Fishing Life Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Fishing Life is a casual fishing game for Android and iOS(Fishing and Life) by Nexelon Inc. Let’s have a look at Fishing Life guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Nexelon Inc., the publisher of Monster Fishing 2019, released another casual fishing game in April 2019 on app stores. It’s named as Fishing Life on Android, while on iOS App Store, it’s named as Fishing and Life. In the game, you will explore beautiful locations and catch the fish. There are over 50 fish available to catch. Your objective is to catch them all as fast as you can. There are sharks, whales, and many more beautiful fish. If you have just started playing, then our today’s Fishing Life guide and Fishing Life tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game!

Fishing Life Guide

Fishing LifeThe Basics – Baits, Money, Upgrades, Discover New Fish

The Bait – The Bait is important if you want to catch a big fish. You can fish with or without baits, but for the high-grade or big fish, you will need to put a bait on the hook. You can buy the bait in the store or fish in the sea -> catch the fish -> use as bait. There is a total of four-grade fish; 1-star, 2-stars, 3-stars, and 4-stars. You can catch the 1-star fish without the bait. But, to catch the high-grade fish(2-star or higher). For example; To catch 2-stars fish, you will have to use 1-star bait/fish.

Money – The main in-game currency in Fishing Life game is the gold, which you can use to upgrade the fishing gears as well as other things such as character, boats, baits, aquarium slots, and more. To earn gold, you can sell the fish or keep them in the aquarium and you will get the gold over time.Fishing Life

Upgrades – At the start of the game, you use the basic level 1 equipment. But, if you want to catch all the fish, you will have to upgrade the fishing gears; rod, reel, and line.

Rod – Upgrade the rod to catch high-grade fish. If the rod level is low, you will not be able to catch the higher level fish. And, if you try to do, the game prompts you a message, which displays this error.

Line – It’s another important gear. To go deeper into the sea, you need a long fishing line.  Upgrade the fishing line to go deeper and discover the sea creatures.

Discover New Fish – All you need to do is upgrade the fishing line and you will be able to reach deep in the sea where you can find new fish. Also, buy the new boats to move beyond the restricted area.

Fishing Life – Boats, Characters, Aquarium, Feeding, Selling

Boats – You can buy the boats in the shop. The new ones come with a big fishnet and allow you to keep more fish at a time. Also, you can move to a long-distance area where you may find new fish.

Characters – Like the boat, you can buy the new character in the shop for gold coins. You start playing as a beginner angler and upgrade to the amateur, professional and legendary. You will get money boost, depending on the character.

Aquarium – First, go to the fishnet menu -> from here you can send the fish to the aquarium. After that, enter the aquarium screen -> here you can track the fish energy, feed the fish, claim the gold. Tap the get gold button at the top to claim the earnings. To feed the fish, you will need to watch the video ad -> tap the feeding button.

Selling -> To sell the fish, visit the fishnet menu -> sell -> confirm. If there is a high-grade fish, you can keep it in the aquarium and earn the gold coins over time.

So this is the Fishing Life game guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Fishing Life tips, cheats & strategies!

Fishing Life Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Get The Permanent Bait

Fishing LifeIf you login to the game for 7 days straight, your basic bait will upgrade to the tier 1. So try to login 7 days straight; don’t skip any day. Getting the tier 1 bait allows you to catch the next tier fish(2-stars) and it will make it easy for you to progress fast.

2.) Catch The Chests And Open

There are many chests floating on the water or deep in the sea. You can catch the floating chests by crossing the boat over it. For the deep water sea chests, use the fishing rod. Once collected, tap the chest icon at the top-right corner of the screen. These chests contain loads of amount of gold.

3.) Earn Free Gold

Go to the shop -> gold store -> there you can watch the video ad for gold.

4.) Complete The Missions

At the bottom-left corner, tap the book button -> there you can see all the missions -> catch the fish -> complete the missions and get gold. Invest in the gears and be a professional fisherman.

5.) Summon The Rare Fish

Fishing LifeIn the book menu, go to the summon tab -> catch enough numbers of fish -> after that, you will be able to summon a rare fish. You will get a few minutes to grab it. Use the right bait and get it before the due time.

So that’s all our Fishing Life tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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    • It’s the same, mate. Depending on the level of the object, you may need tier 1 or 2 to catch it. Don’t try to get it from the bottom. Rather, let the bait touch it on the upper side and you’ll get it. I’ve got myself 8-9 objects for my aquarium.

  1. No matter how many times I feed the fish in my aquarium, they will not regain their energy. Even new fish I put into the aquarium enter with zero energy. Has anyone else experienced this

  2. Im not able to pick up the toy duck.. why is that? It just shows a question mark… my reel, hook and pole are at level 29 but still i cant pick it up

    • ur hook needs to hit the duck directly on its mouth upon landing. u cannot land ur hook below the duck then slowly reel it up

    • It’s sonar, I’d you use it while your line is in the water, it’ll show you what level rod (and maybe bait?) is required for nearby fish

  3. Why didn’t the scary pumpkin come up. I have waited all year for it. I’m not waiting another year. What’s up with this game.l

    • Actually, it’s not that summoned fish gives a lot more money as compared to the normal fishes, and given that the amount of money you would spend for crank bait and sinker and other stuff, it would be more of a loss… Some however you can put in aquarium, or it can be more for the sake of catching all varieties of fish.

  4. The higher the grade of fish, the longer they can go before getting hungry. Not certain, but it seems rare fish earn more per tick, but hunger time still depends on rating.