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Lava Key is required to unlock the caged door behind the Marine Base Town. You can find Lava Key on the table near Marine Base Town Spawn. 

Finding the Lava Key in Haze Piece

In the vast and adventurous world of Haze Piece, the Lava Key serves as a pivotal item that unlocks an epic battle with a Super Boss known as the Mace Boss. To obtain this crucial key, follow the steps below:

1. Locate the Lava Key: The Lava Key can be found on a table near the spawn point in the bustling Marine Base Town. It is conspicuously placed and relatively easy to spot. This key is your ticket to unlocking an intense showdown with the formidable Mace Boss.

Using the Lava Key in Haze Piece

Once you possess the Lava Key, the next step is to navigate to the appropriate location and employ it effectively. Here’s how to use the Lava Key:

1. Journey to the Mysterious Cave: Embark on a journey to a concealed cave situated behind the Marine Base Town. This cave holds the secrets to your impending battle with the Mace Boss.

2. Unlock the Caged Door: Upon reaching the cave, you’ll encounter a caged door that obstructs your path. This is where the Lava Key comes into play. Use the Lava Key to unlock this door and gain access to the inner sanctum.

3. Prepare for Battle: Inside the cave, you will find the cauldron necessary to trigger the boss fight with the Mace Boss. Be prepared for a challenging encounter, as the Mace Boss is formidable and formidable.

Mace Boss Loot:
– Beli: Defeating the Mace Boss will reward you with $5,000 Beli, providing a substantial boost to your in-game currency.

– Gems: You’ll also receive 15 Gems, a valuable in-game currency used for various purposes.

– Mace V1: The Mace Boss guarantees a 100% drop rate for Mace V1, a formidable weapon that can enhance your combat capabilities.

– Coded Mask Accessory: Your victory over the Mace Boss will also yield the Coded Mask, an accessory that can offer unique benefits and augment your character.

Prepare yourself for this challenging encounter, as the rewards are substantial and will aid you on your journey through Haze Piece.

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