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TLDR: You will find Cauldron in the cave behind Marine Base Town. It is required to spawn the Mace Boss. Insert the Lava ore inside the Cauldron, and the Mace Boss will spawn. How to obtain Lava ore? It’s a rare drop from the Marine Captain in the Marine Base Town. [5% approx]. The caged door behind the Marine Base Town is locked, which you can unlock by using the lava key. Laval Key is found on the table near the Marine Base Town. 

Detailed Guide:

Unlocking the Secrets of the Mace Boss in HAZE PIECE

Deep within the mysterious world of HAZE PIECE, hidden in the shadows of a foreboding cave behind Marine Base Town, lies an enigmatic treasure—the Cauldron. This ancient artifact holds the power to summon the formidable Mace Boss, a challenge that only the bravest of adventurers dare to face. However, to unleash this mighty foe, you must first gather the rare and elusive Lava Ore and obtain the coveted Lava Key.

Acquiring the Lava Ore:
– The Lava Ore, a critical component for your quest, is not easily obtained. Your path to acquiring it leads to the heart of the Marine Base Town. There, you will face the formidable Marine Captain, a fierce adversary who guards this precious resource. Be prepared, for the Lava Ore is a rare drop, with only a 5% chance of acquiring it from the Marine Captain.

The Locked Caged Door:
– Your journey towards the Mace Boss will also bring you face to face with a locked caged door, a mysterious barrier that guards the path to your ultimate challenge. To unlock this door and proceed further, you must possess the elusive Lava Key.

Discovering the Lava Key:
– The key to unlocking the caged door is not far from its guard. You will find the Lava Key resting on a table near the Marine Base Town. It’s a crucial item, and its discovery will propel you closer to the confrontation with the Mace Boss.

Summoning the Mace Boss:
– With the Lava Ore securely in your possession, return to the Cauldron hidden within the cave behind Marine Base Town. It is here that you will perform the ancient ritual required to summon the Mace Boss. Place the Lava Ore into the Cauldron, and the earth will tremble as the mighty Mace Boss emerges to challenge your strength.

Prepare for Battle:
– Facing the Mace Boss is no small feat. It will test your mettle and combat prowess. Equip yourself with your most formidable gear, gather your allies, and brace for an epic showdown.

Awaits the Reward of Victory:
– Victory over the Mace Boss promises great rewards, but only for those who prove themselves worthy. The spoils of battle are within your grasp, and it is up to you to claim them.

In Conclusion:
– The journey to summon the Mace Boss is fraught with challenges and hidden dangers. Obtaining the Lava Ore, unlocking the caged door with the Lava Key, and performing the ancient ritual in the Cauldron are steps that will test your determination. But remember, it is the trials and tribulations that make the victory all the sweeter in the world of HAZE PIECE. Are you ready to face the Mace Boss and emerge victorious?

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