Warship Legend Idle RPG Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks, Strategy

Warship Legend Idle RPG is a classic idle game with action-packed battles. Read on for Warship Legend Idle RPG guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Warship Legend Idle RPGIn Warship Legend Idle RPG, you are going to play as a commander with the goals to build the best fleet ever and dominate in the normal PvE battles and competitive PvP battles. If you are new to this game, then this post is for you. This Warship Legend Idle RPG guide covers the core concepts of the game that you should be aware of. Also, we have shared a bunch of Warship Legend Idle RPG tips, cheats & strategies that you would love to read and use to progress faster in the game. So, let’s not waste any time and read the main walkthrough guide – 

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Warship Legend Idle RPG Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

Warship Legend Idle RPGFirst things first – as a commander, your goal in this game is to build the best fleet formation – by level 20 in the game, you will have six slots in the fleet formation – allowing you to choose the best six warships from your inventory. And, to build the best fleet formation, you must get familiar with bonus buffs, restrain bonuses, and warship types. We are going to discuss all in this Warship Legend Idle RPG guide featured with tips & tricks: –

Get Familiar With Warship Types

Warship Legend Idle RPGThere are five types of warships in the Warship Legend Idle RPG – aircraft carrier, destroyer, frigate, submarine, and the supply ship. Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer, Frigate, and Submarine – these four warships are good in battles and possess skills that inflict a high volume of damage to the enemy ships. Speaking of Supply Ship, the warships of this type excel in providing supportive buffs to the ally warships – like restoring the health of ally warships. 

So, if you want more firepower or DPS, use the battleships(Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer, Frigate, and Submarine). Supply Ships are also good and worth the inclusion in the fleet because of the skills that can restore the health of other warships during the battle. But, don’t add more than 1 or 2. 

Navigate to the fleet menu -> in the bottom-left corner, tap star -> choose type to filter the warships by type. Or, go to the archives bureau building -> illustration -> there you can check all the warships by types. 

Also, note that warships come in different-different grades – the higher the star grade, the more powerful a warship is. We recommend investing in warships with high-grade; 4-star – 5-star. 

Getting Warships In Warship Legend Idle RPG

You can get the warships using the vouchers or assistance points. There are two types of vouchers in Warship Legend Idle RPG; normal vouchers and premium purchase vouchers. Navigate to the purchase menu -> 

There you will find three main gacha banners; normal purchase, premium purchase, and assistance purchase. Normal Purchase – from this banner, you can get 1-star to 4-star warships. Premium Purchase – from this banner, you can get 3-star to 5-star warships. Assistance – from this banner, you can get 2-star to 5-star warships. 

Deal More Damage With Restraint Bonuses

Certain types of warships in the game are strong against certain types. For example –

  • Aircraft Carrier type warships are strong against Destroyer type warships
  • Destroyer type warships are strong against Frigate type warships
  • Frigate type warships are strong against sub-marine type warships
  • And, submarine type warships are strong against Aircraft carrier type warships

How to get the advantage?

First, you need to check the enemy’s warship types. For example – if the enemy is using “Aircraft Carrier” type warships, then add submarine type warships to the fleet because submarine type warships inflict more damage to aircraft type warships. 

Activate The Attribute Bonuses

Players can activate the attribute bonuses for their fleet by adding a certain number of warships of identical type. 

  • x2 Warships of identical type: +3.5% ATK, +3.5% Health
  • x3 Warships of identical type: +5.5% ATK, +5.5% Health
  • x4 Warships of identical type: +7.5% ATK, +7.5% Health
  • x5 Warships of identical type: +9.5% ATK, +9.5% Health
  • x6 Warships of identical type: +12% ATK, +12% Health

You can activate additional bonuses by adding identical warships of a certain type: –

  • Aircraft Carrier: + Block Rate
  • Destroyer: +CRIT RATE
  • Frigate: + DEF
  • Submarine: + Dodge/Energy

Strengthen Your Fleet 

It’s important to strengthen the fleet as you continue to progress in the map battles or climb up in the PvP rankings. There are several ways to strengthen the fleet – first, choose high-grade warships(one supply ship with healing skill and four battleships with high volume damage skills) and then upgrade the warships: –

  • Level the warships – use cash and warship EXP
  • Breakthrough/ Tier-Up – reach the max level of warship and you will be able to break through the upper limit of warship. You will need cash and Warship Design Drawing. Raise the tier level and unlock new skills
  • Equip high-grade equipment. You can get gears from the map battles loot
  • Equip chips
  • Evolve warships in the retrofit factory. 
  • Upgrade equipment in arsenal

Recycle Ships In Recycle Center

If you have useless ships in the inventory, you can scrap them and get the warship design drawing items that you can use to tier-up the warships. 

Activate Bonuses In Research Center

Navigate to the research center building and there you will find education, tactics, and rand lab menu. You can activate the bonuses there. For example – In education, you can spend the item called course hour for bonuses like health, attack, and defense. You can get course hour from legion development and championship(control tower -> championship). 

Get Rewards From Training Center

Training Center -> Daily Instance -> complete the missions once and then sweep for massive cash rewards, warship EXP, warship materials, and warship shards. 

Cruise – earn gold and vouchers. 

War Game – cash and warship design drawing. 

Join A Legion In Warship Legend Idle RPG

Join the group created by other players and grow together. Legion -> join legion. By joining a legion, you can get access to legion instance mode where you can earn rewards. Also, you can spend the resources in legion development for course hour item. 

Progression Guide For Newbies

  • Follow the map battles and collect the loot
  • Strengthen your fleet and warships
  • Get high-grade warships
  • Join legion
  • Do daily instance activities in the training center

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So this would be all in this post on the Warship Legend Idle RPG guide and tips for beginners. Do you have more cheats, tips or tricks to share? Comment below. 

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