise stronger and build a strong army of units. This War Tortoise guide is designed for beginners and explains every basic thing. Also, we have shared a bunch of War Tortoise 2 tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. If something is missing, please ask questions in the comment section below. 

War Tortoise 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategy: – 

This article covers “how to play War Tortoise 2”, about the battle, gears, pilots, heroes, and other things such as locations, capturing, camp, skills, upgrades, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the War Tortoise 2 guide and tips: – 

Getting Started With The War Tortoise 2 Basics

You have to capture the locations on the map! These posts on the map are guarded by enemies & their bosses. If you manage to defeat them all, the base will be conquered. As you capture the new locations or increase the capture level of conquered locations, you will earn WAR RANK EXP, which is required to increase the War Rank level. You can unlock new units and supporters by raising the war rank. For example – Missile Toad unit unlocks at War Rank 5. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the War Tortoise 2 tips & tricks: –

Guide To Battles In War Tortoise 2

Auto-Battle: – In the beginning, you have to manually aim to the enemies to inflict damage or destroy them. But once you unlock the DNA function in the game, a tutorial will start in which you will spend the DNA to unlock the auto-battle mode perk, which automates the firing. It unlocks after clearing a set number of waves of the enemies.

Tortoise Health: – At the top-center of the game screen, above the destination info, it displays the War Tortoise 2 Health(green bar). As you suffer damage, the health will reduce and when the War Tortoise 2 loses all its health, your character will fell. You can continue from the same stage or ascend.

DPS: – Increasing DPS is important. Higher the DPS of Tortoise, the more easily you can kill an enemy. In the left-side menu, tap the (+) symbol to open the battle upgrades menu. There you can upgrade the Tortoise using the money. Kill the enemies to earn Idle Money. In the top-right side of the battle screen, it displays the Tortoise’s DPS.

Buy & Upgrade Units In War Tortoise 2

Head to the (+) Battle Upgrade menu. Go to the 2nd/3rd tab -> units -> here you can buy and upgrade the units. These units help you during the battle with their attacks. For example – Mouse Assault Squad. Mouse Miners.

You can unlock new units by increasing the War Rank.

The player can also buy the War Supplies from the same menu.

Gear Up The Tortoise

In the left-side menu, go to the 2nd tab(tortoiseshell) -> there you can spend gems to get gears; armor and weapon or to upgrade them.

Activate And Level Up The Pilots, Heroes

Pilots and Heroes help you during the battle with their battle skills. Go to the Star tab in the left side menu -> there you can spend the gems to get Pilots and Heroes.

Pilots – Mouse, Redfin, Elroy, Woods, Hermie, trout, Butter, Flint. Heroes – One-Eye, Grease, AHAP, Bones, Buddha, Garrison, Ringo, Bluefin, Breaker.

Capture The Locations To Earn DNA

War Tortoise 2DNA can be used to unlock evolution perks. You can obtain it by leveling up the war rank. How to capture? Tap the map -> select a location -> tap the tick mark option to start capturing it. Your War Tortoise 2 will automatically move there and clear the waves. If the location has been conquered, tap it again from the map ->  on the right side, the game will give you its level info. Capture again by tapping the tick mark option and level up. You will get War Rank EXP or DNA as a reward. For more information, read this guide – 

Grab The Crates

On the battlefield, you will see a lot of chests now and then. These chests contain DNA, idle cash, gems, and in-game offers. So make sure to claim these chests.

Set The Camp To Heal 

In the bottom-right corner, tap the campfire button to set up the camp. After that, your War Tortoise 2 will heal and grind the ingredients. You can use these ingredients(Apple) to cook recipes. Consume the recipes to get bonuses.

Use The Heroes’ Skills In War Tortoise 2

Tap the skill button in the bottom-right corner -> heroes and pilots in the War Tortoise 2 game have unique skills. For example – Firepower skill of Mouse Pilot. To cast these skills, you need energy. Energy is recovered gradually. Make sure to cast the skills at the right time – when fighting a boss.

Complete The Quests To Earn Gems

Tap on any left-side menu –> on the top-right, tap the golden star -> there you will see the daily quests to complete for gems. You can earn over 25 gems daily. If you want to earn more, look for the treasure chests on the map.

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So that’s all we got in this post on War Tortoise 2 guide and tips for beginners. If you need more help, please comment below.

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