Evil Hunter Tycoon Reincarnation Guide: How To Reincarnate Hunters?

Started playing Evil Hunter Tycoon and wondering how to reincarnate hunters? Read on for Evil Hunter Tycoon reincarnation guide, tips for beginners

Evil Hunter Tycoon Reincarnation GuideA Hunter can reincarnate once he/she reaches level 100. The max level of hunters in the Evil Hunter Tycoon game is 100. When they reach this level, they will be able to reincarnate through the reincarnation portal, which is outside the cave, from where hunters arrive at the town. Let’s learn everything in detail in this Evil Hunter Tycoon Reincarnation guide for beginners. Evil Hunter Tycoon Reincarnation Guide

Evil Hunter Tycoon Reincarnation⇓

  • Reach max 100 level of Hunter
  • Tap the hunter to interact with him/her
  • Choose reincarnation option
  • Wait until the reincarnation completes
  • Repeat the process to increase reincarnation level

Why Do You Need To Reincarnate Hunters?

⇒Reincarnation makes the hunter stronger; when you reincarnate the hunters, they will get a massive stat boost and their appearance will also change. To slay down the powerful bosses, enemies, you must reincarnate hunters and make them stronger. 

What Are Reincarnation Points?

⇒A Hunter gains reincarnation points when you reincarnate him/her. Every time a hunter reincarnates, he/she will gain the reincarnation points that you can use in reaching the traits. Traits help hunters increase their battle performance; increase attack, defense, CC effect, etc. 

How To Check Reincarnation Level?

⇒Tap the hunter button on the bottom-center of the game screen. Tap the info button under the portrait of a hunter who had gone through reincarnation. And, on the next screen, at the top of his/her profile, pay attention to the stars. The number of stars represents the reincarnation level. 

Why Do You Need To Increase Reincarnation Level?

⇒To unlock more difficulty modes in Evil Hunter Tycoon, you must increase the reincarnation level of hunters. For example – To unlock expert difficulty mode, you need 4 or more hunters who incarnated 3 times or more. You start the game with easy difficulty and as you progress further, you change the difficulty level to normal, hard, expert, nightmare, torment I, Torment II, and Torment III. 

What Happens After Reincarnation?

⇒In Evil Hunter Tycoon, reincarnation resets the level of the hunter, gives him/her more strength/power/stat-boost + reincarnation points + changes appearance. 

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