War Tortoise 2: How To Get DNA, Increase War Rank

DNA is the most precious currency in War Tortoise 2. If you are wondering how to earn DNA, then check out this War Tortoise 2 DNA guide for beginners

War Tortoise 2 DNA, War Rank, And More: – 

This War Tortoise 2 DNA guide is designed for beginners who are struggling to figure out how to get DNA in the game. To get DNA in War Tortoise 2, all you need to do is raise the War Rank. And, to raise the War Rank or Generation Rank, you need War Rank XP. And, to get War Rank XP, you need to capture the locations on the map. So simple! Capture the locations -> earn War Rank XP -> Level up War Rank/Generation Rank -> get XP. So that’s the summary of this post. Let’s learn everything in detail!

Capture The Locations If You Want To Earn War Rank XPWar Tortoise 2 DNA and War Rank Guide

Tap the map button on the left menu screen. The map displays the locations that you can capture. Tap on a location -> tap the green color tick mark button to set it as a target. After that, your tortoise will move to this location and start killing the enemies. Clear all the waves and defeat all the bosses of that location and capture it. 

Once captured, you will gain War Rank XP as a reward.  

War Rank Level In War Tortoise 2War Tortoise 2 DNA and War Rank Guide

Tap on any option from the left menu to expand it. At the top-left, you can check the generation level or war rank level. Gain War Rank XP by capturing the locations or increasing the star-level of captured location. 

Get DNA At Every War Rank Level UpgradeWar Tortoise 2 DNA and War Rank Guide

You will get DNA points every time you reach a new generation level or war rank in War Tortoise. Not only DNA, but you also get conquest points. 

Spend DNA Points On Evolution Perks

Tap the DNA option from the left menu. This will expand the DNA menu; it has three tabs – tortoise tab, units tab, and heroes tab. In each tab, you can check evolution perks and mutation level perks. For example – in the tortoise tab, you can activate evolution perks related to the tortoise. In the units tab, you can see the evolution perks related to units. And, in the heroes tab, it displays the evolution perks related to heroes. 

Tap on any evolution perk and spend DNA. Each evolution perk gives different benefits. So make sure to read the info carefully and spend DNA on the best evolution perks. 

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So this would be all in this post on War Tortoise 2 DNA and War Rank guide for beginners. If you have any questions, ask in the comment section below!

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