Burger Chef Idle Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Burger Chef Idle Game is the latest game from ACOIN GAMES, for Android and iOS mobile devices. Check out Burger Chef Idle Game guide, tips, cheats & strategies

It is a fun, relaxing, and a good game for those who love to play Idle Games. Well, every Idle game comes with a different UI and the concept; so is the Burger Chef Idle Game. In this game, you make a profit or earn coins or Idle income by selling the burgers to the customers. Well, that’s not the only thing. There are some challenges for you; now and then, special customers visit your restaurant and you have to satisfy them by serving the burgers. These customers are called boss or special boss. In addition to boss mechanics, another challenge is to establish a business in more cities; America, Mexico, France, Japan, Germany, etc. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content; Burger Chef Idle Game guide and Burger Chef Idle Game tips, cheats & strategies!

1.) Level Up As Soon As Possible

Burger Chef Idle GameIf you want to discover new burger recipes or buy more chef slots(workstations) to unlock these recipes, you need to raise the main player level. Also, to move to the new cities, you need to be at certain level. At the top-left corner of the game screen, you can see the level progress bar – as you cook or serve the customers in Burger Chef Idle Game, the proficiency will increase – and, at the max limit, you will see the level up button.

It’s better to level up as soon as the upgrade available – don’t wait because the proficiency/EXP would not count in the next level.

2.) Increase The Price, Speed, And Customers

At the bottom of the game screen, there are three upgrades in which you can invest to boost the profit. These three upgrades are: –

  • Price – upgrade it to increase the price and make more profit per order
  • Speed – increase the serving speed by upgrading this
  • Customer – get more customers by investing in the customer upgrade

3.) Get Free Gems In Burger Chef Idle Game

The easiest way to get free gems in Burger Chef Idle Game is by watching a short video ad. Go to the shop(tap the store button at the top-right) and there you get this offer. You can use these gems in the shop for income boosters, VIP customer upgrade, Super Burger Upgrade, and the coins.

4.) Get The Super Burger And VIP Customer

Burger Chef Idle GameNow and then, at the top-center of the screen, you get the Super Burger or a VIP customer by watching the video ad. All you have to do is tap that icon and watch the video ad. What is Super Burger? You make more money from these super burgers. After claiming the super burger by watching the video ad, you will notice that each workstation is producing giant burgers for the customers.

What is the VIP Customer? After claiming this VIP Customer booster, the chefs will work fast(you will see the fire in their eyes). Also, during this boost, you serve extra burgers to the customer.

5.) Level Up The Workstation To Increase Ratings

Burger Chef Idle GameTap on a workstation burger board to see the ratings; level up these workstations to increase ratings and unlock new recipes. Why do you need to increase the ratings? Because you get a special reward by maxing out all the workstations to their highest potential. Tap the globe icon at the top-left -> there you can claim the rating chest. From these chests, you may get free gems.

6.) Challenge The Boss In Burger Chef Idle Game

At the top-right side of the screen, you can check the boss notification. Once you are ready, tap that icon and let the chefs do their job. If you get successful in satisfying the boss, you will get a bonus reward. If not, then go back and upgrade the workstations, increase speed, open new workstations.

7.) Complete The Quests & Challenges

At the upper-left corner, tap the quest or trophy icon to check the missions. Complete these missions to get free coins, gems.

8.) Double The Income

Tap the ($) icon at the upper-right -> there you can claim this double income booster. During this boost, your income gets doubled. If you are low on coins or need a huge amount of coins, you should try this booster.

So that would be all in this Burger Chef Idle Game guide, tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. Do you have more tips, cheats, cheat codes? Feel free to share in the comment below.

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